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Episode 13,627
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Towel clad Tripp has a bat ready when he hears an intruder. Tis Haley …Victor grumbles at John and holds his drink. John bears bad news … Hope meets Eli at the park and asks him to do some unofficial detective work. He notes why not as Eve’s commiss days are numbered. Meanwhile Marlena says the same to Ben and Ciara at the hospital. Ciara worries what will become of poor Claire, whom wicked Eve pushed over the edge … Belle is with Shawn as she lets Claire know she must go to Bayview to get better and avoid being charged. Claire does want to get better but asks to be alone. Eve appears, asking to be forgiven … Outside Marlena explains she gave her expert opinion on Claire which was given to the court. Ben assures concerned Ciara that Bayview is a fab facility. Ciara asks to see her … Cupcake Claire believes Eve was trying to help her since she warned her Ben and Ciara were trying to trick her into confessing. Eve grovels and refers to the cabin chaos. Claire feels like a monster cos she tried to off Ciara twice. Eve reminds her she also attempted to off herself. Claire wishes she had succeeded. Eve snaps to stop saying that …

Back at the loft, Haley admits to Tripp she forgot her key. He did not hear her as he was showering so she climbed up the fire escape. He is elated when she updates him on her staying status. She is sorry he was hurt. Both find what Claire did hard to handle … Victor suggests John get the bottle of bourbon he hid under the sofa after he hears Claire tried to off Ciara twice. The bourbon flows as he asks about Ciara and then Claire. The Greek tycoon then growls he will get the Titan jet to fly her away … Hope is appalled to hear what Eve did all in the name of nailing Ben. She exclaims that beech … Eve gives Claire a pep talk. She tells honey of all those who love her and regrets being blinded by her Ben vendetta. She is ready to pay the price and mentions the messages that were found. Marlena storms in with Ciara and icily stares. She demands to know what the heck Eve is doing in here! Ciara stands at her side and also glares daggers …

In the kitchen Haley sighs they made Claire snap with their fake marriage. Tripp thinks she was fragile a long time. They laugh about their good wedding cake and she thanks him for being a friend. They share a friendly hug …John pats Vic on the knee and gets he is trying to protect Claire. However, the girl needs help … not to become a fugitive. The Greek does not agree. John states he and doc and Belle and Shawn are the ones who know what is best for her. Victor wishes someone had noticed the signs. John grimaces someone did but did nothing … Ciara hisses at Eve for not doing the right thing. Marlena stops her. Ciara agrees Eve will lose all she holds dear as she deserves. Eve acts sorry. Marlena snaps cos she got caught and threatens to call security. Claire suddenly exclaims Eve is innocent. Ciara rolls her eyes at her misguided loyalty … Back at the park Eli updates Hope on Belle not allowing anyone to bother fragile Claire with questions so Eve has not dropped her bogus charges against Ben. However, he put Claire’s phone with proof of their contact in evidence. Hope urges him to move it and stay on top of Eve so she does not get away with what she did …

Marlena makes Eve leave with her. Claire wonders why Ciara stayed. Cos she was concerned. Claire cries she should hate her. Ciara cries she cannot. Cupcake Claire hates herself and officially apologizes … Ben suspiciously asks Eve what she was up to. Marlena accuses her of playing mind games and informs Ben that Claire now claims Eve knew nothing about the fires. Ben is exasperated. Marlena warns Eve that Eli has her message on the phone and it is being held as evidence. She is toast! Eve takes off … Victor wants Eve held accountable and warns John if his approach does not work with Marlena he will do it his way. John chuckles and excuses himself. Victor tells him to spare no expense, he will cover anything to help Claire … Ciara calls attention to the tulips in the room as she recalls their family vacation in Amsterdam. Claire smiles and also remembers that fun summer. Ciara calls her cool and glam and admits she was envious. Claire was envious that she had a home that never moved. Ciara wants to be best friends again. Claire too and they weep together. Here come Belle and Shawn. The judge decided …

Tripp reminds Haley she always has a room here. She thinks that would be awkward but hopes Kayla will hire her back. He is on her side …Marlena complains to Ben about Eve using Claire but Ben believes in karma. They should be thinking of how to help Claire. Marlena muses he would make a good therapist. Ciara emerges with an update. Claire is Bayview bound, no trial. Hope thanks God. John emotionally nods. Marlena wonders when the transfer will take place … Claire hears from her folks she is being transferred today but the family will never be far. Belle states they are staying in Salem a while. Claire feels like she let them all down. Mama Belle believes they let her down by not noticing and not being around. Shawn assures her she has her parents now and they will help make her well again. They share a sweet family hug …Hope blames herself for not spending more time with Claire. Here comes Belle with a long face. She asks Marlena to assist with the forms and Marlena steps away to do just that. Claire comes out. John hugs his girl. Hope assures her they are here for her. Ciara believes it is bye but only for now. They agree she will eventually visit her. Claire now apologizes to Ben and calls him a good guy. She now has a past as well. He tells her to trust the team at Bayview but avoid the oatmeal. She giggles and Shawn smiles … At the station Eli storms over to Eve demanding the phone that is no longer in evidence! Corrupt Eve acts concerned … Claire hopes to Shawn that she will be able to keep posting to her social media followers and making music. He urges her to just focus on getting better. Tripp and Haley arrive. Claire informs them she is Bayview bound and apologizes for her actions. She is happy they are alright. Haley and Tripp apologize right back. He emotionally states he will always be sorry for hurting her. She smiles a sweet smile, calls him kind and wishes him happiness … Eli accuses Eve of tampering. She fumes to show her some respect. He accuses her of trying to pin a crime on an innocent man. She seethes to watch what he says if he wants to keep his job …At the park Tripp runs into Ben and acknowledges he was wrong. He does not seem so bad after all … The paperwork is done. Marlena assures Princess Claire she will help settle her in. John and Hope will be right behind them. The elevator closes on Shawn, Belle and their fallen fairytale girl …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, July 9, 2019