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Episode 13,619
1240 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will and Sonny receive Arianna and Gabi in the Salem patient’s room. Sweet family time as his and Sonny’s hospital honeymoon continues … Jack hides his plans to visit Will from Eve and lies he has mayoral meetings but will be home late tonight. Eve is bewildered by his elusiveness … At the square Tripp and JJ talk the trouble with Ben …Ben pays Ciara a visit at home and takes her romantically in his arms. They are both relieved Justin helped him make bail … At the pub concerned papa Shawn catches up with Claire and can see she is strangely stressed. She complains about losing Tripp. Shawn wonders why he ended their romance. Claire flashes back to being the nutty fire starter … Will points out all the wonderful summer plans with Ari. After the visit his little girl leaves with Gabi, who is so grateful he made it through. Ari bids her double dads adieu … JJ rages to Tripp about big bad Ben. Tripp is tight lipped … Ben is very worried that Ciara pretending to be with Tripp again will make Claire go nuts. Perhaps it would be best to talk to the police … Back at the pub, Claire comes clean to Shawn about revealing Tripp’s recording about his fake marriage to Haley. Shawn disapproves. The princess feels more sorry for herself by the Salem second. He tries to make her feel better … Ben holds his sweetheart close … Shawn assumes a sundae will help lift insecure Claire’s spirits and tries not to seem judgmental but the glum girl would rather head home …

Back at the loft Ciara insists that she and Tripp will get the goods on Claire tonight … Tripp informs heartbroken JJ he wishes he would have helped Haley more. But he is unable to get together tonight … Girl in red Gabi joins Stefan at DiMera mansion with a happy update on Will, thanking him for his support. He invites her to stay … Jack walks into Will’s room with a bottle of bubbly and a charming smile. Sonny wonders what he wants and snaps they are on their honeymoon. Jack asks Will for Rolf’s diary. Will refuses. Jack’s face falls … Gabi accepts Stefan’s dinner date invitation … Shawn runs into unhappy JJ at the pub and invites him for a drink … Ciara makes Ben go but he steals another kiss first. Here comes Claire, who soap stares. Ciara acts like she wants Ben to leave her alone! Claire falls for her act … Shawn runs into Eve outside the pub. The talk turns to Claire. Eve states she seems fragile. Shawn notes she seems to know her well. Eve suggests some guidance and he gets suspicious. She says to give the family her best. Ben appears. The tension in the air is thick… As Sonny stands by Will, Jack explains his situation. Will understands he wants the missing pieces to the puzzle of his life. Jack wishes he would help. Will wants to make a deal. Drop the charges against JJ and he gets the diary. Jack notes that is not his call. Sonny suspects he can do something. Will taunts he will be left without the diary unless all charges against JJ are dropped …

Back at DiMera mansion Gabi marvels at chef Stefan’s cooking. They have red wine in the grand living room and he admits he misses Chloe and the kids. The pool slide is empty now. He smiles she should bring Ari but she replies she has Sonny’s pool. However it has no slide so they can stop by soon. Stefan loves the sound of that … Ben made bail. Shawn talks tough and warns him to stay away from his sister or else. He storms off and Eve leers she will make him pay for Paige …Back at the loft Ciara assures Claire she is over creepy Ben. Ciara sadly states she is not over Tripp and assumed the busy waiter would be home by now. Ciara teases is she keeping tabs? Claire sighs it is so hard letting go. Ciara suggests she get some rest. The world will be brighter by morning. Claire agrees and thanks her with a sweet embrace. She steps away and Ciara gets her device out of the bag …

At DiMera mansion Gabi is ready to prove her good budgeting to Stefan now that Nicole is in. Stefan believes Gabi is way better and admits he almost let Nicole go for being a noshow but then Abe argued she lost her child. Gabi soap stares since he really does have a good heart … Sonny praises Will for making slick Jack squirm. He suspects he did not tell Eve anything but hopes JJ and Jen will one day get back their life with their loved one just as he did … JJ opens his door to Jack, disappointed he is not the pizza delivery dude. Jack bears news. He is having all charges against his son dropped. JJ wonders what Jack gets in return. He replies he is his father. JJ scoffs. Jack wants to be friends. JJ blames him for ruining sweet Haley’s life. She loved him and said so in Chinese but now he has no chance to tell her he loves her back. Jack is to blame! He shuts the door and Jack grimaces … Ciara briefly updates Tripp on Ben trying to talk her out of the plan. She made it look like she was pushing him away when Claire came. She has her recorder ready for action … Ben urges Eve to arrest Claire the real fire starter. They will soon prove it was her. Eve wonders who is with him …

Gabi thanks Stefan for the nice night. He hopes she will stay cos they have a morning meeting anyway. He wants to spend the night together. She gives him a kiss on the lips … Will lets Sonny know how much he would love honeymooning in Amalfi with him at his side. Jack interrupts and updates them on dropping the charges against JJ, who remains miffed about Haley. Sonny snaps he loves her. Jack reminds Will they had a deal so he hands over Rolf’s diary with the formula for the serum. Jack swears them to secrecy and wonders if Will regrets almost losing his life from the serum. He does not for it was a second chance with the love of his life. Jack digests … JJ is stunned when sweet Haley shows up at his door with a smile … Ben changes the subject to what evidence Eve even has. She confidently claims she will get him convicted and walks off … Back at the loft the game is afoot! Tripp gets in his underwear and sets off the smoke alarm. Ciara snuggles with him under a blanket on the sofa in a states of semi-undress. Claire comes running and glares daggers. But the crazy cupcake's worst nightmare will soon become theirs!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, June 27, 2019