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Episode 13,631
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gabi bursts into the Kiriakis mansion to confront Brady … Eli has summoned Abe. He seeks his blessing to marry Lani. Abe laughs when he hears he already asked and she accepted. He gives him a hearty hug. Lani now arrives, relieved, and also gets a hug … Kristen the wicked queen crunches her red apple. She is two moves ahead of curious Xander. She took action to take down wannabe DiMera Stefan. Meanwhile Hope confronts indignant Stefan for holding captives Ted and Kate in the DiMera wine cellar. Ted and Kate pointed the finger at him … Eli surprises sweet Lani with a ring and slips it on her finger. I love yous and they kiss … until Rex interrupts to report Kate missing. He does not believe Xander really sent her out of town on biz. Eli updates him on the 911 call she made that he had offed someone. They brought Xander in for questioning but corrupt Eve released him … Kristen remembers Kate and Ted cooperating when she ordered them to tell the cops Stefan was their captor. She had threatened to send someone to off one of their loved ones … Stefan dramatically denies everything. Ted and Kate lie he locked them up without food. Stefan snaps Hope is not even a cop anymore and kicks them all out. She will contact the station en route to the hospital …

Brady is amused. Gabi rages at the rat for blabbing her secret scheme to Chloe. He explains Chloe saw her in the sack with Stefan and had questions. Brady pours himself iced tea and adds Chloe is no fan of Stefan so she will say nothing. Gabi boasts she is close to getting a ring on her finger. Brady warns when he tried the same with Eve he ended up falling in love. She remembers Stefan’s kiss and fibs she feels nothing. When she refers to Stefan firing Nicole, Brady explodes … Abe runs into Eric outside the pub. He updates him on fired Nicole attacking Stefan. Abe sighs Stefan wants to go public but he convinced him to let him talk to her. Alas her room was trashed with no sign of her. Eric is sorry to hear of her breakdown … Ted and Kate act grateful to Hope for taking them to the hospital. She steps away and Kate hopes the cops will be as easy to fool. Otherwise they are toast. At least Stefan will get what he deserves … Stefan heads down to the wine cellar and finds the empty champagne bottles … Back at the station Eli gets the call from Hope about finding Ted and Kate in the DiMera wine cellar. He repeats it to relieved Rex, who rushes off to see Kate. Hope now informs Eli that Xander and his boss must be arrested … Xander calls Kristen cleva. She pouts Stefan will pay. Xander suddenly realizes she did not save him …

Salem patient Kate assures Rex she is alright just a little dehydrated. He assures her Xander is going to be apprehended. She lies his boss was Stefan … Stefan gets himself a drink, passes the chess set, raises his glass to Stefano’s portrait and sips, clearly stressed … From his hospital bed Ted praises and thanks Hope, who smiles … Eric laments Nicole still hates him. Abe asks him to involve Marlena. Eric believes the Nicole they used to know is still somewhere in there … Brady is astounded when Gabi describes how Nicole attacked Stefan …Xander issues Kristen a not so subtle threat for not protecting him with her plan. He storms off before the woman in red can stop him … Kristen gets back into her Nicole disguise. Knock knock! Tis worried Eric who wants a word. Go away! Brady arrives and asks his brother to let him handle it. Naturally “Nicole” opens her door to him … At the Kiriakis mansion Gabi reminds herself Stefan is the enemy. Xander wonders what has her knickers in a twist and alludes to his own probs. She gives him lip so he leers and takes a step closer. Here comes Lani announcing he is under arrest …

Back at DiMera mansion Stefan informs Abe if he cannot get Nicole to resign he will have her locked up. Eli arrives to lock him up instead. As per Kate and Ted’s statements it was Stefan who was holding them in the wine cellar. Stefan asks Abe to say nothing as he is carted off. Abe digests. Something is off … Nicole is glad to see Brady but has a work situation. Brady heard that Stefan fired her. Eric sympathizes with how she reacted as he is aware she misses Holly. She blames Eric again. Brady asks for a moment so she lets him in but slams the door in Eric’s face. Eerie music plays … Kate tells Rex her tall tale about Stefan locking her up to avenge Vivian. Rex wonders why she was kept alive … Hope admits to Ted she had her doubts … When Lani leers Stefan was Xander’s boss and Eli is also bringing him in, Gabi gasps and hastily excuses herself … Hope shows Ted the text that Xander or Stefan must have sent about being done with her. Ted admits he wants to be a better man and is never gonna give up on her. Her face in his mind made him want to survive. Hope blushes …

Kate wants to go home already. Rex feels it is safer for her here until Stefan is behind bars … At the station Stefan snaps to Eli that lying Kate and Ted have hatched a scheme against him. He denies even knowing his supposed co-conspirator Xander. Gabi bursts in demanding an explanation. Stefan insists he is innocent. Eli will get Xander’s statement soon and steps out when Gabi asks to speak to Stefan. Stefan sighs Ted and Kate must have agreed to lie for the real mastermind in return for their lives … Brady asks Nicole about her blowup. She complains about Gabi and Stefan having an affair and not even considering her biz plan. Brady asks if she really attacked Stefan. She makes light of it. Brady gets concerned and she enjoys the attention. He suggests she sign the letter of resignation. She believes she belongs at DiMera! Brady warns Stefan could have her committed. She curses. Brady asks her to come work for him again, DiMera be damned … Outside Abe is on the phone asking for word on the street about the arrests. He ends the call. Eric appears wishing he could somehow help Nicole … “Nicole” calls Brady sweet but being with him would be hard given how she feels unless … Brady notes they cannot be together. She blames Eric. Brady refuses to betray his brother who still cares. But they can work together as a team. She purrs she cannot promise and passionately kisses him … Lani hauls in Xander, who demands immunity from Eli. He offers to sing like a canary and reveal the real mastermind … Kate mutters to Rex that going against Stefan is the only way to protect the family … Ted takes Hope’s hand, hoping they can reconcile. She smiles they have time but they must make sure Xander and Stefan pay. Ted sighs … Stefan updates Gabi on the bottles of champagne he found in the wine cellar. She gasps Nicole went down for champagne, returned with none, then stopped her from going down. Stefan wonders whether she suspects Nicole set him up. Gabi pauses with her own agenda on her mind …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 15, 2019