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Episode 13,626
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sarah and Eric almost kiss in the chapel … At the square café Hardy boys Brady and Rex discuss the strange texts from Kate as Chloe listens. Brady adds Xander only came up with the trip story after he revealed Kate was missing. He can check out his story with Titan Asia. Meanwhile Chloe tells Rex to call Kate direct. He does and Xander ignores the call, now busy covering up to Hope, who suspects he did something to Ted. She thinks Ted was about to tell Nicole that Holly was alive when he suddenly went missing … As Nicole is ordered downstairs for champagne, Gabi praises Stefan for putting her in her place. She tries to kiss him but he stops her …Kristen talks to herself. She rages she will take over at DiMera as she walks in on Ted and Hope kissing. When they face her it is Nicole they see though they clearly heard Kristen’s voice outside. Nicole leers they look alive … Brady leaves Kate an anxious message … Marlena apologizes for interrupting Eric and Sarah’s almost kiss. His looks guilty as soap sin …Gabi does her darnedest to get Stefan in bed … Marlena wants a word with Eric. Sarah scurries off to check on Claire’s test results … Eric praises Marlena for supporting Claire but she wishes she had seen the signs. Eric reasons she cannot solve everyone’s problems. She asks what exactly she interrupted …

Brady will let Rex know once he has news. Rex now heads to work and repeats how great the necklace looks on Chloe … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Hope accuses Xander of altering Holly’s autopsy report for whatever reason. He might have wanted Nicole to believe Holly was alive! He laughs she is very wrong … Nicole shuts the door. Ted and Kate beg her to open it and blame Xander for locking them in the secret room. Kate sweetly reminds her she is a good woman deep down and would not leave them to die. She holds Kristen DiMera responsible … Hope gets Xander to admit he knew Ted dumped her via text. She accuses him of sending said texts, which means he also made him vanish … Ted and Kate deduce Kristen is calling the shots and orchestrated Holly’s fake death. They assume Nicole is afraid. Nicole denies through the door that Kristen is involved but Kate saw her closet red dress and heard Kristen’s voice down in the DiMera tunnel. Ted offers to help her. Kate claims she knows about the DiMeras. Nicole leaves, ignoring their pleas …

Upstairs Stefan stops kissing Gabi and refers to their hunger for one another. She gives him another kiss. He does not want Nicole to catch them together, Speak of the devil! He demands the champagne. She fumes she could not find it. Gabi haughtily heads off to get it herself … Eric lets Marlena know he was in the chapel to pray. She asks about Sarah. He gasps she wanted to make him feel better but Marlena believes she almost saw a kiss. He will not give into temptation. She wonders what he was thinking when he agreed to marry her and Rex … Frazzled Sarah returns to Rex, who has a confession. When he mentions Chloe she assumes they had an affair … Brady walks with stylish Chloe at the square but questions her accepting the diamond necklace from Rex. He assures her he is not jealous and is relieved Stefan is no longer in the romantic running. She complains about catching him with arch enemy Gabi. Brady decides to tell her the whole story … Back at DiMera mansion Nicole stops Gabi and apologizes for not agreeing with her party idea. Margaritas are more fun than champagne anyway. She makes nice with Gabi and Stefan gushing they all want DiMera on top. Gabi accepts and assumes Stefan does too. Nicole senses something …

Kate warns Ted that Xander obviously planned to let them perish. Nicole might have come to get rid of their remains. Now they wonder what her next move will be … Eric sighs Sami suggested he share his feelings with Sarah. Marlena approves. He admits he could not cos he was asked to marry her and Rex. He believes Rex is the right guy. Marlena, however, knows that true love has a way of winning … Rex assures Sarah he did not sleep with Chloe but gave her Xander’s expensive wedding gift. She gets miffed for a moment and then agrees. Rex thinks the thug also sent Kate on a bogus biz trip. He has had no believable contact from her. He tries calling again … Ted would rather not believe that Nicole wanted to off them. Kate warns him that one is capable of way worse … Hope accuses Xander of offing Ted. He denies it. She knows he is to blame for Ted vanishing! He ignores an incoming call and she spies another phone in his pocket. Noting the unease with which he holds the ringing phone she deduces it is really Ted’s. Xander looks rattled …

Brady admits he was the one who suggested Gabi make moves on Stefan. Chloe asks why she would. Cos she wanted to exact revenge by marrying him and taking him to the cleaners. He wanted Chloe to be safe. She laughs at the lunacy. He lets her know he bowed out but Gabi wanted to keep going and it seems to be working like a charm …Nicole decides to depart feigning she does not feel well. Gabi snaps she looks fine. After she leaves, Gabi muses she seems to have multiple personalities, then apologizes to Stefan for her insensitivity … Nicole stops outside and grumbles about Xander not doing as ordered. He assured her Kate and Ted were dead … Kate feels like a sitting duck. Ted breaks a bottle so they now both have sharp glass to attack the next person who comes through that door … Xander fibs this is his new phone. Hope admits it does not look like Ted’s. He kicks her out with her conspiracy theories as she warns she will find Ted … Xander now checks Kate’s phone and ignores a call from Kristen … Kristen rages he will regret it and goes on her wicked way … As they converse near the candles, Marlena talks closure. Eric wants to move on. She smiles he wears his heart on his sleeve and Rex will see … Rex grumbles he only got Kate’s voice mail. Sarah agrees he should contact the cops and admits she felt insecure after he mentioned Chloe’s name. They are still newlyweds and Sarah wants a real honeymoon with a beach and him. He feels the same way and they embrace. Eric and Marlena watch the sweet scene … Brady wonders what Chloe is gonna do. Nothing cos Stefan deserves to be destroyed … Stefan warns Gabi that Nicole is clearly against them … Hope makes an anxious call at the park to meet her asap. Meanwhile Kate and Ted are waiting. Ted promises to defend her to the death! She admits she is afraid … Xander is about to open the secret door but Kristen stops him, sneers 'surprise', and waits for him to start talking …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 8, 2019