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Episode 13,637
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sarah informs Eric what Kate said about her and Rex living under his roof with him. Here comes Rex … Stefan refuses to leave Kate’s room until she confesses she lied. Meantime Ted leaves Kate a message at the square, not knowing how to match their stories. Lani approaches … At the Kiriakis mansion Brady wants Xander to show him the contents of his precious case … Susan squeals at her lookalike at the park. Kristen slowly stands. Susan gets spooked. Kristen slaps her to stop the hysterics and apologizes. Susan suspects she is meeeeean Kristen … Brady argues Gabi is sure the case contains evidence to help Stefan which she could not obtain illegally. Rafe advised her against it. Time to prove family loyalty … Lani sits with Ted to go over his statement. He plays it cool. Lani asks him to corroborate what Kate just added about Stefan … Kate calls Stefan a criminal. He counters he will prove she and Ted concocted a lie … Rex refers to signs. Sarah insists there is nothing between her and Eric. He knows so why all the fuss? Eric gives her a look. She babbles she was worried he believed Kate. Rex refers to Kate’s meddling and mind games as nothing new. Sarah is relieved. Rex kisses her and thanks her for understanding. Eric grimaces …. Xander reaches over the hidden mask in his case and hands over a purple folder. Tis intel on businesses DiMera is attempting to acquire. Brady suspiciously wonders why he never showed it to him. Xander’s eyes darken …

Susan insists she is a smart cookie and this is creepy Kristen who tried to kill her bff Marlena. She pulls out her gun. Kristen gasps, then gushes she is someone else … Xander argues he had to be thorough before giving Brady this. Brady thinks he is a loose cannon and should never have dealt with Stefan DiMera. No more going rogue! That means show him what else he had hidden in his treasure case … Rex laughs at the bag of frozen corn that was on Sarah’s head until he hears Kate bopped her. Then he takes off to have a talk with his mom … Ted has nothing new and makes light of Kate omitting any minor detail. He asks to see his original statement and starts to sweat … Stefan knows Nicole either made Kate an offer or has something on her. He offers to up whatever Nicole offered if she recants. Kate sadly states too late. He offers her anything if she tells him the truth. She blurts out she had no choice …

Xander touches his case. Brady hurries him. Maggie interruptus and wants to come clean to Brady. Her nerves led to a moment of weakness caused by Victor. Xander assures the rattled redhead he is on her side. She quips she does not trust kidnappers and goes with good boy Brady. Xander sighs and decides to have some fun with the Nicole face … Kristen informs honey Sue she is her sis. Sister Mary Moira to be exact! Susan suspiciously asks where her habit is … Stefan presses Kate, who is clearly under pressure. He offers to help her against Nicole if she helps him. Name the price! Kate notes no money could help her. Stefan the great and powerful swears they could destroy Nicole together and urges her to confide in him …

Sarah calls herself a hypocrite of the heart for she has feelings for Eric. She gets closer and warns they are tempting fate by being together … Kate cannot trust Stefan. He points out they can protect one another. Rex arrives and demands an explanation. Stefan was just waiting for Kate to reveal why she is framing him. Kate remembers Kristen’s threat to off one of her precious kids and screams at Stefan the liar to go. Brady shows him the door. Stefan notes it is not over and storms out. Kate claims he was intimidating her not to testify against him. Rex calls the cops … Ted repeats his statement is complete. Lani now gets the call and snaps Stefan harassed Kate in her room. Ted wants to come. She orders the witness to stay away. But Ted is unstoppable … Back at the park, Kristen aka Mary lies she found love with the gardener and lost the habit. She only wants to be with Hank. Susan giggles and remembers her Roger. Kristen lies she came to tell her they are headed on a world cruise. She cannot reveal where to cos the nuns might come after her to change her mind. Susan’s lips are sealed! Kristen adds after she and Roger have ta visit. Sue is sorry she pulled her gun cos she is no awful Kristiiin. They share a hug and Susan skips away. Kristen cackles and wonders where her man Xan is with the Nicole mask she needs to make her dreams come true …

Eric looooooooves to be near Sarah. His folks share the same worry as Kate. He admits it is hard to see her snuggling with Rex. She gasps she would not have said yes to Rex had she known Eric had no chance with Nicole. Eric stops her and suggests she be a good wife … Lani visits Rex and rattled Kate, promises to do something about Stefan and goes to contact the D.A. Kate is relieved Rex came. He admits it was about what she said to Sarah but it is water under the bridge now. She asks for a glass of water and apologizes for her comments. However … Rex wishes she would get along with his new wife. She will try. He kisses her and stands to go. She reminds him that mother-in-law Maggie should be nicer to him so Sarah should speak to her … Post meeting Maggie and Brady enjoy a cup of coffee at the square. She alludes to the tension she sensed between him and Xander at the house. Brady sighs Xander was squirrely when he gave him back his briefcase from Gabi. Maggie also has her doubts about that one. Brady growls if he goes against them he is as good as toast … Xander returns to raging Kristen, notes her boy Brady almost saw the mask and holds it up. He now warns the daring DiMera dame that going against him would be a grave mistake … Susan happily hugs Maggie hello and goodbye. She admits strange things happened again and assures Brady he will find love. Maggie’s eyes widen. Brady ushers the redhead home. He will explain on the way … Kristen insists Kate and Ted will stick to their story. With Stefan out of the way she as Nicole will be unstoppable. Xander brings up Gabi. She rages she can crush her like a bug. Xander leers she betta leave him alone. Kristen gets the mask and goes on her wicked way … Kate drinks and opens her door to Ted. She admits she almost came clean to Stefan but he could not win against Kristen. He asks what she added to her statement. That she heard Stefan speaking with Xander outside the wine cellar. She suspects Stefan will be convicted and Kristen will back off … Lani runs into defiant Stefan and warns him he is risking his freedom by badgering witnesses … Back at the apartment Sarah announces to Rex they should move out. Rex is bewildered. Eric steps up and teases she does not like his man cave. Sarah thinks Eric needs his space. Rex chuckles and hugs his "natural beauty." Eric whispers in agreement that she sure is and woefully watches …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, July 23, 2019