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Episode 13,632
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eli explains to Eve that Xander wants a deal with immunity. She hauls him off to question him herself. Eli suggests they let Stefan stew a while. Lani thinks that will not work. Eli decides to get answers from … Gabi and Stefan suspect Nicole since she went down for champagne. She must have known Kate and Ted were in the wine cellar … Hope asks Ted what his good news for Nicole was … Kate is on Rex’s iphone fuming about Brady being a Titan disaster. Rex argues Brady was instrumental in searching for her. He lets her rest and she sighs, remembering her and Ted’s deal with deadly Kristen DiMera … Nicole and Brady kiss for more than a brief moment in time … Ted stammers Xander said Holly was alive and offered to lead him to her. That was when he abducted him. Hope sighs Holly was not alive. Ted the dashing deceiver agrees … Eric storms into the apartment upset about Nicole. Sweet Sarah is surprised … Brady pulls back. Nicole knows he liked it. He refuses to betray his brother. She reasons Eric broke his heart. Brady now gets a text and takes off. Nicole – aka Kristen – curses Eric again. Then she rages Xander better not rat her out …

In her office, Eve lectures Xander for being in league with the likes of the DiMeras and for getting himself in trouble. She has removed his cuffs. He coos she can get him out of said trouble … Kate puts down her magazine, surprised to see Brady. He is after details so he can finally make Xander go away. Kate wants Stefan gone as well … Gabi and Stefan discuss the fact that Nicole has been playing him, trying to get close to the company. He sighs he did not see it coming … Eric updates Sarah on Nicole refusing to let him see her, unlike Brady. It really is over! This Nicole is not like the woman he loved … Nicole leaves Xander an impatient message and opens her door to Eli and Lani, who grill her about their relationship. Eli explains Kate and Ted claimed Xander was working with Kristen. She replies she is not surprised. Eli now gets her to admit Xander did make a murderous confession to her but she told no one … Xander taunts he can tell Jack that Eve withheld Rolf’s diary. She replies Jack already has it and boasts their marriage is solid. He leers she could lose her position and orders her to let him go …

Kate fibs she will not feel safe until Stefan is out of the picture. When Brady argues at least Kristen is gone, she ominously states the daughter of the phoenix could always rise again …. Eric admires the picture of Sarah and calls her beautiful. They sit together on the sofa and he enjoys her delicious pasta with basil. She assures him he will get over Nicole. He believes it might be best to move away from Salem. Sarah gasps he cannot go … He means much to her. Their eyes lock and they lean in for an almost kiss … until hubby Rex returns … Ted apologizes for not having good news about Holly. But he would do anything for Hope … Nicole airily states Xander was just mad about their divorce. He threatened to off her as he had done to Ted. Perhaps that was what Kate overheard. She was scared and told him to go. She was even too scared to call the cops. Lani and Eli wonder why Xander would take Ted and Kate. Eli adds there were lucky to have survived down in the wine cellar. Nicole agrees … Eve warns Xander he has been accused by two people. She cannot risk calling attention. He lifts the phone and suggests calling the mayor. All she can do is get him a bail hearing. He insists she let the DA know he is willing to spill secrets. Eve concludes she will at least get Stefan DiMera behind bars. He quips or whoever he was really working for - but he will only discuss the details with the D.A once they have a deal …

Stefan needs to go after Nicole, Kate and Ted for setting him up. Gabi argues they were being starved down there so it seems tangled. She offers to help him investigate on the outside - and get him released … Rex senses something. Sarah updates him on Eric’s run-in with Nicole. Rex is sorry. Eric explains he has decided to move on and is sorry about Kate. Rex shares that Hope found her and Ted down in the DiMera wine cellar … When Hope woefully admits Rafe moved on, Ted takes her hand and suggests she do the same. She seems to fall for his French charm … Nicole plays the role of the frightened fair maiden but Eli and Lani are not done yet. Stefan is the main suspect and Xander wants immunity to tell all about his boss. Nicole gasps she hopes they both go away for a long time and sees the cops to the door. She now reads online that her flunky was granted bail and starts to bolt but outside the door ... There stands Xander the wildcard himself. He wonders where she was going ….

Kate walks in on Ted and Hope almost kissing. She sarcastically states Ted seems well. Hope excuses herself to make some calls and blushes she will see him soon. Kate thanks her for her good work. Once alone with Ted, she scoffs about Hope and reminds him that wildcard Kristen is still on the loose. Their stories must match down to the letter … Stefan grins how is Gabi gonna get him out? Gabi has history with Kate and will grill her in the morning. She also has to pick up Ari and asks Stefan if he needs anything. He kisses her and thanks her with stars in his eyes … Brady bursts into Eve’s office, incensed Xander made bail. He had better go to trial! Eve admits he wants to make a deal to expose Stefan or whomever his big bad boss was … Kristen blasts her flunky for taking too many chances. He assures her that Kate and Ted are sticking to the story about Stefan. She counters her plan was exactly what he is doing now, demanding a deal with the DA, and assumes he will be confirming his boss was Stefan. He rages he will not forget her betrayal and shoves her against the wall, with his hands around her throat … Sarah is stunned to hear what Xander did and hugs Rex, relieved Kate is alright. She now informs him that Eric plans to leave Salem … Brady does not want Xander to walk free. Eve shrugs. Brady blames him for Nicole’s stress. She slyly suggests he let her lean on him. Brady blurts out she wanted to reconcile with him but he will not do that to Eric. She asks if Eric is the only reason he is not with Nicole … Rex and Sarah insist Eric stay. He agrees with a smile - for now … Stefan praises Gabi for her loyalty. She is the only one he can trust like Vivian. Gabi gets emotional and leaves … Eli and Lani arrive for Kate and Ted’s official statements. Meanwhile Kate tells Ted they will lie for now but in the long run they must get rid of Kristen and her nutty flunky … Kristen demands Xander give her the Nicole mask back. He leers he will leave her here without it and does just that …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, July 16, 2019