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Episode 13,625
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


As Stefano’s portrait watches ... Stefan wants to work with Gabi. She wishes he would fire no show Nicole. He reminds her this is biz not personal. She gives him a personal passionate kiss … Eric is praying in the chapel. Hope enters and he takes her hand asking about Claire. He already lit a candle for Caroline and Bo. She too will light one after a small prayer of thanks for their family. The happy news is that Will and Sonny wed as well as Rex and Sarah. Eric sighs a soulful sigh … Sarah nervously giggles when Rex finds her admiring the framed photo of her, Rex and Eric. Time to start writing thank you cards. Rex snaps not for Xander and his dang diamonds … Phone Nicole calls Xander smug and asks about Kate’s contacts. Hope has already been duped by her texts, He assures her she need not worry and calls her Kristen. She wishes he would not call her that. He insists Ted and Kate are swimming with the fishes and she decides to head to DiMera … However, Chloe is at her door … Ted shouts for help. He hyperventilates to Kate that they need water … Back at Kiriakis mansion Brady catches Xander stuffing water bottles in his bag and demands an explanation … Chloe bears homemade oatmeal cookies from herself and Parker. “Nicole” says sweet but she still killed Holly. Chloe begs to come in. No and she flounces off with the yummy cookies … Sarah declares she is done with the diamond necklace and gives Rex a kiss before heading out. Rex picks up the velvet box … Xander talks gym. Brady talks Kate going missing … Prisoners Kate and Ted are full of expensive champagne but not much else …

Gabi’s long kiss ends and Stefan steps away to get the Gabi Chic docs. She waits with a glint in her eye, remembering what she told Kate. She will get all she wants! Here comes fake Nicole with cookies wondering what that would be … Gabi gives her a hard time. Nicole notes she will make Basic Black better and way better than Gabi cheap. Gabi calls her a beech. Stefan silences them both for they must work together. Nicole offers cookies but Stefan has bold plans. A Gabi Chic Basic Black relaunch. He orders both women to work together … Hope has lit a candle and lets Eric know she knew he covered for Rafe at the pub. He consoles her with a heartfelt hug … Kate teases Ted needs a bath so he pours champagne all over his nekid torso … As Rex sits at the square with his coffee, he texts Brady back about Kate being out of town on biz. Chloe comes and complains about Nicole being nasty. Rex complains about a creep called Cook gifting his bride with a beautiful diamond necklace … Xander acts surprised when Brady states Kate is missing. Brady now gets the text back from Rex, notes he did not authorize a biz trip and decides to call the cops. Xander stops him … Eric assumed Hope was with Ted so she tells him about the strange text. It remains a mystery where he really is. Eric is surprised to hear she saw Sarah wearing the necklace. She said Xander Cook gifted it to her. He urges her to follow up so she does … Eric now asks the Lord to bless the happy new couples of Salem including Rex and Sarah. Here she comes …

Glam Chloe believes that is a bold gift from a goon to a married woman. Rex wants to get rid of it. Chloe admires the quality …Xander claims he sent Kate to a tech conference in Kuala Lumpur. Brady is enraged and pulls rank before storming off … Ted is enjoying his champagne shower … Gabi wants to build buzz and suggests a relaunch by the sea with a boardwalk with live entertainment. Stefan is inspired. Nicole thinks it is too tacky and argues to Stefan that she is higher end than Gabi wannabe chic. Gabi boasts of her profits and calls Basic Black the biggest risk. Stefan agrees. Kristen snaps under her fake Nicole face and fumes tis not what father would have wanted. Stefan asks her to repeat that … At the square Rex gives grateful Chloe the beautiful necklace … As gangster Cook starts to leave Hope appears at the Kiriakis mansion asking about Sarah’s necklace. She knows he never bought it for her …

Sarah also came to pray for Claire and Ciara. Eric blushes when she gushes his burgers were great. He refers to Rex’s touching speech. They now discuss how much they miss the late Holly. Sarah suggests he reach out to Nicole. He sighs he never assumed he would give up but Nicole no longer seems like the woman he once loved … Nicole claims she was referring to ”your father” to Stefan. Experience matters. Stefan muses as do new ideas … Kate calls Ted the champagne bather vain. He tells her he is taken by Hope and roguishly suggests she remove her own “vetements …” Brady happens by as Rex places the necklace around Chloe’s neck gushing it looks gorgeous. Brady cannot believe what he just bore witness to … Eric tells Sarah how torn he is over Nicole. He tried and now has to let go. He covers his face with his hands. Sarah consoles him with a hug … Hope warns Xander she knows for a fact that is the necklace Ted tried to give her more than once. He remembers Ted telling him to give it to Sarah. Back to the now. Hope repeats he got that piece from Ted Laurent … Kate dabs her neck with the champagne from 1998 …Nicole wants classy everything like 1998 blanc de noirs French champagne. Stefan boasts he has some cases in the wine cellar. Nicole knew it was Stefano’s fav and tells Gabi to get it but Stefan sends Nicole down to the wine cellar instead …

Chloe looks lovely with the necklace. Brady sits by Rex and updates him on Kate’s biz trip. Rex now gets a text from Kate’s phone and notes it does not even sound like her … Xander lies he bought the necklace from Ted before he left town. The man needed money and was at a pawn shop. Hope slyly asks whether Nicole’s name came up in their conversation … Kristen stomps down to the wine cellar with her Nicole face … Kate teases Ted is probably not over her and she was the best thing that ever happened to him. He denies it and gets closer. Then he kisses her … Hardy Boy Rex shows the texts with xoxo from Kate and sighs there was no xoxo in the last two texts. Hardy Boy Brady suspects Xander is to blame… Hope eyes Xander and continues. Ted said he had news for Nicole when he went missing. He acts innocent. She warns she is onto him … Gabi thanks Stefan for siding with her. He pouts he pulled rank with Nicole for that is his family name on the crest and company logo … Downstairs Nicole dramatically declares she "Kristen DiMera" is taking over soon and throws open the cellar door, only to find champagne hostages Kate and Ted kissing. They all gasp and gape.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, July 5, 2019