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Episode 13,630
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Xander packing food for the captives … Kristen bursts into the wine cellar and aims her gun. The devil in the red dress is on a deadly mission … Nurse Haley wants Will to stay in the wheelchair as he leaves the hospital. Sweet smiling Sonny arrives to escort him … Stefan and Gabi are hungry for one another on the club desk … Xander is on the move and Hope is right behind him … Back in the wine cellar Kate muses Maggie was right. Kristen hisses they have been having a party. Ted explains they did what they had to and Xander helped somewhat. Kate notes the big bad boss was never Nicole. Kristen smirks … JJ catches up with Haley at work. The EMT was evited from his apartment … Ted and Kate clutch their broken champagne bottles. Kristen warns they would not work against a gun. Kate and Ted are aware Holly is alive and suspect Kristen was threatening Nicole with Holly the whole time. Kristen cackles. Kate asks what she is after. Everything that is rightfully hers and she is not above a little bloodshed … Will wants to stop at the cafe with Sonny for the chicken club. He appreciates how he gave him hope with his encouragement and love. It made Will fight. Sonny thanks God he did not give up. He lists those who love him including his daughter. Here comes friendly Tripp with Sonny’s pasta and Will’s chicken club. Will and Sonny let him know they are sorry about Claire and those she tried to off …

JJ is on his phone with the landlord. The rent was on time … JJ stops and snaps that is personal. He plans to speak to a lawyer! Haley suspects the landlord did not like her … Gabi and Stefan go wild … Julie comes in and tosses water on them to cool off … Xander pauses at the pretty park and talks to himself about trying to help Ted and Kate. Hope scurries after him unseen … When Ted and Kate hear Kristen is mad at Stefan for firing Nicole, they let her know they are no fans of Stefan and would keep her secret. She spooks them with the gun and apologizes. Hope has been snooping around and she suspects they would talk. Xander did not off them as told so she is here to do it herself … JJ sighs the landlord was a Jack supporter. Haley offers to move out. JJ refuses to rent from a racist pig and decides he is done with that building. He will always stand up for her. She is his world. She smiles a sweet smile and he invites her for lunch … Tripp still believes he is to blame for cupcake Claire going nuts. Sonny and Will reason she was unwell and no one knew. Sonny suggests he move on. Will hopes Claire will get the help she needs in Bayview. Tripp has to get back to work to pay his rent and wonders if they would want to move into the loft …

Julie leaves Eli an irate message about intruders. Gabi grabs the phone, growls she is nuts in Spanish and Stefan emerges buttoning his shirt. Raging Julie hears they rented the club and Chloe approved. Over her dead body … Kristen places the scarf back on her head outside the secret room. Xander arrives and worries wot she did … Hope is standing by roses and a statue holding grapes in the DiMera garden. Eli calls and she admits she lost Xander. She will be in touch. She pulls the grapes and a brick wall opens, leading to the secret wine cellar. Hope is in … Sonny thanks Tripp and pays the bill. They will be taking their food home. Tripp appreciates the tip, then hands menus to JJ and Haley. JJ orders a burger and a one bedroom. Haley sighs and updates Tripp on needing a place to live. Tripp grins he has got something on the menu and offers them Claire’s old room … Julie tells off Gabi and Stefan for disrespecting the terms of the booking, blasts them for showing their faces after what they did to Abigail, and gives them the boot. Stefan assures Gabi they can reschedule and invites her back to his place. She says no … Kristen makes Xander head elsewhere with her and they vanish from view. Here comes Hope. She picks the lock with ease and opens the door … Kristen takes Xander back to her trashed room and rages brother Stefan fired her. She spills his bag of groceries and leers he lied. He shares what Sarah told him about starvation. Kristen warns the sweet little Horton made him lose his edge but he need not worry about Hope and Ted. He asks if she offed them …

Ted stands up and hugs Hope. Kate holds her tongue … Sonny insists on carrying Will over the threshold. Will wants to do the same for him and they flirt at the front door … Tripp assures JJ and Haley they would pretty much have the place to themselves. Haley and JJ agree they have a deal … Stefan is stunned. Gabi warns Julie will blab about them and she will look bad sleeping with the boss. She would like them to be real and not secret lovers … Now in the house, Ted and Kate thank Hope for the water. Ted asks how she found them. The necklace that Xander had. She tailed him to the wine cellar. Hope tells Kate they heard her 911 call. Kate mutters Xander was someone’s muscle. The real mastermind is …

Sonny and Will share a kiss inside the Kiriakis mansion. Will plops on the armchair and happily looks forward to returning to work at the Spectator. Sonny pauses. Will realizes his significant other is at a career standstill … Stefan stammers he has feelings for Gabi and is ready to be a real couple, rest of the world be damned. Gabi grins and he kisses her. She gushes she has to go get Ari but will see him tomorrow … Kristen drinks to her executive decision and alludes to Ted and Kate doing her bidding … Back inside the DiMera mansion, Ted sighs. Hope waits for the name of Xander’s partner. Kate pauses. Hope promises protection. Kate and Ted admit it is a DiMera … Tripp happily takes JJ and Haley into the loft and goes to shower. JJ hugs the girl he loves. She gushes she is happy anywhere with him and they seal it with a kiss … Sonny smiles his job was to help Will get well. Will teases it is time for his next job. Sonny has no clue what to do with his career. Will knows he will be the best at whatever he decides but tonight … he wants to be back in their bed. They head upstairs hand in hand … Xander thinks Kristen is a tad too confident. Kristen thinks she cannot trust him and leers she shall have the last laugh … Kate warns Hope that Stefan’s son must be stopped. Ted adds their captor was Stefan DiMera. Speak of the devil!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, July 12, 2019