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Episode 13,635
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Suave Ted kisses divorcee Hope at the club. Ciara walks in and says hello. Hope says hello honey … Rafe sorts through the mail in his cozy kitchen and opens his divorce agreement. Ben appears at his red door and asks if he spoke to sister Jordan about him seeing the baby. Rafe drawls she does not want him near David …. Gabi realizes there is something in the briefcase when Xander tries to get it back fast. She hangs on, hissing he does not scare her. He grabs her arm with a warning … At the Kiriakis mansion Will and Sonny wonder why Susan brought a gun … Brady asks why Susan is in his bedroom … Sonny starts to worry. Will remembers Roger had a big collection so it might belong to him. Susan used to borrow them. Sonny checks and it is loaded. They go to get answers … Kristen fibs she wanted to find the little girls room. Brady gives her directions. She jumps the shirtless hunk and kisses him before he can escape … Hope stammers she is divorced. Ciara admits it is hard to get over Ted blackmailing Will but supports her mom no matter who … Hope smiles … Rafe did not want to pressure Jordan, who is not in good shape. She asked him to become David’s legal guardian so he has started the process. Ben gets why he must respect all of Jordan’s wishes. He is grateful when Rafe suggests they speak later when all is settled and he will see what he can do. David cries. Ben would love to see him. Rafe suggests another time and Ben goes on his humble way …

Back at the square Gabi threatens to call Rafe, then knees Xander in the … Shirtless Brady reminds Susan she is with Elvis impersonator Roger! Kristen insists it is an open arrangement and giggles when Brady notes he is not with anyone now. He tells her she is not his type… Sonny and Will walk in and wish they had not bore witness to the sight of Susan making moves on the horrified hero … Ciara hands Hope some of Claire’s belongings in a bag for Julie, exchanges I love yous with her mom and bids Ted goodbye. Ted calls her lovely. He then gets back to kissing Hope. Here comes Xander … Gabi gets home and tries to open the briefcase with a knife in the kitchen … Brady insists the guys interrupted nothing. Will and Sonny wanted to ask about …Will whips out the gun. Susan snatches it back and Brady wonders what the hell … At the pub, Ben updates Ciara on what Rafe said. Ben really wants to see David and hopes to have his own family one day. Roman grins the food is on the house. Ciara apologizes for not showing for her shifts. Roman smiles it has been six months and she is not available to help so he has to let her go …

Gabi fibs to suspicious Rafe that she is unable to open her briefcase. He refuses when she asks him to pick the lock and demands to know who she took it from. Xander … Xander greets Ted but Ted acts cold as ice. Xander gushes he is gonna testify against Stefan for all of them. Ted tells him it would have helped more had he done it earlier when they were locked in the wine cellar. Ted thanks God Hope found them. Hope knows Xander is not telling the truth and advises him to cut the act … Kristen claims it is for self-defense. Brady wishes she would put it down. She wants to know what the boys were doing and boasts she knows how to use it too. They all duck. She argues Marlena got shot at her own wedding by Xander … Will hopes she is not going vigilante. Still in Susan mode, Kristen babbles on. Will explains his daughter lives here and wants the gun. Sonny explains it should be locked up. Will points out in Salem she is supposed to have a permit. They wait to see it and wait and wait …

Roman has too much on his plate and needs someone at the pub more often. Ciara understands and laughs she was a lousy waitress … Gabi acts indignant about Rafe’s accusations and wishes he would help her cos there could be evidence in the case. He exclaims if they open it, any evidence becomes inadmissible. She is not giving up. The fashionable felon cannot believe it when he orders her to return it … Xander asks if anyone has seen Gabi. Negative and Hope senses something. He fibs he fears for her since she trusts Stefan and takes off. Hope is confused. Ted feigns ignorance … Sonny is surprised that Tennessee would let Susan have a permit given her unstable history. She acts like she cannot find it is all. Will insists she let them have the firearm so she does not get in trouble. He promises they will give it back once she finds her permit. She hands it over and wants a moment with Brady. The guys go. Brady pushes her away and politely notes nothing romantic can happen. He is on a break from bad romances. She assumes he wants to be a monk. He just wants to get dressed in peace. She pauses at the door and vows he will belong to her soon …

Sonny closes the safe. Will starts to realize there is more to Susan. Kristen comes down muttering about Xander and his mask. Will and Sonny overhear, glad she has no gun now … Kristen storms out and leaves Xander a mad message to meet her at the park with the mask … Brady comes downstairs and discusses Susan’s strange behavior with Will and Sonny … Big brother knows best. Gabi having the briefcase in her possession is a bad thing. He thinks she can make the goon believe her crise de conscience is real. When he wonders about her and Stefan she gets madder. He stands up to take the briefcase back to Xander but the fashionable femme fatale has ideas of her own and leaves with it … Ted tells Hope he believes Xander. She is relieved he is alright. He asks her on a date and she accepts … Ben and Ciara return to his place. She needs a little time to get over the latest drama. He sighs with Stefan facing charges he might not have a job either. She loves them getting more time together and they kiss … Roman hangs the help wanted sign outside the pub … Gabi is walking through the square. Brady approaches. She hands him the briefcase to give back Xander but would rather not elaborate … Meanwhile Xander meets Kristen at the park. She demands her mask back … Sonny and Will are smooching in the foyer. Ding dong! Tis another Susan wearing a different outfit. The fellas soap stare ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, July 19, 2019