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Episode 13,633
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will loves Sonny’s chocolate chip waffles in bed for breakfast. They kiss and Sonny snacks on fruit while informing him of Jen’s article on Jack ... Jen hands Jack her article at the square café … Eve visits Ted in his room … Patient Kate has just heard from long distance Austin that he and Carrie are over. Gabi enters with a sugary smile. She baked her brownies but first she must explain why she lied about Stefan … Kristen curses and calls Xander, demanding her Nicole mask back. He taunts her after closing his computer at the lavish Kiriakis mansion, laughing he left something outside her door. Tis another kind of mask. Kristen calls him back. He brags he is now in charge. She threatens him. He leers she cannot leave her room, without the Nicole mask. Brady walks in wearing his workout clothes and he compliments him. Kristen is incensed. After Xander hangs up bewildered Brady wonders who was on the phone …. Smart cookie Jen has written about Jack’s climate giving rise to racism. He denies it. She hisses at him for Haley and JJ being kicked out of his apartment and reminds him he never came out against racism. Jack calls her bitter and tries to take away her press badge. She quips he cannot … Ted squirms and waits for Eve to start their serious conversation. He flashes back to Kate warning him they were not safe with Kristen out there. Ted tells Eve he was truthful. She asks him to be the DA who locks up Stefan DiMera …

Kate counters Gabi was out to get Stefan so she should thank her. Gabi stammers. Kate suspects she fell for him … Shirtless Will reads the article aloud. Sonny is somewhat surprised Jack has not yet used Rolf’s serum. Will is now stunned to hear Xander was granted immunity. Sonny notes he is the star witness against Stefan who masterminded the abductions. This might be enough for Brady to kick him out of Titan … Xander lies he was speaking to Lois from the office. Brady fires him … Jen reminds Jack of rights and freedoms of the press. He snaps to save it for the judge. She exclaims the old Jack … but he cuts her off, fed up with stories about that Jack. Jen wonders why did not take the serum to remember. He claims he is considering and adds he likes his life now. She accuses him of being afraid. He hisses no way in hell does he want to remember anything about her now! Jen walks away. Jack seems to have lost his appetite … Ted says no to being dastardly Eve’s DA. It would be a conflict of interest to go after someone who had committed a crime against him. Eve argues he can recuse. He reminds her the mayor is the one to make a DA appointment and warns she cannot go after Ben …

Gabi denies being sweet on Stefan and rages Kate almost ruined her plan. Kate eats a brownie and suspects she is sweet on the cad. Gabi grills her. Kate sticks to her story about Xander getting his orders from Stefan. She remembers Kristen’s threat to off one of her kids and insists it was Stefan. Gabi probes how Nicole fits into the story … Kristen imagines going to Brady as herself. In her daydream he wants to send her to the slammer … Xander insists he has an iron clad contract. Brady reasons there is a clause. A felony could get him fired. Xander produces his contract and boasts he got immunity. Brady indicates another clause. He could not work for the competition - but he took Stefan’s orders. Xander argues he was attempting to benefit Titan by setting up Stefan. He declares he deserves a parade. Brady looks bemused … Will wonders whether Brady would offer Sonny Xander’s position. Sonny notes Brady knows he is moving on. However he has no idea what kind of business to begin. Will has a few funny suggestions then admits he is happy to have more time with him. They kiss in bliss …

Eve believes Ben will break the law again and that is when she will get him. Ted refuses to help cos Eve fired his beloved Hope but does admit Ben was the goon who grabbed him when Stefan sent him away before. She smiles to mull over what could be a mutually beneficial association. Tis indeed food for thought … Kate denies knowing anything about Nicole and sips her water. Gabi notes Nicole had to know they were down in the wine cellar since she was sent down for champagne, only to return emptyhanded. Kate is uncooperative. Gabi snatches back her brownies and vows to get answers. Kate quips her chocolate brownies were too dry … Jen comes back with something for Jack to read. The mayor is busy. She will wait for him to finish his breakfast. He now reads an article he himself wrote years ago about the duty of journalists to uncover and uphold democracy and the truth so that the people are not misled by fascists … Brady counters Xander still worked for the competition. Xander warns he will look like a hero for going against Stefan while Brady will answer to the board. Brady believes he is lying. The goon warns even Kate would call him a good guy. Brady has to let him stay but he will be watching him …

Stylish Kate comes to see Ted, who sighs he still smells like champagne. Kate complains about Gabi doing the math that Nicole knew they were in the wine cellar. Kate believes Nicole is being blackmailed by Kristen and would agree to team up with them against the crazy cupcake … Kristen babbles to herself about needing to be Nicole to win Brady. She howls for her mask. Knock knock! Tis Gabi demanding she open up to discuss Stefan … Jack acts sarcastic about the sanctimonious article. Jen reasons he was a man with principles in the past and he made the world a better place. She pouts the new Jack has the power the old Jack did not have but the old Jack was a good family man with high moral standards. He would never sink so low! She storms off. Jack is clearly affected … Sonny and Will come downstairs surprised that Xander is still talking Titan biz on the phone. The goon sarcastically suggests they be grateful he got them the diary. Will thanks him. Sonny rolls his eyes. Xander notes the fellas owe him now and he might one day need a favor … Ted distrusts Nicole. Kate declares to survive the DiMeras they have to act. She orders him to get dressed so they can meet with Nicole … Kristen has her freaky mask on when she opens her door to Gabi and hisses to get lost. Disgusted Gabi goes. Kristen now realizes how she will be able to get into the mansion and opens her suitcase of disguises … Jen throws away the article Jack wrote long ago and keeps walking … Jack returns to Eve and announces he is ready to try the serum and remember … Outside the pub Brady runs into Gabi, who warns him Nicole is involved in something strange … Will reminds Xander he kidnapped grandma Kate. The goon grins he went against Stefan and saved her. Will and Sonny decide to check in with her. Xander opens his briefcase and admires his Nicole mask … Kate and Ted knock on Nicole’s door. Meanwhile “Susan” stuns Will and Sonny on the Kiriakis doorstep!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 17, 2019