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Episode 13,618
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jen clashes with Eve, who insists Jack likes his life better now - without memories … Meanwhile Jack excitedly asks Kayla when he can take the magical memory serum … Working Eli has Lani on his mind. Meanwhile she joins elegant Abe at the pub and asks what he was doing on his computer. He admits he has a new full time situation … with DiMera. Lani does not approve … Xander lies to Kristen he killed Ted. Kate hears outside the door and is shocked. She calls 911 and gasps she heard Xander admit he killed Ted. She needs the cops to be sent to the Salem Inn stat … Kristen questions her partner, purring he might have gone soft. He denies it. She complains about smart cookie Hope … Hope is at the club remembering the jewelry Ted wanted her to accept. Where is he now? … Hostage Ted is shouting for Xander to come back and let him out … Lani reminds Abe of what the DiMeras did to Lexie. He has his own reasons for accepting the offer and assures his daughter he can take care of himself. He will be handling the media and reporting to Stefan. Lani knows there is more to this and will try not to worry. Abe senses something else is bothering his sweet daughter … Eve finds out realizes Eli is heading to the Salem Inn to check out an anonymous tip about someone offing Ted. She tells him not to go … Kristen laughs about Ted as well as his phone being dead and hopes she was not misled…

Back at the pub Lani reveals she moved out of Rafe’s house. She now knows she was too attached to David. Abe is sympathetic. She laments she also lost Eli. Abe urges her to talk to him for they love one another … Eve will get someone at dispatch to deal with the call and orders Eli to make Ben an airtight case cos tough cookie Justin is representing him. She then steps away to make a private call to Xander. He gets the heads up from Eve, who notes they are now even and demands a deal. He agrees not to reveal he got Rolf’s diary from her and hangs up. Kristen wants answers. He whispers they have company and approaches the door with his gun. Kate presses her ear to the other side … Hope sips red wine at the club. Here comes Jen complaining about Eve. She needs wine as well … Kayla admits she broke rules to help Will as he is family. Jack wants her help and reminds her he is Steve’s brother. When she says no he notes she does not like him … Working Eli gets an unexpected visit from Lani. He agrees to go for a walk and talk … At DiMera mansion Abe addresses Stefano’s portrait. He sarcastically suggests he wish him luck cos Lexie surely does. Stefan walks in and teases he too speaks to his portrait. Abe notes he is nothing like Stefano but Stefan coldly suggests he let Nicole know she is fired …

Kristen heads to the other room and Xander throws open the door. Kate tumbles in and he turns his gun on her. She backs up and claims she was about to knock is all. He accuses her of spying on him, presses the gun against her heart and demands answers. She shouts she heard him confess to Nicole that he offed Ted …As Hope and Jen share the red wine, Hope assures her Jack will come around and want his life and memory back. He will no doubt approach Kayla. Jen does not think so … Jack laments he is out of luck. Kayla informs him that Will now has Rolf’s diary. The serum and antidote could be recreated. However, Will is asleep now. She gives desperate Jack his room number. He gushes he is gonna get a chemistry set. Kayla warns they are so far unaware of any side effects. It was a last resort for Will but tis unchartered territory … Hope updates curious Jen on suitor Ted disappearing. Jen is not surprised. Hope claims he did leave her a cryptic message about Nicole … Xander leers Kate must have had too many martinis and been mistaken. She counters she called the cops and demands to know where Nicole went. Boom! Kate goes down after Kristen hits her from behind with a blow-dryer. Kristen the nut now orders Xander to off the beech …

Lani sits with Eli at the park and admits she was too drawn to David. They lost their own infant almost a year ago. He remembers. She cries she cannot say goodbye. Eli gets it and puts his arm around her … Abe disagrees with Stefan firing Nicole for missing the first day of work, since she did lose a child. He convinces Stefan to let him do some digging before doing anything drastic … Xander gets sarcastic with Kristen for wanting him to do something drastic. He quips no one is coming cos the commiss owed him a favor. Kristen sighs now what. He suggests he take care of Kate the same way he took care of Ted …Eve leaves Jack an impatient message. He ignores it and swears Kayla to secrecy. He admits he has concerns about the things he will have to own from his past. However he yearns to know more about his kids. Kayla reminds him their mother was the love of his life. True love is about finding your way back despite the odds. He asks her to say nothing to his former or current wife. She assures him as a doctor she is bound to keep such conversations to herself. Jack emotionally thanks her …

Hope updates reporter Jen on Nicole acting bizarre. Jen suggests she speak to Abe as well as Stefan. Hope appreciates the advice from her cute cuz, hugs her and gets going … Unconscious Kate is put on the bed to join unhappy hostage Ted. Xander drawls they both have to seem on ice now. Ted warns he will not be able to keep them here forever and tries to wake up Kate once the door is closed again … Stefan sits with his drink and asks Stefano’s portrait whether he was right to trust Abe. Hope walks in asking after Nicole. Stefan has not seen her and wonders. Hope informs him Ted is missing. She is searching as a citizen and reminds Stefan last time he knew where Ted was. He blames Kate for that and suggests she speak to her … As Ted tries to wake up sleeping beauty Kate, Xander texts Kristen that the deed is done. She reads it and then gets an incoming call from Abe. As Nicole she pretends to have a cold. Abe warns Stefan almost fired her. She promises to be back in action soon … Lani and Eli reunite. He believes they should buy some flowers and visit David near the first anniversary to let their son know he will always be with them. Then he kisses her and they go … Jen gets a call from Paris Abigail and assures her Will is better because of Rolf’s diary but she doubts her dad wants his memory back … Jack returns from a long walk and accepts Eve’s offer of delicious coffee. The he double checks Will’s room number her wrote down for tomorrow. Big things are going to happen …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, June 26, 2019