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Episode 13,623
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chef Rex prepares breakfast. Sarah gushes it smells good. He has bacon for his new bride and wanted to bring it to her in bed. She teases eggs over easy and they kiss. He reminds her Eric will be home soon. She spies a wrapped wedding gift from Kayla and opens it with glee but her excitement fades fast when she finds a framed photo of herself, Eric and Rex … Rrrrrrrrrrrring goes the rowdy alarm clock. Rafe gushes good morning to blonde bedmate Carrie … At the station Hope orders Eve to drop all charges against innocent Ben. He soap stares … Ciara hugs Shawn in the room of sedated Claire. He has not told Belle yet and feels badly they did not know. Ciara notices the restraints and Shawn sighs Marlena thought Claire might try to harm herself … John picks up a framed photo of Claire and asks Marlena how she is. Asleep and sedated. John is stunned by what the girl did and is grateful doc was there to help her. How will Shawn and Belle cope? Here comes clueless Belle … Ciara is stunned to hear how Claire grabbed the lighter in the last minute in an attempt to end it all. Thank heaven for Marlena! Shawn sighs she is a sick little girl. Ciara is sorry she made her snap. Shawn insists she and Ben are not to blame. She adds mama Hope is on his side now … Hope informs Eve that Claire was the fire starter. Eve scoffs. Hope talks facts. Eve believes she was misled by Ben, who holds his tongue. Hope blurts out Claire herself confessed …

Belle explains she came in a hurry and has yet to catch up with Shawn. He and Claire seem to be MIA. Marlena bears news. John notes it is about little Claire. Marlena suggests she sit down to digest what she is about to tell her … Sarah kisses Rex on the sofa and they giggle. He asks what she would like to do on this their second day as a married couple. She smiles it is July 4 so something patriotic. Rex gets enthused about the July 4 family BBQ that Bo and Hope used to host. He suggests they revive it and goes to call Roman to get the grill. The families could use the good times and it could be their wedding reception. Sarah is in but only after she eats. Rex goes to shower … Rafe and Carrie recall their sweet kiss at the pub. Then she took him to her room upstairs and time stood still. She feels no shame. Neither does Rafe. He notes the new nanny is with David and Ari and he has the day off. Carrie loves fireworks. Rafe too. They get hot and heavy until …Eric comes in with a breakfast tray for Carrie and blasts Rafe for making moves on his married sister. She admits she and Austin actually broke up …

Shawn praises Ben for saving Ciara. She smiles he did so three times and hopes Eve will be reasonable. Shawn suddenly remembers Claire had a missed call from Eve last night. Ciara wonders … Eve hears from Hope’s lips that Claire took Ciara to the cabin, almost set the place on fire and confessed to setting both earlier ones. Eve wonders where she is. Sedated in hospital. Eve quietly asks if she will be alright. Hope gets upset. Ben blasts Eve for not listening to him. She counters he was the one caught with a lighter plus he offed her Paige. Hope whispers the rule of law dictates the charges be dropped against Ben. Eve refuses … Belle believes Ben must be to blame and cannot accept that Claire was culpable. John sadly states Marlena saw her. Marlena adds she tried to finish what she started at that cabin… Eric apologizes and makes himself scarce … Hope insists three people heard Claire confess. Eve calls it hearsay so the charges against Ben still stand. She excuses herself. Ben sighs Hope did her best … Shawn pats sleeping Claire’s head. Ciara hugs him, pockets Claire’s phone, and walks out… Belle is miffed that Marlena had Claire sedated and demands details. Marlena laments she wanted to light herself. Belle takes off. John feels terrible … Ciara now listens to Eve’s message warning Claire that Ciara and Ben might be setting her up. Ciara fumes the wicked woman knew the whole time …

Rex and Sarah arrive at the club bearing groceries. Rex wants him and Eric to revive the Horton Brady July 4 BBQ. He goes back to the car to get his cell phone and call Roman. Sarah and Eric have an uneasy moment. He asks about married life … Eve calls the hospital asking about Claire’s condition … Ciara updates Ben on Eve and even plays the recording. She was in cahoots with Claire! John and Marlena join the pair so she plays Eve’s message for Marlena and John as well. Ben wants to go confront Eve but John has a better idea. He is gonna deal with Eve! Marlena goes with him … Eric stammers he is happy for Sarah. Her face falls. Rex comes back excited that Roman is in! Hope arrives and he invites her too, suggesting she tell the whole clan. Alas Hope bears news … Shawn speaks to sleeping beauty Claire about the days they were sailing around the world. When they were lost near Fiji Claire claimed the angel would protect her and that angel was daddy. He holds her hand and laments he let her down. Belle arrives. They embrace. Then she goes to her sleeping daughter and lets her know she loves her … Eve ends the call and wishes she had paid attention to the signs that Claire was losing it. She hangs her head and sighs she failed her. Here come John and Marlena. John rages she got that right! Eve whips up her head and looks worried. She should be …

Hope has told Eric, Rex and Sarah the tragic tale of Claire. They assure her Marlena will get her the best treatment and they are all here … Rafe comes downstairs and wonders what happened. Hope wonders what he was doing upstairs … Ciara calls Eve evil. Ben thinks she is as messed up as Claire. He has been there. Ciara wants justice. Ben thinks the look on John’s face showed Eve was gonna get more than she ever expected. He would not wanna be her now … Eve coolly claims she is busy. John rages to shut up. Marlena coolly informs her they heard her message and know she was covering for Claire to get revenge on Ben. Claire almost took her own life last night! John accuses her of only staying silent cos Clare was not her daughter. He warns he will make sure she ends up behind bars and storms off with steely Marlena. Eve gulps … Claire opens her tired blue eyes. Shawn and Belle are at her side. Belle promises her it will be alright. The family is on her side …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 3, 2019