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Episode 13,624
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ pulls on some clothes and is surprised to see Jen at his door. She wants him to attend the party and picnic so he might meet someone new. Here comes Haley in a towel. JJ grins … Julie, Doug and Lani are aglow in red at the club. Julie is glum she broke up with Eli and speaks her mind. Doug heads to the kitchen. Eli arrives and hugs Lani, gushing they got back together … Roman lets Carrie know he saw Rafe sneak out of her room … Downstairs at the pub Hope wonders why Rafe was upstairs … Eric steps up and fibs Rafe helped him with some repairs. Rafe still senses something is amiss with Hope and asks … Jen updates JJ and Haley on the situation and gets upset about Eve and Jack. JJ explains it was Jack who had the charges against him dropped … At the station Eve complains to Jack about John and Marlena pressing her to drop the charges against bad Ben. Jack knows she is hiding something and tries to find out what … Rafe is sympathetic about Claire. Rex wants to cancel the BBQ but Hope says no and sighs she just came to get food for Shawn and Belle. Eric hands her the bags and asks what else he can do. Hope bitterly wishes Rafe a happy 4th and heads out. Rafe thanks Eric for covering. Eric believed she deserved better … Carrie cries that she and Austin broke up. Roman is sorry. Carrie feels better having his support and they hug …Julie is sorry if she sounded heard on Lani before and gushes how glad she is about Lani and Eli being back together. Doug returns and shares her enthusiasm. They are about to go to the picnic at the lake until Julie suggests they stay and be with family. Sarah calls Julie about the revived BBQ she and Rex are planning. Julie smiles she will spread the word to JJ as asked and she and Doug will be there as well …

Jen updates JJ and Haley on Jack not seeming to want to remember who he was. She told him about Rolf’s diary … Eve gets upset about Paige. Jack is sorry. He must attend to his mayoral duties on this important day and asks her to accompany him … Phone Julie speaks to Jen about the July 4 BBQ being at the Brady pub. Jen happily ends the call from the park, with JJ and Haley at her side. Eve and Jack come around the corner. Eve wants to report illegal Haley. JJ hisses she can stay in Salem and Eve can do nothing about it … Chefs Rex and Eric act competitive as the BBQs come out … Inside the pub Sarah greets Carrie, who asks for the whole story on her and her brother. Sarah realizes she means Rex and shows her ring. Carrie hopes she will be happy and sighs she and Austin are over … Rex chuckles about Eric’s charcoal smoke and tells Roman he can make beef tartar … Sarah is sorry. Carrie sighs counseling was unsuccessful. Sarah wonders whether it will be uncomfortable for her to see Rafe here today. Carrie innocently wonders what she means … At the square Rafe runs into Doug, Julie, Eli and Lani. He was en route to the BBQ. Julie thinks him attending might not be the best idea … Sarah replies to Carrie that Doug and Julie have not forgiven Rafe for divorcing Hope. She wonders why else his presence would be an issue. Carrie confesses they spent the night together …

Eli and Lani take their leave. Rafe apologizes to solemn Doug and Julie for hurting Hope. Julie notes he needs to keep his distance from her. Rafe now realizes they did not hear about Claire and Ciara and is sorry to have to tell them … JJ and Jen are defiant. Eve hisses JJ is breaking the law. Jack shouts Haley has no right to be here as an illegal and hyperventilates about justice. Jen exclaims but he dropped the charges against JJ. Jack admits he only dropped the charges against JJ so Will would agree to give him Rolf’s diary. Jen is over the moon to hear he wants his memories after all and taunts Eve. Jack calmly claims he wants his options open. Eve adds he had his kids in mind. JJ snaps he wants Jack to forget about him and Haley forever and walks away. Jen follows … Eli and Lani love the smoky smell of Eric’s BBQ. Roman wonders where Doug and Julie are … Rafe has updated Doug and Julie on Claire and agrees he should not attend the BBQ. Julie and Doug decide he is family, given all he has done for Ciara and Claire and invite him to attend with them …

Sarah is sympathetic. Carrie explains her one night with Rafe should never be revealed to Hope … Too late! Hope has just walked in explaining she left Shawn and Belle at the hospital! Julie comes in and hugs Hope. Rafe and Carrie exchange glances …The Devereaux arrive and Roman asks for a word alone with JJ and Jen. It is about Claire … Inside Julie and Doug have told Lani and astonished Eli about Claire. Lani lets Julie know she will need a tough cookie like her in her corner … Carrie quietly hopes to Rafe that Hope did not hear her. Him too! Hope is still silently hugging dad Doug … Sarah likes Eric’s burger better. Rex congratulates him, then gets his fiancée at his side. He speaks of their forefathers coming together and toasts those who are here and were here before. If they stand together through good times and bad they shall endure. Everyone in the pub raises their glass to family …

Salemites gather in the square to watch the fireworks. Rafe holds his little guy … In the park Eli assures Lani he understands why she would be wistful about David. They both feel for Belle and Shawn. Eli wants to have a wife one day, one he loves and respects who makes him laugh, a wonderful mother with him forever. Lani giggles. She would love a husband like that and tells him he is kind and generous and would make a great father. Eli gets down on his knee and now asks her to marry him. She smiles yes and they kiss in bliss …. SNAP CRACKLE POP go the fireworks … Rex watches with Sarah from outside the pub, pleased the BBQ was a hit. Eric looks out the window. Carrie says goodbye to Roman, hugs Eric and thanks him for his discretion. Then she departs with her suitcase … As Salemites admire the fireworks at the square, Rafe greets Hope, who admires David. He recalls the time they pulled Ciara form the cabin and admits he never imagined Claire was to blame. He lets Hope know he is here for her. She quips like he was here for Carrie and gives him back his ring with tears in her eyes. Then she leaves. Nearby JJ and Haley hold each other. He sees Jen smiling and she gushes how happy she was when she and Jack watched the fireworks with Jack in London once upon a time. Perhaps the memories belong in the past. Not far away Eve gets insecure and kisses Jack. Sweet Jen soap stares …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, July 4, 2019