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Episode 13,615
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara leaves the pub with a pout and sends Tripp an irritated text about having to humor Claire. Hope follows. Claire comes out. Hope gushes the two girls are here together. Ciara quips she can now see the person Claire really is … At the station Ben reminds Eve of his rights and talks arraignment. She taunts she has his motive. He wants to call his lawyer. She lies the lines are down … Sarah is looking at Will’s file and remembers praising praying Eric. Sweet moments. He praised her for helping Will and hugged her in heartfelt thanks. Then their eyes locked. Sarah cannot seem to forget … Rex wonders why she is smiling … At the pub Eric is dealing with dishes. Sami laments grandma is gone. She would want them to focus on Will. She is sure glad creepy Xander gave them Rolf’s diary … Said creepy guy has been summoned by frustrated Kristen. She orders him to deal with Ted, who has just woken up in a secret room … Claire comes home to Tripp and wants a hug. She tries to kiss him but he pulls away. He wants to talk. She assumes it is about Eve and argues she had no choice but to admit to her that Tripp once framed Ben. Tripp gets it. She urges him to spill what else is on his mind … Ben is worried when Ciara enters his room at the station. She duped the new cop at the desk and claimed she was his new attorney. Ben gushes she is sure better than Ted … The last thing Ted remembers is being with Nicole Walker after announcing Holly was alive. Then she knocked him out … Wildcat Kristen rages Ted had the Holly report and was about to tell the town she was alive. Xander was supposed to destroy it! She suspects he planned to use it against her …

Stylish Kristen warns her flunky not to go behind her back or he will end up like Ted – who has to end up dead … At the square Eve boasts to Hope that she is getting Ben put away … Ben is sorry to hear about Ciara losing her loving sweet grandma and tenderly takes her hand … Eric gets out the Irish whisky so Sami can toast to grandma while he drinks his water. He wishes he had her gift of loving the right way … Sarah stammers she is smiling about Will. Rex wants to wed … right now. Sarah suddenly stops smiling … Hope suggests Eve only has circumstantial and wishes her luck proving it. Eve points out Ben cost her her daughter and suggests he could go after Ciara …Pretty Ciara remembers singing Christmas carols with Caroline once upon a time when she and Claire were close. She assures concerned Ben that Tripp is on board and they are gonna get Claire to show her true colors. They will pretend to be back together … Tripp tells Claire that he wants to be with Ciara now. Cupcake goes ominously silent … Hope can relate to Eve’s loss for she has been there. Eve talks justice for Paige and pouts Ted quit, hence the delay. But she made him another offer … Ted staggers to the locked door and curses when he cannot open it … Xander is stunned Kristen wants him to off Ted. She warns him to remember where his loyalties lie – not with sweet Sarah …Rex has the wedding bands ready and wants to go to the chapel of love on their break. He looks bewildered when the girl says no …Sami teases twin Eric for being sweet on Sarah. Eric replies she is engaged to Rex but Sami believes in being with the right one. She hates to ask but why are he and Nicole not together? He explains Nicole’s view that he let down Holly but he will always love her. Sami loves it when he adds they will never be together again and gives him a bear hug. She knows he deserves better than Nicole and suggests he woo pretty Sarah … Rex asks why no wedding? Sarah notes a 10 minute break for a wedding is nuts and there is the family to consider … Rex believes it would be best his way …

Eve taunts Hope that Ted might come back as DA and walks off … Ted bangs on the door but no one hears … Kristen complains about all Ted’s messages to her, not to mention Hope is trying to find him. She hands Xander a pistol and demands he go down in the DiMera tunnels. He counters she can clean this up herself. Kristen smiles a wicked smile. He calls her an expert and points out Ted is more her problem. Tough cookie Kristen calls it his mess … Ben has doubts about Ciara’s idea cos Claire could snap and do something … Back at the loft Claire lists all the folks Ciara can lean on besides Tripp. She gets shrill. Tripp talks up the bond that he and Ciara share. Cupcake calls him cruel for not being there for her on this day. She fumes she is gonna take care of herself from now on and he will be sorrrry … Ben is very worried about Ciara provoking crazy princess Claire. Ciara promises to be careful, cannot wait to be with him again, and kisses him. He is here for her always … Eve gets irate on the phone about not being able to postpone Ben’s arraignment. Ciara emerges and she wonders what she is doing. Ciara freezes, then claims she came to give bastardo Ben back her key to his place. She apologizes to Eve and brings up Paige. Thanks to Eve she knows the man Ben really is. She walks away, giving Eve food for thought …

Claire tosses a box with a war cry. It crashes and she hisses to Tripp she will go before she does something she does regret. She storms off … Rex ain’t too proud to beg and asks the real reason Sarah does not want to marry him … Sami knows all about cheating Rex and reasons Eric would make Sarah happier. Eric agrees to give it some thought. Sami has to head off but before she does he asks about EJ. He is as good as he could be given what Kristen did to him. If she ever got her hands on that beech but she probably never will since she is either swimming with fishes or far far away …Kristen apologizes to Nicole’s mask for Holly. Hope knocks on her door asking after Ted …Ted has a visitor. His old partner Xander … Kristen opens the door wearing her Nicole mask and acts impatient. She fibs to Hope she never saw Ted and takes off to an appointment. Hope tries to call Ted again … All of a sudden she hears his phone ring from Kristen’s room!

Ted is relieved until his visitor pulls a gun, admitting he is here to finish him off … Ciara finds Tripp alone in the living room. Claire is in her bedroom. Time for the next stage of their plan …Stylish Eve smugly taunts Ben for Ciara dumping him, then demands the key she gave him back to his place. Ben produces a key. Smart cookie Ciara gave him a copy for her cover … Romantic Rex waits for Sarah to give him one reason she does not want to wed him. The elevator opens and Eric the reason emerges … Sami runs into disguised Kristen at the square and hisses who the hell does she think she is. Ooooo ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, June 21, 2019