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Episode 13,628
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben comes home to sweet Ciara, who is woefully looking at old photos of herself and Claire. Ben kisses her and promises Bayview can put the princess back together. … At the pub Eli complains to Hope about Claire’s phone disappearing. Now they have nothing on Eve … In the office Eve is about to break said phone until surprised Jack steps in … At the club Chloe glares at Gabi … In the secret room Kate tells Ted no way would Nicole let Xander come back with food. Meanwhile fake Nicole threatens Xander cos he dared double cross her … Hope places a teabag in her cup and updates Eli on the fact that Xander might be behind Ted’s disappearance. Eli updates her on Eve stopping him from responding to an anonymous tip from the Salem Inn. A woman overheard Xander say he had killed Ted …Ted looks down and suddenly sees … Xander wonders what the wine cellar hostages even did to Kristen, then grumbles she needs others to do her dirty work … Gabi talks launch but Chloe coldly informs her Nicole did not book any party here. Gabi wants to rent the space. Chloe says no way cos she saw her with Stefan after Holly’s memorial. Gabi apologizes. Chloe refers to her delicious plan to destroy the DiMera. Brady filled her in. Gabi suspects she wants to tell Stefan. No and Chloe approves cos he has it coming. Here comes Stefan himself …

Kristen drops her knife and orders Xander to get the job done. Ted and Kate are putting the pieces together as they speak! … Hungry Ted offers Kate half of the raisin he found. She say no and screams at him when he theorizes about Hope finding them cos of the necklace. He argues the real reason they are still alive is cos he and Xander are good … Kate demands he finish the sentence … Eli sighs he was ordered by Eve to stick to Ben’s case. Eve said she would handle the other matter. He knew not Ted was missing. Hope elaborates. Eve could be in cahoots with Xander cos he knew she had Rolf’s diary, which means blackmailing Xander holds the cards … Eve admits to Jack she is destroying proof that she knew Claire was the real fire starter. She tried to get the girl help but she refused. Then Tripp and Ciara cornered her and Claire tried to set another fire but was stopped. Jack gasps what else? Claire was admitted to Bayview. Eve comes clean about the phone she stole from the evidence room. Jack hopes there is no more. She knows she should have gone to Claire’s family but was focused on Ben. Mayor Jack hugs her and issues her an order …

Ciara snuggles with supportive Ben and partly blames herself for Claire’s downfall. She weeps with emotion, wishing there had been a better ending. How to move on? Ben uses the s word. Soap survival …He is grateful for everything. The love and life he has to live are a gift. He wishes he could help. She smiles he always helps her. He notes in the past he felt no one cared but all that changed cos of her. He assures her all her loved ones will make a difference and then he kisses her. She kisses him back and more … Jack demands Eve drop her vendetta against Ben. Eve is still upset about Paige. He orders her to let the past go …. Back at the pub Hope asks Eli to get her the recording of that anonymous 911 call … Kate wants an explanation. Ted sits and sighs since returning to Salem he has been working for Xander. Kate is appalled. He reminds her he rescued him from the island where she and Stefan left him to perish. Kate wonders what use he had for him, then asks if he helped him fake Holly’s death. Ted goes silent. Kate ponders his boss’s motivation …

Xander argues to Kristen that Kate and Ted could be useful alive. Eve wants Ted to be the D.A.! Kristen decides that would be a bad idea, gets the gun out and orders him to off them both … Gabi tries to cover to Stefan. Chloe snaps she was just saying they deserve one another and demands the triple rate to have the party today. Stefan wants the whole restaurant. Chloe agrees and waltzes off to inform the kitchen staff. Gabi laments they have no menu or liquor order and blames Nicole. Stefan calls “Nicole.” Kristen does not take the call and complains Xander made a mess. He complains he has Hope breathing down his neck about Ted. Kristen reasons that is why he needs to get rid of Ted and Kate right away. He refuses to do her bidding … Down in the wine cellar Ted admits he has no idea why Nicole wanted Holly’s death faked. Kate gets testy and tells him off for his stupid mistake of trying to impress Hope. He is to blame for them being here … At the pub Hope updates Eli on seeing Sarah wearing a necklace from Xander, which he claimed Ted sold him … Eli now gets the recording of the 911 call sent to his phone and they listen. They discover Kate DiMera made the call about overhearing Xander’s murderous confession! The plot thickens …

Ciara and Ben lovingly lounge together under their golden sheets. Shirtless Ben gets a text from Justin. He exclaims the charges against him were dropped and Eve and Jack are giving a press conference! Ciara is over the moon. They watch together … At the square Eve boasts the Salem PD uncovered what the past brass could not – that the arsonist terrorizing the town was a relation of ousted Commissioner Hope Brady. The culprit is in hospital. Ciara rages she claimed Hope was covering for Claire when it was really her! As Jack approvingly observes, Eve also blames an overzealous detective for identifying the wrong perp. Ciara gasps now she is going after Eli. Ben is not in the least bit surprised … Back at the pub, Eli decides to head to the station and then have a discussion with Xander. Hope has a bad feeling about Eve… Kristen cannot believe her flunky said no. He will not off people who are only in her way. She suggests he leave them to starve down in the wine cellar instead. They would only implicate him! His eyes darken …Gabi shares a Hernandez style margarita with Stefan, then laughs when he chokes. Nicole comes in, excusing herself and asks about the party arrangements … Xander spies Chloe wearing the diamond necklace outside the pub and asks where she got it. From Rex. He asks himself if Sarah knew, then ignores a call from Hope to Kate’s phone, cursing she is getting closer … Hope curses Kate’s voice mail and prays Ted is not dead … Kate approaches Ted with the her piece of the broken champagne bottle, a glint in her eye … Hope sees the end of Eve’s press conference and warns Jack that there is something to be worried about … Eve makes a call. Ben gets dressed and takes the call from the unknown number. Eve hisses she will get him one of these days … Eli arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to arrest Xander in the suspected murder of Ted … Stylish Kate hisses she would love to get even with the bastard who is to blame for her being down here. Ted eyes her … Stefan suggests Nicole go. Gabi seconds that. Stefan fires her. Kristen looks ready to EXPLODE.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 10, 2019