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Episode 13,629
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Hope gets a text from Eli, who hauled Xander in. She promises to keep Eve busy and hears the end of her bitter message to Ben. Hope blasts her for Claire. Eve acts innocent and looks around for Jack. Hope warns he will fire and divorce her … Xander scoffs when Eli accuses him of offing Ted. Eli plays Kate’s telling message and does not listen to any excuse … Hostage Ted feels hostage Kate would not finish him off. She holds the broken bottle to his face … At the club Nicole claims Stefan cannot fire her from her own company. Stefan snaps her company??! … Mad Maggie picks up Victor’s magazines and then finds a bottle he stashed under the sofa. The redhead reasons she should not but reaches for a glass and proceeds to pour. Here comes Sarah … Hope continues to criticize Eve for not helping Claire. Eve hisses she has no proof. Hope knows her messages to Claire were on the girl’s phone which went missing … Xander claims Kate wanted him gone from the company so he sent her on a biz trip abroad. Eli tries to call her. Xander muses she has many meetings, is unavailable and argues he has to release him … Ted apologizes for being in cahoots with creepy Xander, then stands and states Kate still needs him. Their eyes lock …

Nicole claims she still is in charge of Basic Black and suggests Stefan has been swayed by Gabi. She threatens to drag DiMera down by exposing their sordid scandalous affair … Ted talks team survival … Eli remains suspicious and gets himself some station coffee. He claims he can hold Xander on probable cause. Xander demands a word with the commissioner herself … Hope warns Eve she is watching her and she will be on her way out for what she did soon. Eve threatens to go after her and walks away … Maggie stammers she found the bottle Victor hid and only poured she did not drink. Sarah fumes he should have known better. Maggie fears slipping. Sarah suggests she ask for help. Maggie agrees and they embrace … Back at the club Gabi laughs about Nicole’s empty threats. Nicole hurls insults at her. Stefan snaps she did not even book the club for tonight. Nicole brings up losing Holly. Stefan reminds her she said she was ready. She counters his lack of compassion will not look well. He asks her to leave. She hisses and he lets her know she has no legal hope when she threatens to sue. Her time at DiMera is done. Kristen snaps and lunges for him with a growl. Abe appears and breaks it up. Nicole tells Stefan to watch his back! Stefan starts to call the cops …

Ted assures Kate he still cares. She feels he is speaking out of fear. He promises to fight for her. The eye each other like wildcats … Eve finds Xander with Eli and shouts at Eli to leave and let her handle this case. She blasts Xander for giving Eli a hard time. He threatens to expose her lies to Jack, sending him straight back to Jen. She agrees he is a free man and fumes never again. On his way out he taunts Eli he will be needing a new job soon … Sarah talks outpatient counseling after a few days of treatment that is now available. Tis food for thought. Maggie will consider and apologizes for not accepting Rex as her hubby. She vows to change and Sarah smiles thank you. Maggie loves her sweet daughter and they share an emotional embrace … Abe the peacemaker suggests Stefan not involve the police. Gabi begs to differ. Stefan notes he had no choice for this version of Nicole is not stable enough to successfully run Basic Black. Abe agrees it seems too soon. Nicole warns Gabi and Stefan they are gonna regret it and storms off … Kate and Ted wait together. He knows Hope will get answers from Xander. Kate warns he might off her. Ted suspects Xander is in way over his head … Xander cannot find the booze at the Kiriakis mansion. Sarah quips she had it removed. He complains she let Rex give Chloe his gift necklace and calls it more humiliation on this day. Sarah snaps she is having a bad day but no booze cos Maggie almost slipped … PR Abe is told by Stefan to speak to Nicole and place a positive spin on her departure. Unless she lies she wanted to leave he will go public with her attack. Abe does not want to see the grieving mom in the slammer and sighs he will need time to get her to agree. Stefan gives him all of an hour and haughtily steps away to party plan with smug Gabi … Crazy cupcake Kristen heads back to her room and comes up with a devilish idea to get her back on top at DiMera ...

In the club office Gabi gushes she took care of things. Tonight will be great. Stefan has two statements ready – one for a cooperative Nicole, the other if she goes against them. Either way she is done at DiMera. Gabi boldly suggests he let her head up Basic Black … Sarah regrets saying too much. Xander murmurs he is fond of her mum and will be discreet. She sighs Rex went behind her back with the necklace and is sympathetic. He wishes he had someone as wonderful as her in his life. He knows not how to solve his problems. Sweet Sarah suggests he tell her his tale of woe. He sighs tis his cross to bear for she is a married woman … Ted asks Kate to tell Hope that he is an innocent victim if they make it through. He could not bear to lose the woman he loves … Hope and Eli catch up on the phone. Eli fumes Eve released Xander so Hope heads off to tail him. After the call, Eli finds Eve in his face … Sarah is summoned to help a patient who is starving herself. When she tells curious Xander how long and horrible it is, he gets a sudden attack of conscience … Kate teases Ted wants her to tell a lie for him. He laments he loves Hope. Kate will not stand in his way but warns they might not make it out …

Gabi states her case to Stefan, who does not want her to bite off more than she can chew. She promises she will step down if she does not please him running both companies and they pinky swear. Stefan teases was Nicole right about her using him … Kristen now has her own face on. She is livid at the losers standing in her way. She shouts and trashes her room, then gets out her a gun with a furious flip of her blonde hair … Xander packs groceries to take starving Kate and Ted … Eve warns Eli if he gives civilian Hope anything she will fire him … When Xander exits the Kiriakis mansion clutching his bag of food, Hope is hot on his tail … Gabi reminds Stefan that Nicole is nuts. He notes some women do seduce the boss to get ahead. She whispers his raw nekid power was what drew her in. Then the passionate princess jumps him … Abe opens Nicole’s door and is stunned to see the trashed room … Ted thanks Kate and they wait with bated breath as the door opens. Enter Kristen DiMera packing heat. Kate gasps she is alive! Kristen takes her aim and prepares to FIRE.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, July 11, 2019