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Episode 13,639
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Xander asks Eve whether Jack took the fake serum. She gets testy so he deduces she did it … Jack stops testy Jen at the square to say … She stops him to say something first … Haley has her second Claire hallucination that has her running to the door. JJ has just come home and wonders. She just wanted to go out. He notes she is in her sleepwear and looks like she just saw a ghost … Kayla is surprised to see Tripp at the hospital. He stammers he just saw Shaw about a prescription and remembers Haley. Then he states he got a sedative to help himself sleep. Smart cookie Kayla has questions. Tripp covers … At DiMera mansion Stefan pours himself a drink. Gabi bursts in … Fake Nicole - aka Kristen the creep – is back in action. She rings the doorbell of the Kiriakis mansion, happy to have been summoned by Brady. But it is only about her mask … Jen triumphantly tells Jack she has a date planned, never mind the past … Xander reminds Eve that she made him break into the lab and switch the serum. He had said no so she threatened him with a cell. If he played they would be even. Back to the present. Smug Xander has the real serum if she is interested. Eve realizes this is not good …

Tripp pours himself coffee. Kayla probes. He claims he cannot sleep cos of the latest drama, not to mention his guilty conscience. Kayla believes no one is to blame for Claire. She asks about Haley and has concerns when she hears she and JJ are using Claire’s old room … JJ asks his sweetheart if she is really alright. She asks about his shift. He offers breakfast and suggests she go rest in their room. She imagines Claire waiting there and gasps she cannot … Jack pokes fun at Jen, who boasts her date is with Henry the good doctor. She is done waiting as he has no interest in the miraculous memory serum, then wonders what he wanted to say … Gabi scolds Stefan for drinking so early and for confronting Kate. He sighs it backfired. Gabi knows Ted and Kate will not tell the truth so they need a new plan. Time to go after the big cheese and show they mean biz … Nicole starts to sweat until Brady clarifies he meant the unstylish Mexican wrestling mask. It sounds so strange that she opened her door to Gabi with it on ...

Back at DiMera mansion Stefan downs his drink and deduces Nicole locked Ted and Kate in the wine cellar. Then they lied because she blackmailed them… Gabi counters they could have been happy to cooperate as both hate Stefan. Stefan senses they are missing something … Nicole claims she was crying about Holly when mean girl Gabi demanded she open her door. The mask was merely to hide her red eyes. Brady asks where she got that mask. From Xander … Eve suggests Xander take his serum and scram. She gloats Jack will give up on the past after he remembers nothing and they shall live happily ever after … Jack sits Jen down. He decided to … give her back her press credentials. He does care about her and the kids. Jen wishes that were true. He refers to not remembering again so she storms off grumbling have a good life. Jealous Jack shouts to have a good date … Kayla questions Tripp living with JJ and Haley due to past problems. He laughs their marriage was fake and they are friends. He supports her and JJ. Kayla has a bad feeling … JJ wonders what is wrong with Haley. She stammers she cannot sleep knowing he is hungry and wants to give him gourmet cereal. Knock knock! Tis smiling Jack. JJ coldly asks how he found him. Jen filled him in. JJ refuses to hear him out without Haley at his side. Jack announces he just took the first dose of Rolf’s memory serum. JJ does not believe him …

Back at DiMera mansion … Stefan notes Nicole has no motive in Gabi’s theory since she also blames Eric, Maggie and Eric for what happened to Holly. Gabi thinks she might want to take over DiMera. Stefan thinks he should fire her fast … Nicole lies to Brady that Xander wanted to win her back and gave her the gift for he is a fan of Mexican wrestling. She wants to repaaaaaay Brady for helping her out of that marriage. He reminds her of the rules. She can help him take over DiMera. Brady soap stares … Jen runs into Kayla outside the pub having just made her reservation for two at Doug’s Place. Tis not with Jack but Henry …. Jack explains to JJ he changed his mind for he yearns to remember his family. JJ notes it was risky for Will. Jack has the antidote. JJ notes there are no guarantees. Jack emotionally explains remembering his life and his family is worth it. JJ wonders about Eve. Jack replies she helped. JJ has his doubts. Jack points out Eve lost her child and would never be so cruel as to rob him of the chance to remember holding his child for the first time. JJ asks if he feels the same way about Jen … Xander makes fun of Eve, who fumes she will not let Jen win Jack back. Xander thinks Eve is more exciting than Jen. Eve wants the serum and Rolf’s diary gone for good! Xander complains about losing Sarah to Rex. Eve kicks him out and adds they are done. He muses they shall see …

Stefan vows to get crazy cupcake Nicole out of the company now. Gabi suggests they expose her. First he is firing her … Nicole states her case to Brady. Chad has no interest in DiMera, EJ is in no shape to run the company, and Andre is dead ….. She can convince the board to let her run the company for a while once Stefan is ousted. Then she can pave the way for Brady’s takeover. He points out one must be a DiMera to be CEO as per the charter and Nicole is no DiMera … Kayla is a romantic at heart hoping for Jen and Jack as well as her and Steve. However she supports Jen with Henry. Jen looks forward to moving on … Jack babbles he was about to tell Jen but she was all about moving on. He swears JJ and Haley to secrecy. JJ wishes his dad luck. Jack goes with a grin … JJ gives Haley a kiss and she kisses him back. He heads off to run some errands and suggests she rest … She goes back to the bedroom but hallucination Claire is waiting with a lighter. She taunts she is here to stay! Haley runs out screaming and crying. Tripp comes home and she collapses in his arms … Furious Stefan finds out he has been suspended as DiMera CEO, which means he now has no power and cannot fire Nicole. He growls to Gabi the board is after a replacement so they need to expose Nicole fast … Nicole cackles to Brady she could be a DiMera … JJ sees radiant Jen at the square. She gushes she is going on a date with Henry. JJ suggests she not go and she asks why … Eve rages and rips up Rolf’s diary, lighting the shreds on fire in the trash can like a wicked witch. Enter one horrified Jack ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, July 25, 2019