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Episode 13,617
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack ends another rowdy rally. Jen arrives to privately discuss Jack Deveraux’s past and future … Justin bursts into Eve’s office and gives her a hard time … Eric hastily starts the wedding ceremony of Sarah and Rex. Sarah gasps to stop … Xander admires the diamond necklace as he wonders what to write sweet Sarah in a note. Furthermore Kristen cannot find out! He can never spill the truth. Maggie enters. The redhead wonders what truth … Nicole calls Kate a liar when she claims the maid left the door open. She holds up the red dress, musing Maggie said she saw Kristen in one! Nicole notes Kristen DiMera is not alive. Kate deduces Maggie saw Nicole in that dress and recalls that day. She accuses her of burning documents and making a deal with Xander. Nicole wonders where this is going. Glam Kate talks secret … Xander smiles at sweet Maggie for eavesdropping. She is worried. He admits he is a tad torn and shows her the diamond necklace. She loves it. He lies he bought it for Sarah. He wants to win her for Rex is not the right man … Sarah notes they need a witness. Rex has summoned Kayla, who brings a bouquet for the not so blushing bride. Kayla is all for the romance in the air and suggests the couple cherish the love. Eric soap stares …

Back at the square jumpin Jack repeats to Jen they have no future. She declares Rolf’s diary was discovered. He may now get his memory back. Jack looks intense … The bride wants to continue. Eric unhappily announces they will forever be joined in the sacred commitment of marriage. He tells them to be true to one another and themselves forever. Sarah frowns … Maggie already knows about Xander’s fling with Sarah and seems surprised he wants to woo her. She is grateful for the good man he is becoming but … He bitterly notes he is not good enough for her daughta … Jen updates astounded Jack on the docs having the original serum and now an antidote which means Jack could remember everything! He claims not to care … Justin sternly states he is here to rep Ben. He almost said no but Eve violated Ben’s civil rights. Ted quit and now there is no DA replacement. Eve offers him the position … Fake Nicole makes fun of Nancy Drew Kate and orders her out. Kate taunts to call the cops. She knows she never would for she is guilty as soap sin. Kristen scowls under her Nicole mask …

Justin patiently points out the mayor must appoint the DA. Eve insists Jack would be glad to do so. She suspects he wants JJ to get off. Justin gets she is not on Ben’s side. She claims he was caught at the scene of the cabin fire, adds she lost her only child to him and she shall make him pay … Jen is stunned. Jack stammers about the side effects. Jen talks antidote and suggests they speak to Kayla. He gets a text, stammers he does not miss his memories and takes off … And so it came to pass that Rex and Sarah were wed with wistful Eric presiding … Back at work Kayla thanks Jen for her write-up about Caroline. Jen adds Will is working on her profile and updates her on talking to Jack about the serum. Kayla warns of red tape. Jen sighs he did not seem interested and assumes he loves his new life with Eve … Jack joins Eve and Justin as she announces he will be a great DA. Jack is astounded. Eve wants to keep him from defending Ben and wants him to help get justice for Paige instead. Jack agrees and appoints him. Justin refuses to accept … Sarah comes home as Xander insists to Maggie he must act now before Sarah marries two timing Rex. He tries to give her the necklace but she grins she and Rex got married as he walks in with a goofy grin. Maggie acts as horrified as Xander …

At the pub Roman offers Eric a sandwich but Eric is far away. He sighs he just married Rex and Sarah. They sit down at a table. Roman wishes he had been invited with Kate and Maggie. He then realizes it must have been harder for Eric for he has seen he is sweet on her. The talk now turns to Nicole the love of his life. Eric exclaims Nicole is now done with him but Roman believes he should fight … Nicole claims she will bury Kate and Titan and tries to grab her arm. Kate walks out and vows this is far from over. She smelled a big secret and will keep digging with slick Vic … Inside Kristen removes her mask with a triumphant laugh … Justin threatens to go public with Eve’s violation of Ben’s civil rights unless he is arraigned. Eve agrees, then realizes Jack is miles away. He repeats what Jen said – that they got Rolf’s diary. Eve pretends to be pleasantly surprised and warns the serum is not safe. Jack talks antidote. She talks side effects. He agrees. She assumed he liked the life they had and hopes he did not change his mind about his memories …

Kayla shares her theory with Jen – that Jack is afraid of true love. Eve is his safe settle for gal but they will never last. Jen listens … Kate comes to the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie snaps Victor is not home. Kate senses something. Rex announces he and Sarah just wed. She gets testy about not being invited, then assures Rex she is happy albeit offended. She offers to plan a big party and congratulates the couple. Then she greets glum Xander, who explains he now lives here. She smiles he is stuck in the middle of many things. He soap stares … Kristen gets her devil red dress on and hopes Ted is now as dead as his phone. He better be … Jen tells Kayla how she started to spark Jack’s memory. Kayla knows Jen is the woman he wants and knows she will win. Jen sure hopes so … Jack assures Eve he likes their life together and supports her seeking justice for Paige. They hug and she excuses herself to the courthouse. Once alone, Jack spies the JJ file and remembers Jen bringing by their family photo album. The feeling of being father is coming back fast … Eric updates Roman on almost taking Sami’s advice to tell Sarah how he felt but he found her ready to wed Rex. Roman deduces she does love Rex …Xan the man claims he is a nice guy now and urges Sarah to keep the jewelry as a wedding gift. Then he gets a text from Kristen on the status of Ted. He wishes the bride happiness and takes off. Kate tails him … Eve confronts Jen at the park and hisses Jack never wants his memory back … Jack has questions for Dr. Kayla. He is interested in the serum … Roman gives Eric a pep talk about Nicole and makes his sandwich … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Rex goes to get the champagne and sparkly water to celebrate. Maggie forces a teary smile and hopes Sarah is happy … Kristen the devil in the red dress opens her door to Xander, who walks in and claims he offed Ted as ordered. Kate pauses outside. Tis a recipe for disaster …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 25, 2019