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Episode 13,638
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hopeful Xander is working out when Sarah storms into the Kiriakis mansion. She is moving back with Rex. His smile fades fast … Eric helps Rex move boxes. Rex wonders why Sarah wanted to move out so fast. Eric soap stares … Demure Jen approaches Dr. Henry at work. He decided them having dinner is not a good idea …Eve returns to her suite where Jack awaits. He was worried all night. She was alone at the office thinking … Haley dreams of cupcake Claire trying to burn her bed .Tripp is beside her. She wakes up screaming to stop. Here come shirtless Tripp. She tells him about her night terror that felt real and he holds her … EMT JJ is happy to see Jen at the hospital. She asks about his new apartment. He admits it is complicated cos they sleep in Claire’s old room and Haley tossed and turned … Jack insists his love for Eve would be stronger after the serum. She humbly apologizes… Xander slyly asks why Sarah suddenly wanted to leave Eric’s overcrowded place … Rex gets Sarah wanted to stay at the mansion while they search for a permanent place. Eric adds she wants to be near Maggie. Rex believes Eric is the real reason. Eric busies himself with a box. Rex refers to his heartbreak over Nicole and how it must be hard seeing him in his sweet relationship. Eric gasps he is good. Rex promises they will have some dinners. His bro deserves the same happiness he has with Sarah. Eric puts on a brave face… Sarah suggests Xander mind his own biz. She gets her coffee and confirms she is cross with him … Tripp takes Haley to the kitchen to make her breakfast … Jen updates JJ on Jack taking away her press pass. JJ calls him a bully. Jen sighs he is never taking that serum. JJ asks about the memories. Alas he sees to have no interest. JJ cannot believe he is with that witch Eve. Jen believes her love story with Jack has ended. Alas she must move on …

Eve has no wish to divorce Jack! He assures her he is not after his memories for a reunion with Jen. She takes his hands and states she is on his side no matter what. She treasures her own memories of Paige and understands why he wants his memories. She stands by her man. Jack’s blue eyes reflect his doubt. She declares she cannot lose him. Food for thought. Jack gets choked up and shares his recent delivery of Rolf’s serum … Omelet Tripp is hard at work in the kitchen. Haley takes a bite. All of a sudden she imagines Tripp falling down stabbed in the back by crazy cupcake Claire. She panics. Tripp points out there is no Claire here and he is alright but she may have PTSD … JJ calls Jack unworthy. Mother and son exchange I love yous and he heads off to work. Henry happens by and Jen asks for a word … Eve argues Jack as the mayor cannot deal with … He lets her know the lab he used is top notch and it will not be traceable. He wants to self-inject. Eve wants a real doctor. No can do cos this is clandestine. Eve offers to help … Sarah rages at Xander for almost offing mom in law Kate. Xander declares it was all HER idea! Sarah stops and wonders who the HER is. He corrects himself and points out it was Stefan’s plan but he was secretly keeping Ted and Kate alive. In addition he is giving testimony to lock up Stefan the lout. Sarah gets sarcastic about him paying the hero. Xander wanted to prove himself to Victa and Brady. Sarah snaps he made himself look bad to everyone including her. Xander looks like he has been slapped a thousand times …

Haley swears Tripp to secrecy. JJ cannot know! He suggests she speak to Kayla. She cannot risk her career and green card and opts to go it alone. Tripp looks worried … Jen lets Henry know she likes him. He knows she chose Jack over him. She talks history and how she tried for another chance. Jack turned his back on their history and married. She is ready to move on. Henry is still available. She suggests they go out sometime. Henry does not want to be a consolation prize … Eve acts like a martyr who wants to help Jack … Sarah gets up for more coffee. Xander wants back in her good graces so she tells him to move out of the mansion … Frazzled Haley feels she can handle this. Tripp cannot convince her to see a doc. She gets testy and admits she cannot sleep in Claire’s bedroom. He gallantly offers his and heads out, suggesting she call if there is anything. Sweet Haley thanks him … Xander is staying put and shall claim his rightful place in the Kikiakis clan. Rex and Eric arrive with boxes. Rex warns Victor will not be happy to hear how he locked up Kate and left her for dead. Xander talks immunity. Rex will be watching him. Xander talks back. Rex issues him a warning. Xander blasts him for cheating on sweet Sarah and adds she will turn to anotha for comfort when he cheats again. Sarah and Eric stay silent but Rex lets out a war cry …

As her earrings dangle Jen declares Henry is no consolation prize. He sighs she tried with Jack twice. She is moving on and only wants to see smart kind and handsome Henry. He smiles and teases her. She teases tis national tequila day and old joke day. She will make the reservation at Doug’s Club and have him laughing by dessert … Saint Eve administers the serum in Jack’s arm. He heads to the office to do something while he waits, suggests she stay and rest and praises her for standing by him. She gasps she will never give up on him. He kisses her like he means it and departs … Eric pulls back Rocky Rex. Xander threatens to press charges. Sarah snaps no one touched him. Xander lets her know he will be here when she needs him and she will need him. He walks out. Rex cools off by carrying boxes. Sarah thanks Eric for intervening and admits she made the thug mad. Eric tells her to focus on her happiness. Sarah sweetly smiles she will miss him. He feels the same way. Time to say goodbye. Sarah gives him a heartfelt hug. Rex walks in and his eyes darken …

Tripp stammers and asks Dr. Henry for a sedative to help him sleep … Haley hallucinates Claire who refuses to let her sleep in her boyfriend’s bed, leers she will do her in, and keeps coming. Haley screams and runs to the door in her robe. There stands JJ … At the square Jack bears big news for Jen … Eve opens her door to Xander, who asks if Jack took the fake serum. He switched it just as she asked …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 24, 2019