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Episode 13,636
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the door Sarah runs into exiting Eric and his suitcase. She gets upset he seems to be leaving Salem … Stefan insists to interrogator Lani that he is innocent of the kidnapping Kate and Ted charges. He growls Gabi at least is out getting the real story … Brady hears how Gabi stole the briefcase from Xander to find something - something to clear Stefan. Alas it was a mistake … Kristen talks tough with Xander in her Susan disguise at the park. He laughs he can get her locked up as Susan Banks ... Will and Sonny’s kiss is hijacked when the real Susan shows up. They notice she changed her outfit. She giggles it is new, walks into the lavish living room, and plays with a duck statue. Sonny worries she might be back for her gun. Will politely asks what she would like. To see Victor, who is with the phone in the study as per Sonny. Will asks about her gun permit so she produces it from her purse. Sonny gets her weapon from the safe and hands it to her. She is gleeful about the gift … Eric assures Sarah he is staying. He is simply taking a few things to Roman for storage. Besides he thinks the newlyweds need privacy. Sarah plans to check on released hostage Kate today … Stylish Kate paces in her room like a blue panther and flashes back to Kristen. She needs ice for her drink and heads for the hallway, tempting the fates with the empty bucket in hand … Stefan fumes Lani is not looking at others as suspects and boasts his girl Gabi is on his side … Brady is interested in continuing Gabi’s investigation as he could use something against Xander …

Xander dares Kristen to off him. She complains the choir boys got her gun. Xander is amused. She goes DiMera on him and demands the mask or his life … Susan aims her unloaded gun at the figurines. Sonny sits her down to discuss her bad behavior with Brady. She denies it. Brady walks in and reminds her. She snaps he is wrong … Stefan snaps there is no proof against him. Lani assures him she will study every detail of Ted and Kate’s statements as well. Stefan senses her suspicion … Sarah opens Kate’s door and walks in wondering where she is. Kate creeps up behind her and hits her with the ice bucket. Sarah goes splat … Colorful Susan is completely committed to Roger. Brady reminds her she flirted with him upstairs, She calls him delusional, notes he is no king and leaves to the loo. Brady insists the tart tugged at his towel. Will believes she is in denial. Sonny mutters she also changed her outfit within minutes, then realizes Brady has Xander’s treasured briefcase … Xander taunts Kristen and orders her to beg for her Nicole mask … Gabi visits Stefan and complains Kate is sticking to her story. She wishes she could do more. He is grateful and informs her Lani is looking into Kate’s statement … Kate assumed Sarah was someone sent by the DiMeras. Sarah keeps the compress on her head and indicates the supplements she brought her. Kate scoffs those are for seniors. They escalate into an argument. Kate asks about married life and tells her to make Eric move out. Sarah gets testy and Kate smells it …

At the pub Roman is with eating Marlena discussing Eric not being able to get through to Nicole. Roman is worried. Marlena admits she is aware that Sarah has feelings for him and rushed into marrying Rex. She insists she wants both boys to be happy. Here comes Eric wondering who she was referring to … Roman asks about his suitcase. Marlena hopes he is not leaving Salem. Eric explains he is storing some things. Marlena sighs she is simply worried about his, Rex and Sarah’s happiness … Lani comes to Kate’s door, warning her claim that Xander said he was working with Stefan is simply hearsay. Kate claims she did hear Stefan and wants to rest but Lani knows better. She accuses her of wanting to reach Ted to go over this new story … Gabi updates Stefan on nutty Nicole in the Mexican wrestling mask. Stefan wonders what they are missing. She sighs she stole Xander’s briefcase but had to give it back via Brady … Kristen aint too proud to beg for her mask. Xander warns to be nice or she will not get Brady in her bed or the top job at DiMera. Only Nicole’s face can make her dreams come true. He makes her repeat how powerful he is and how stupid she was. Kristen plays along. He lets her know he is no lackey and leaves to get the mask. Kristen stews …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Will and Sonny are stunned to hear that Gabi is on Stefan’s side. Brady admits he is hoping the briefcase will contain something significant he can use against Xander … Back at the pleasant pub, Eric promises his parents he is alright .They share a family hug … Susan reappears, hugs Will and gets going to see Marlena. Back to the topic of Xander. He is en route to come get his briefcase from Brady so Sonny and Will make themselves scarce … Stefan loves Gabi’s loyalty and kisses her … Kate leaves Ted a message about Lani going over their statements. It could spell trouble … Susan runs into Marlena at the square and tells her of sweet Will. Then she complains about unsweet Brady believing he is Elvis. Marlena digests and asks how long she is staying in Salem. Not long and she would like to hear the latest … Eric comes home to Sarah, who complains Kate hit her in the suite with her ice bucket. Eric is amused and sorry she thought Sarah was a DiMera goon. Sarah sensed Kate was very scared and wants Stefan locked up … Stefan makes bail and storms off to give Kate a piece of his DiMera mind …

Eric holds a bag of frozen veggies to Sarah’s sore head. She admits she was annoyed when Kate said something … At the square talkative Susan scurries off to shop for Roger. Sonny and Will greet Marlena. She mentions what Susan said about Brady. Will muses she was the one who made moves. Marlena muses she is sweet ... at least most of the time … Susan approaches a stranger at the park asking for directions. She is startled when said stranger silently turns around. Tis Kristen in her Susan disguise … Xander comes back for his briefcase. Brady leers he has to let him see what is inside first … As Lani leaves Ted a message to call cos she has questions, Gabi the chic approaches the lady detective. She declares Xander, Kate and Ted all told lies about Stefan. The question is why … Kate opens her door only to come face to face with Stefan himself …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 22, 2019