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Episode 13,616
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Victor clutches Caroline’s photo. Enter Kate, aware he is mourning his lost love … Hope thinks Ted might be in Kristen’s room when she hears a phone ringing from outside after she tries to call him … Xander updates Ted on Kristen wanting him dead … Fake Nicole runs into Sami at the square. Sami is sorry about Holly but hisses she has no right to blame Eric … Eric watches Sarah with Rex, then interrupts, insisting they both hear what he has to say to the fair Sarah … Hope gets interrupted by Brady, who admits he was astonished to hear that Nicole was hired by DiMera. Hope tells him she was searching for Ted … Ted talks deal. Xander is still miffed he took the Holly report. Ted tries to understand why Nicole wants no one to know her daughter did not meet her end … Sami argues to “Nicole” that Eric is not to blame. Fake Nicole fumes he promised to protect Holly but he failed! Sami is sorry. Nicole screams like a banshee … Rex babbles about the big news. He and Sarah are marrying right now. Eric gives stressed Sarah a soap stare … Nicole calls Eric weak and stupid and mocks him to Sami. Sami scoffs she celebrated when she heard Eric would be free of Nicole. He deserves someone better. Nicole taunts she must mean sweet Sarah …

Eric wonders about the last minute wedding without the family. Rex reasons the timing for them would not be the best now. He wants to grab happiness while he can, like Sonny and Will! Sarah is everything he wants. He credits Eric for encouraging him and adds his neverending love for Nicole inspired him. Sarah listens … Victor gets sarcastic with stylish Kate. She complains about Stefan hiring Nicole to revive Basic Black. The tycoon already knows … Hope complains about Ted being MIA. She tells bewildered Brady about his last message. He was headed to see Nicole, who claimed not to have seen him at all. She shares her suspicion that Ted’s phone is in there. Brady suggests she call again … Xander is a busy man but Ted tries to make him an offer … Hope and Brady do not hear a phone this time … Ted slowly shows his captor a necklace he was hoping Hope would accept and offers it in exchange for … Xander knows good diamonds when he sees them. Ted also tells him he was offered the D.A. position and could help him … Stylish Kate sits with a pout and updates slick Vic on what Gabi overheard – Nicole on the phone alluding to getting all she wanted, warning her minion not to make a mess. Her partner is likely the bad black sheep of the Kiriakis clan … Victor still has Maggie on his mind and sighs she thought she saw the late Kristen DiMera opening Nicole’s door. Devil in a red dress …

Sami taunts Nicole right back. They slap one another and struggle but then Sami gets a handful of heavy makeup in her hand from Nicole’s red neck … Eric whispers Nicole no longer wants him. Rex reasons Sarah used to hate him too. Together they can help him win back Nicole. Eric breathes he might not want that now. Rex reasons she was the love of his life like Sarah is the love of his. Eric does not deny that so Sarah exclaims she wants to do this now. Rex asks Eric to officiate … Kate assumes the alcohol got to Maggie and gets herself a drink. She insists Vic join her. He takes a sip enjoying his secret cocktail. Kate has more to share … Ted’s captor worries about the wrath of his boss but he cannot bring himself to off him. Perhaps his feelings for Sarah have softened him … Sami tries to take a closer look at Nicole’s neck. Brady comes running and stops her. Sami accuses her of hiding something. Kristen aka Nicole keeps holding her neck … Ted pontificates about respect. Xan the man boasts he is a high ranking exec at Titan and admits he has been trying to impress Sarah. Ted is sorry he stole the Holly report and is told it is too late …

Eric explains he is no longer a man of God. Rex mentions the online ordaining. Sarah wishes he would do it. Rex is over the moon and will meet them at the chapel … Ted argues Sarah deserves a better man for real! He was trying to prove himself worthy of Hope and agrees to stay silent. He is now allowed to live at least another day. In return Ted lets Xander keep the costly necklace and suggests he give it to sweet Sarah … As Lucas stands by Sami, Nicole sighs she has a scar on her neck from the time she almost died. Lucas hauls Sami off and Brady asks Nicole for the whole story. She admits they argued cos of Eric but they are over anyway! Brady asks her about the job offer from Stefan. She grins it was a good one. He solemnly asks why DiMera instead of working for him … Victor the Greek is grateful when Kate decides to sneak into Nicole’s room to snoop around. When he sighs she seems to be after Brady again, Kate doubts he would be interested given their history … Brady asks Nicole to be on his Titan team. She wonders whether they would get back together. He … cannot … She gushes they have still got their connection and seeks a relationship restart. He replies Eric loves her and he knows she loves him. Then he stands up. “Nicole” decides with DiMera she stays. But she trusts only Brady. He asks her about the mysterious good news Hope said Ted wanted to tell her. She lies she did not see Ted and excuses herself, feigning fatigue. Brady tells her about Hope hearing a phone ring in her room when she tried calling Ted. The she devil deduces it must have been her phone. Brady watches her walk away …

Now at the hospital Sami complains to Lucas about Nicole being so cold so different. She knows she has a big secret … Kate enters Nicole’s room and picks up a cell that has no power … At the square Xandy admires his dandy necklace for Sarah with stars in his eyes. Here comes Hope. He acts innocent and walks away … Ted flashes back to Hope turning down the necklace and prays she will recognize it and rescue him … Victor puts down his drink. Brady arrives and he growls Nicole is now sleeping with the enemy. Brady does not believe she poses a threat … Kate hunts high and low for a clue any clue and then finds the red dress in the closet. Maggie said she saw Kristen in a red dress … Lucas urges Sami to be satisfied with their Will miracle. She decides to go back to Europe and EJ. However she still wants happiness for Eric … Eric stands by the lit candles in the chapel and wonders how he will be able to …. Sarah enters in a simple white dress. He gushes she is beautiful. She innocently asks what he wanted to tell her earlier. Alas Eager Rex arrives before he can ... Nicole opens the door to her room and catches Kate holding the red dress with a glint in her eye ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, June 24, 2019