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Episode 13,622
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Carrie cutely closes the pub and tells buddy he better go. Rafe turns around and she smiles a sweet smile … JJ and Haley cuddle in the afterglow and kiss …In her room Eve leaves Claire an anxious message about believing Ben and Ciara want to set her up. Jack comes back and she snaps she knows what he did … Shawn enters Claire’s loft and looks down at the blood …Tripp wants to help Ciara but Kayla points out help is on its way … Crazy cupcake Claire cannot live with losing. Ciara cries and begs but to no avail. Claire lights the lighter like a Barbie gone mad … Hope, Marlena and Ben arrive outside demanding the door be opened. Ciara calls out for help … Rafe and Carrie share a happy hug. She came for Caroline’s celebration of life, missed him at the wake and was sorry to hear of his divorce from Hope. Rafe would appreciate legal advice about … JJ sits up in bed smug about Jack losing. He informs worried Haley that Jack had all charges against him dropped. She thinks there must be a catch. JJ thought the same … Eve blasts Jack for dropping the charges against JJ without warning her. He grins they won and Haley is gone so why cause trouble for his son. Eve reminds him he has no past so focus on the future. Jack is all about the present, smoothly suggests she order room service and steps away to shower. Eve eyes his briefcase … Shawn finds Claire’s phone on the floor. Kayla calls. He updates her and wants to call the cops. She asks him to come see her first so she can explain …

Ben kicks open the door and faces trembling Claire. Marlena covers her own mouth with a hand. Hope freezes. Scared Ciara is still tied to the bed. Claire could torch them all within seconds … Rafe sips his coffee and updates curious Carrie on taking care of Jordan’s son. She wants him to be the baby’s legal guardian as she is nowhere near leaving Bayview … Eve has fancy room service waiting and pours the red wine. Jack takes a look at his silver plate but there is no food - only Rolf’s diary. Eve confronts him … Shawn gets testy when he sees Tripp and asks Kayla where Ciara is. When he hears Tripp was injured trying to protect her he rages it must have been that Ben Weston! Kayla says no. Tripp tells him it was Claire … Back at the chaotic cabin Claire screams Ben killed people. He tells her not to ruin her life. She blames him for it coming to this. He wishes she would put the lighter down. She laments too late. Hope steps forward and asks if she really wanted to do this. Cupcake Claire snaps she is no psycho. Hope argues they are all a loving family and asks her to let her beloved daughter go. The flame of the lighter looks hot but Claire’s blue eyes are cold as ice …

Carrie believes Jordan is asking a lot. Rafe reasons he would not want David in foster care. Carrie agrees he was a great stepdad to Sami’s kids and will get the legal ball rolling. He assumes Austin is anxiously waiting for her in Europe. Alas they are separated … Jack seethes Eve snooped in his briefcase and comes clean about how he got the diary from Will – by agreeing to drop the charges against JJ … Haley wants to believe that Jack had a change of heart like Melinda. JJ is just relieved they will not be apart anymore and kisses her … Shawn snaps his Claire did not do anything to Tripp! Kayla warns she did more. Tripp tells him she set the cabin fires. Shawn demands to speak to his daughter. Tripp sighs she ran and took Ciara with her … Hope whispers please to Claire so she closes the lighter. Marlena hugs her as Hope unties Ciara, whose hand Ben is holding. Hope ushers her daughter out. Marlena holds crying Claire and assures them she has this. Ben looks back as they leave and then all that is heard is Claire’s sobbing … Back at the pub Rafe is sorry and offers to listen. Carrie knows not how her marriage crumbled … Eve is upset about Jennifer but Jack insists he is with her. However he needs to remember his life with his kids. Eve suspects it was something more hence his big lie … Shawn refuses to believe it. Tripp explains how he and Ciara cornered Claire into almost confessing. She knocked him out and took off with Ciara. Shawn blasts him for pushing his fragile daughter over the edge. Kayla explains he was trying to help. Shawn storms off to find the fallen flower …

Outside Ciara cries about what Claire said to her. Hope credits Ben with concluding they were at the cabin. Ciara hugs Ben in thanks and they leave together. Marlena stays behind with Claire and wants to get the gasoline off her with a towel but when she turns back Claire is holding the little lighter again. She sighs she cannot go back and begs Marlena to leave. She raises her now woeful eyes and admits she wants to end it all ... Carrie and Austin had a charmed life in Switzerland. However, they stopped communicating … Jack promises Eve he is committed to their future. She fears he could wind up like Will. He talks antidote. She reasons there are risks. Would he risk losing his life to get his memory back? … Haley remembers the first time she realized she was falling for JJ. He was on the sofa playing a song on his guitar. He admits he started falling for her when he heard her sweet voice sing. They kiss in bliss … At the hospital Hope is sorry to tell Shawn what Tripp said was true and hugs him. He is sorry for Ciara and had no idea Claire would snap. He hopes she is alright. Hope thinks she is since she is with Marlena the emotional healer. Ben soap stares …

Claire moans she is more of a monster than Ben and turns on the lighter. Marlena argues she can make a life for herself just as Ben got his back and cries she loves her. She should trust in her and the family. A tear trickles down tragic Claire’s fair face … Jack sits Eve down, declaring he knows the risks and has yet to make up his mind. Eve intends to talk him out of it. He apologizes for keeping secrets and asks her forgiveness. She calls him the best thing to happen to her and they kiss … Rafe admits if Carrie had not been with Austin … She laughs it was long ago. He lets her know she can tell him anything. She does not like feeling lonely. Rafe can relate. He suggests she see a counselor with Austin. She was willing but not Austin. She breaks down and Rafe holds her cloooooose … Ciara is sorry. Shawn is sorry cos Claire almost offed her not once but twice. Hope praises Ben for finding them before it was too late. Shawn thanks him and hugs his mother. What if he has lost Claire? Hope notes she will need them all now more than ever. He wonders how to tell Belle … Marlena calls Claire her little granddaughter who could and vows never to give up on her. Claire lets her have the lighter and cries on her shoulder … JJ plays his guitar for happy heart Haley as she sings about love being a savior … Eve checks for a return text from Claire while Jack sleeps … Kayla pats sleeping Tripp’s head … Shawn leans on Hope … Haley sings about dreams going by like a rose … Claire clutches Marlena like a lost child … Ben and Ciara romantically reunite at the hospital as Haley sings about something so real … Back at the pub Carrie and Rafe kiss as Haley’s song ends with the sun in the morning when we wake up Ooo ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, July 2, 2019