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Episode 13,634
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eve asks Jack why he suddenly decided on the serum … Club Jen babbles about mimosa and tea with Hope, who shows her papers declaring her marriage to Rafe over … Outside the pub Gabi shares with Brady her belief that Nicole set up Stefan … Stylish Kate and Ted knock on Nicole’s door but no one answers. Kate looks dizzy. Ted worries. She just wants to neutralize crazed cupcake Kristen … Xander has no intention of ever letting Kristen get her Nicole mask back. Meanwhile Kristen greets Sonny and Will at the front door, now disguised as the very strange Susan Banks. Will and Sonny act politely surprised by the visit. Kristen plays the role to perfection … Buff Brady is not convinced, not even when Gabi tells him of Nicole going down to the DiMera wine cellar … Stylish Kate and Ted are in her room. She feels frustrated. Ted suggests they speak to Xander. Kate disagrees and faints. The Frenchman catches her … Susan enters and asks for water. Sweet Sonny goes to get it. Fake Susan wants to sit on a cozy couch and calls Xandy a hunk … Hope sighs it is over. Jen can relate. She sighs Jack does not seem to want her near him with or without his memory … Jack talks relationship with his kids so Eve talks risks. Jack notes there are not so many now so she lashes out at Jen … Back at the Kiriakis mansion pleasant Xander is introduced to Susan as Sonny’s Greek cousin. Susan calls him the scoundrel who shot her bff but Will notes he is not all bad. Sonny states he saved Will. They add he also got them the diary with the antedote formula. Susan sweetly accuses him of stealing said diary …

Jack denies it is about Jen. Eve snaps everyone keeps telling him about their super couple history. He reminds her he married her. She questions if it was just a marriage of convenience. He and Jen still have fireworks. Besides when he lost his life he loved Jen. Ancient history, says he. Eve dreads the serum making his memories flood black … Jen cannot believe Jack is content being Eve’s sidekick, not the hero he once was. Perhaps she should give up … Ted puts fainted Kate on the bed. He urges her to eat some of his chocolate. She takes a bite and he remembers their romance in the shower with a continental smile … Brady reminds Gabi that Kate and Nicole are far from being friends. Gabi insists Stefan is innocent and Kate lied. She boasts she went to the source Nicole, who slammed the door in her face with that nutty mask on … Susan thanks Xandy for saving Will and orders him to sit. The guys sit as well, then she settles in an armchair. She makes Xander close his eyes tight and takes out the mask he left her. Time to open and she shows him the mask, smiling he deserves something special. He realizes that is really Kristen and the smile fades from his face …

Buff Brady is surprised to hear Nicole was wearing a Mexican wrestler’s mask. Gabi exclaims she attacked Stefan and urges Brady to speak to her. Brady knew not she cared so much for Stefan. She fibs she hates the cabron, he is merely a means to an end. Brady gets going. She shouts to tell her what Nicole says … Jack promises Eve she will remain his wife no matter what. Eerie music plays. He promises she is his present and his future. Eve, however is afraid of precious memories … Jen finishes her tea and Hope hands her a mimosa, now having one of her own. Jen laments the Jack she loved no longer exists so maybe she should move on … Kristen calls the gift one of a kind and dares Xandy to take it so he does. Sonny quips he could make a career change. Susan calls those Mexican wrestlers killers and keeps taunting him. He smiles it is a lovely gesture but wonts her to have it. She prefers the feminine. He wishes her luck and leaves after a sarcastic thank you. She hastily excuses herself leaving behind a baffled Sonny and Will. Within seconds she runs into returning shirtless jogger Brady at the front door and feasts her eyes …

Jen and Hope toast to new chapters and heroes. They sip their mimosas. Jen is amazed she tracked down Ted and Kate and asks if Ted will be in her new chapter. He wants to be and she wants to be happy so this could be their time … Kate claims she hates milk chocolate. Ted notes she needs to eat. She stands up and suggests he go hover over lover Hope. He states they are going slow. She warns him to watch it cos Hope would never forgive him for helping fake Holly’s death and dealing with devil Xander. Ted thinks she is threatening him … Brady is surprised to see Susan, who stammers did he see Xander cos she hopes he liked her gift. He warns her to stay away from him and she asks about his run. He tells her it was too hot and she gasps she can feel the heat, casting him a hungry look …

Ted pouts Kate promised to keep his secret! She will, but he cannot count on Xander not blabbing. She lists all the men who have let Hope down and adds his dimples are deeper than his conscience. He wants to be a better man for Hope and goes to find her. Kate lets out a laugh … Brady pulls his shirt on and heads upstairs to shower. Kristen now curses where is Xander! Xander is at a café table with his treasured briefcase … Fiery Gabi approaches and accuses him of lying about Stefan. He asks Nancy Drew then who was his big boss. She replies she knows it was Nicole! … Kate remembers Ted’s champagne shower and decides she needs neither champagne nor Ted now … Ted finds lonely heart Hope at the club and suavely sits down. She asks how he feels. Better cos of her beautiful face. They hungrily kiss … Eve tells Jack not to take the serum if it is true he loves her. No can do cos he wants his memory back. She storms off in bitter silence … Outside the pub Jen places a call to hopeful heart Henry to get together for dinner … Sonny and Will cannot locate Susan. Wil has a bad feeling and starts to search her bag. He pulls out her gun and gasps … Kristen is searching the bedroom she believes was Xander’s, muttering where is the mask! Brady appears, dripping wet in his towel … Xander pretends to be puzzled and notes Nicole hates him. Gabi knows she is right! He suggests she prove it so she grabs his briefcase and counters the proof is probably in here. Xander glares …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, July 18, 2019