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Episode 13,620
1340 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena is happy to see Ben outside the pub but notes he is unhappy. He admits it is Ciara … Tripp stops the smoke alarm in his undies as Claire snaps cos he was half undressed with Ciara on the sofa … JJ is relieved Haley came back and wants them to run away together. She smiles she can stay … In the secret room Ted wakes up glam Kate with some expensive DiMera champagne in her mouth. Both believed the other to have been offed … Xander gets a call from Kristen while at the Kiriakis mansion, downs his drink and assures the dragon lady boss he offed them both. Sarah appears asking whoooo … Back at the square Hope approaches fake Nicole and hopes she feels better. She heard she missed first day at DiMera. Nicole gets testy … Kate’s head hurts. She hates being a captive of the DiMera tunnels yet again. Ted hears there is no way out. She drinks more from the bottle and admits she heard Xander claim he killed him … Xander fibs to Sarah he squashed a couple of negative stories on Titan and talks like an exec. Sarah praises him. He wonders why she is alone on her wedding night, hoping she came to her senses about Rex the no good … Marlena reminds tight lipped Ben they have doc patient confidentiality so they can talk. She takes him into the pub for some yummy chowder … Claire accuses Tripp of wanting Ciara. He stammers an apology and pretends the fire Ben set kinda brought them closer. Cupcake screams to stop …

JJ is amazed. Haley explains how out of the blue she did not have to board the plane to Beijing. A senator Melinda donated to did a favor! He wonders what now. She sighs she is still not legal and it might take years but she can stay with him in the meantime. He lifts her off her feet with a hug … Ted tells Kate all about the Holly report, the fact that Holly could be alive. However, Nicole attacked him and when he woke up here Xander showed up to off him. Kate asks how he made him change his mind … Xander the hopeless romantic insists on giving Sarah his special gift … Hope apologizes and asks to talk Ted. Nicole claims she hardly knows him, coughs, and returns to her room to rest … Ben mutters to Marlena that Ciara had a plan to prove he was innocent. She is at risk as they speak pressing the real fire starter to confess … Claire accuses Ciara of trying to best her again. Ciara screams about all Claire stole from her and tells her Tripp does not want her. Claire now sees the little lighter and picks it up ...

Xander has a tray with champagne to celebrate with Sarah. She smiles since Rex is still in surgery. He pours the best bubbly into a crystal glass for each of them and toasts to love. Sarah sits beside him on the sofa and he notes she did not open his gift. Sarah now opens the prettily wrapped box with a sigh … Ted explains he was more valuable alive to Xander. Kate notes Nicole ordering people offed makes no sense … In her room Kristen talks to herself about doing things right herself … Back at the pub, Marlena presses Ben so he blurts out Claire was the fire starter. The blonde blinks … Back at the loft Claire recognizes the lighter and laments she was not enough for Tripp. He tossed her aside! Ciara boasts about their connection and assumes that was why Ben snapped and started another fire. Claire starts to scream she is wrong but then sees a text from Eve, suggesting Ciara and Tripp might be trying to set her up! Then the girl’s dark side gives them a look to kill and calmly puts down her phone. She smiles sorry she lost it and did not mean what she said. Ciara assures her she can tell them anything. Claire decides she does not need Tripp and laughs about her rejection. Ciara gets her phone and suggests they continue the conversation. But Claire is done with words and quietly reaches for a big butcher knife … Sarah gasps at the diamond necklace. Xander insists she accept it and try it on. He places it around her slim neck and she feels the heat! He gushes her glow is more than the necklace and knows not how any man could cheat on her. Sarah looks mesmerized until Rex texts to meet him at Doug’s Place. She thanks him for the gift and goes. Xander watches the view … Haley feels home at last! She holds hands with JJ and remembers his guitar. He remembers her sweet voice. How could they live without one another! He sits her down on the sofa and states he is on her side. He will not lose her again and says I love you in Chinese just as she said to him that day she was almost deported …

JJ has loved Haley from the moment he met her and seals the deal with a kiss … Kate updates Ted on what she heard Nicole and Xander discussing through the door. Ted sighs Nicole must have struck her on the head. Kate did not see the person and thinks it was another woman. The voice sounded like Kristen DiMera … Kristen talks to herself in her room and laughs about Hope trying to find Ted. Then she texts her from Ted’s phone and breaks up claiming he is not worthy … Marlena gasps. Ben is sorry. She stammers why does he believe it was Claire? Cos of her telltale ringtone. She set the first fire and then the second one to try and finish off Tripp and Haley. Marlena recalls the girl was upset about Tripp ending things. Ben hopes she believes him. She does but this is not the Claire she knew … Tripp comes up behind Claire to talk. Her dark side springs into action and she pushes him down, placing the blade of the butcher’s knife against his neck. Ciara watches with horror ... Ted reminds Kate that Kristen is not alive but Kate knows the DiMeras bounce back from beyond. Perhaps Nicole has Kristen hiding in her room … Sarah waits for Rex at the elegant club. At the bar Hope is bewildered by Ted’s text breaking up with her, stating he left Salem and wanted no more contact …. Ben updates baffled Marlena on Eve wanting to lock him up. Marlena asks about the confession Ciara wants to get from Claire. Ben fears it could backfire but she is working with Tripp, who is good backup. Marlena whispers to Ben they must stop Tripp and Ciara before it is too late ... Ciara begs Claire to put the knife down. Claire screams and threatens to cut Tripp’s throat. Ciara reminds her she really hates her not Tripp so put that down. Claire takes a deep breath ...

JJ and Haley the lovebirds head to the bed … Xander breaks up Kate and Ted’s candid conversation, brandishing a gun. Kate demands the name of she who knocked her out. Kristen? He denies the DiMera is alive and advises Kate to eat wot he brought. He thanks Ted for the necklace and goes. Ted updates curious Kate that the necklace could be their ticket home … Kristen cackles at Hope’s last goodbye text to Ted … Back at the club Hope spies Sarah wearing the diamond necklace Ted tried to give her and wonders where she got it … Ben and Marlena race into the loft, stunned by what they find ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, June 28, 2019