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Episode 13,621
1340 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla wonders why Rex is at work on his wedding night. He sighs some such as gift bearing Xander and mama Maggie oppose him marrying sweet Sarah … At the club Sarah updates curious Hope on Xander gifting her with the diamond necklace. Hope deduces it is the very one Ted tried to give her and wonders how the bad guy got his hands on it … Kristen summons her flunky and fumes about Kate … Hostage Kate scoffs as hostage Ted boasts about his big plan. Both Hope and Rafe saw the necklace and would recognize it which is why he suggested Xander give it to Sarah. Kate doubts Hope is a good detective. Ted eats some food … Ben and Marlena come across Tripp on the floor with a head wound. Ben gasps where did Ciara go? Tripp gasps Claire got her … Poor sweet Ciara wakes up tied to the cabin bed again. Here comes crazy cupcake Claire brandishing a blade. She boasts it all began here and will end here as well … Tripp tells horrified Marlena and Ben the whole story. Claire is crazy enough to kill Ciara … Ciara tries to talk Claire into returning to help Tripp. Cupcake Claire counters he cares not about her. Anyway tis too late. She eyes Ciara like a cornered wolverine with nothing to lose. The blade in her white hand glistens …

Rex complains to Kayla that even mom Kate momentarily freaked about his last minute wedding. He plans to have a big reception to make everyone happy. Perhaps Kate can plan. He decides to contact her … Champagne Kate and Ted continue to discuss the drama. She does recall Xander give Sarah a wrapped gift. Ted is positive and wants to eat more down in the secret cellar. Kate points out the food could be poisoned. Ted doubts it and dives into his steak …Kristen orders Xander to send Kate’s loved ones a text so they do not get suspicious. Pause. She assumes he kept her phone and wonders what he did with the bodies … Back at the club, Hope deduces Ted disappearing was suspicious, not to mention the strange sounding texts. Sarah is sympathetic … Ted reminds Kate she had him locked up for a little blackmail once upon a time. She pouts and demands something to eat … Sarah suggests Kate speak with Xander at the Kiriakis mansion. Hope wishes her a happy wedding and decides to do just that … As Marlena tends to Tripp, Ben comes back with the announcement that Claire took her car. He wants no cops. Marlena calls Hope instead of corrupt Eve. Once she hears her daughter is missing Hope drops everything …

Claire hisses Ciara and Tripp were trying to set her up. They knew she was the real fire starter! Ciara comes clean about believing Ben and teaming up with Tripp to get her confession. Cold Claire numbly notes she got what she wanted. Ciara weeps whyyy …. Claire stammers she did want to save her that first time and planned to play the hero. Ciara accuses her of attempted murder. Claire screams about her smug superiority complex. At the cabin she hated seeing her looking like sleeping beauty. She stole Theo and so much more! Ciara states she stole nothing. The cupcake from hell feels it was her fate to set the fire with Ben’s lost lighter. That would have gotten rid of rival Ciara forever … Rex joins Sarah at the club and asks about the necklace. He mutters the loud piece was from a bad man. Sarah argues she could not say no cos he saved Will with the diary. Rex wishes she had not worn it and talks territorial. She accuses him of not trusting her but he gets back to the active bad guy who gave it to her. Sarah sighs Hope said something too …

Xander tells Kristen he left Ted and Kate buried in the woods at the end of town and acts testy. Kristen gets herself a drink and notes no one can find Kate. He sees Rex’s text to his mom about the reception, snickers, and starts to reply … Ben and Marlena inform Hope that Claire was the real fire starter and snatched Ciara. They suspect she returned to the scene of the first crime aka the cabin … Back at the cabin Claire claims she felt like another person when she did those things. Ciara wants her to get the help she needs but Claire’s new normal is anything but normal … Kate holds a baby potato and wonders how long it would take poison to set in. Ted pretends to choke, then laughs and downs more champagne. Kate is not amused. He apologizes. She fears the worst is yet to come … Jealous Rex apologizes and shares a champagne toast with Sarah, who suggests Xander is trying to turn over a new leaf. Maggie thinks so. Rex is now surprised by Kate’s reply text and realizes something is off … Kayla stops Salem patient Tripp from leaving the hospital with his bandaged head. He gasps he has got to get to Ciara …

Hope ends a call with Eli, having confirmed from CCTV that Claire’s car was headed to Smith Island. Hope, Ben and Marlena are on their way … Ciara argues Claire can be fixed like Maggie’s figurine. Claire sadly states this is the end and she is taking her down with her. Then she takes out her little lighter and hangs her head like a lost doll … Kayla assures Tripp that Hope will take care of the situation and insists he stay put with that head injury. He blames himself for Claire’s downward spiral. Kayla notes he is not to blame since Claire sounds psychotic. He remembers his own bad behavior and calls Kayla the only mom he ever knew. He feels fortunate. She feels like the lucky one … Rex reads Kate’s uncharacteristically cold message about going out of town on Titan biz. There was no xoxo this time! Sarah finds it amusing and suggests he send her a nice text back. She would hate to be on the bad side of Kate DiMera … Ted truly believes Hope will find them but Kate does not trust the fates. She almost died down here once with Viv and Marlena. The champagne helped them make it through. She keeps insulting Ted who keeps eating like there is no tomorrow …

Xander scoffs at Rex’s polite reply wishing Kate a good trip, telling her he and Sarah will be waiting xoxoxo. Kristen sighs the texts will not last long. He argues they should not have offed the two captives and points out they could have paid Kate. In the future she should try not to off anyone. Kristen gladly accepts the gun he gives her back and grins she is making no promises. He believes Brady is not worth all the bother. She holds her drink and hisses being sweet on Sarah seems to have softened her flunky. He admits he would hate to get caught. She argues they left no loose ends and enjoys her drink … Rex escorts elegant Sarah to Eric’s apartment with takeout from the club. He gushes Eric is staying with Roman for the night so they will be alooooone. He kisses her and removes the necklace. She giggles and gives him a kiss back … Kate begs God not to let her expire down here with Ted, who keeps eating … Kayla assures concerned Tripp that Hope is going after Claire and Ciara. Meanwhile Claire douses inside and outside the cabin. Ciara pleads for her life. Crestfallen Claire cries she needs her pain and also Ciara to go away. Then she whips out her trusted little lighter in this tragic tale …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 1, 2019