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Episode 13,614
1100 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


The Brady pub is closed for a private family event. Inside Eric and Roman admire Caroline’s smile in the picture on display. The place is decorated for the Irish wake she wanted. Carrie comes in and Roman hugs his sweet daughter. Eric nods … At the loft,insecure and insane Claire asks Ciara what she thinks of her dress. Ciara seems impatient. Claire sweetly rubs in what Ben did and hugs her … Hope is at the square leaving Ted another anxious message. Then she spies the Alice and Tom plaque. Here comes Shawn D with an embrace … Sami asks Salem patient Will how he feels. Alive! Sonny had errands to run. Sami realizes he does not know but on some level he might. She has sad news … Kayla the heroic doctor who saved Will arrives at Victor’s mansion. She deduces he does not know and states Caroline passed last night. Victor looks like he has been slapped a thousand times by the hand of fate. He asks how it happened. Peacefully in her sleep. She invites him to the memorial. He thanks her and mutters he will not attend. She cries he meant much to her mom and leaves …

Cupcake Claire happily greets Shawn and Hope at the door. Ciara emotionally hugs him and mama Hope. Hope has a moment alone with her daughter and notes they did not discuss Ben’s arrest. Ciara does not want to now and agrees family is everything … Carrie catches up with Roman and Eric at the pub. Elegant Marlena arrives with John and the hugs follow … Will realizes he must have seen Caroline on the other side! Sami weeps her final gift was giving him back to them. Will weeps as well. When he is alone again here comes Sonny with a smile, cake and balloons. He worries when he sees his expression. Will updates him on the loss of great grandma Caroline. The clan is having an Irish wake at the pub. Sonny praises her and then worries the news will break Victor’s sometimes noble heart … Victor opens a box of memories and takes out a letter from the love of his life. Then he holds a black and white photo of days gone by and remembers … Hope is now with Roman and Abe at the pub. They agree Caroline would approve of the gathering. Carrie, Eric and Sami shares a siblings hug. Rex is said to be working at the hospital. Carrie is happy to hear Will shall completely recover. Eric marvels over the miracle ... Kayla quietly informs Hope that Victor wanted to be alone. Hope goes to check on Bo’s father … John and Marlena greet Kayla. He asks about Steve. He called her … Roman now welcomes the clan and loved ones in attendance. He grins to get a seat and a drink as they celebrate Caroline the great …

Victor sits alone with his heartbreak. Hope arrives. The dedicated ex daughter in law knows when he needs the family most so she is here. They clasp hands … Roman passes Caroline’s picture to Abe first to hear his Caroline story. Dapper Abe explains she was his lifeline after they lost Lexie, bringing over clam chowder and staying with him to talk ... John grins when he gets the pic and calls himself fortunate for having her in his life. After he learned he was not Roman she insisted he was still in her heart ... Marlena speaks of her faith and feisty nature. She shall be missed … Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Hope asks to see Victor’s box of memories. She finds the old letter from long ago, telling him that one of her kids was his. It was life changing. Hope whispers it was the same for Bo … Back at the pub, Ciara speaks of the powerful rosary Caroline gave her. Claire speaks of her advice and wishes she still had her guidance. She made her feel loved. Ciara glares … Shawn recalls all the greetings from Salem postcards Caroline would write, assuring him he always had a home ... Eric gushes about the good his grandma saw in everyone. Sami nods with tears in her eyes. Eric notes she touched lives … Carrie the eldest granddaughter calls her a role model who showed them how to be strong women who worked hard and tried to be kind. It was not an easy example to follow. Sami gets a tad testy and the crowd laughs … Sami nervously stands with her colorful dress and gets emotional about her advice and lectures. They were warm and without judgment. She likes to think she got her toughness from her and weeps she shall miss her. She concludes she brought Will back to them and is grateful forever …

Kayla reads a message from Frankie and Max about how wonderful it was to be adopted by Caroline and Shawn. Roman has his turn as the eldest son and teases ma was no saint. She was a scrappy stubborn tough cookie! His ma and pop loved the pub as a place for all people to gather, be respected and safe. Kayla nods. He adds his folks were married for 60 years and reasons their love remains in this pub. There is no better legacy … Victor woefully admits he made winning the fair Caroline his life’s mission. But she was better off with Shawn anyway. He confides to tearful Hope about missing Bo even more on this day … Kayla marvels how much Caroline did for the family and thanks her. Then she sighs as Caroline’s framed portrait smiles on … Will regrets Ari had no more time with Caroline. Sonny suggests he write a profile on her for the newspaper. Will gets started on the title. Caroline Brady and a legacy of love … The Greek tycoon teases Hope her good deed is done. She loves him. He thanks her and she leaves. He muses he loves Maggie much but Caroline will always be the love of his life … Kayla makes a beer toast and recites an old Irish poem. She knows her parents are together in heaven. They all raise a glass of good cheer to mom … Shawn Sr. and Caroline’s spirits stand together while they watch the poignant pub gathering and fade into a white light ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, June 20, 2019