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Episode 13,613
1100 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire walks in on Tripp agreeing to help Ciara, who now considers her nuts. When Claire probes Ciara explains she was checking on Tripp. Claire acts concerned and keeps asking … Eric prays to God via a candle for Will and implores Him not to take him. Sami might not ever recover. Sarah stands in the doorway … Lucas tries to make Sami feel better. Here comes Rex. Kate hopes he has an antidote. Sonny implores Kayla to bring Will back. Meanwhile Will makes his way toward the light above …Ciara lies to Claire she wanted Tripp to help her get her belongings from spooky Ben’s pace. She hopes she does not mind she is moving back here. Not at all. Claire now hugs Tripp and notices something seems strange … Sarah updates Eric as Rex updates Marlena, Sami, Kate, Roman and Lucas. Antidote alert! Kayla zaps Will while he walks toward the misty Brady pub in his mind. The closed sign does not deter him. He hears Caroline’s words from the time they were wed and laments he left Sonny in pain … Will is hanging on by a thread. Rex arrives and talks serum but it is not so simple … Roman stops Sami from interrupting Sonny and the medical professionals. She agrees to go to the chapel with Lucas … Sarah talks strength. Eric notes she and Rex made it through. She is grateful Xander got her Rolf’s diary. He gives her a sweet hug and declares she belongs with Rex. Sarah states he belongs with Nicole. He sighs in disagreement and admits Marlena suggested he try again with Sarah but Rex walked in. It had to have been a sign. Sami comes in and gives her twin a needy hug …

Claire asks why Tripp is uneasy. He fibs he feels guilty for lying about helping Haley. Claire acts understanding, calls herself bad and apologizes. He explains he would have understood her being jealous of Haley. She questions whether he would forgive her. He convinces her he would so she blurts out she did a bad thing. Ciara is all ears. Claire talks pressure and pouts she told Eve that Tripp framed Ben before. Ciara makes comments. Claire promises Eve only wants Ben anyway and waits for Tripp’s forgiveness … Kate quips she did not expect Sami to go to the chapel after Marlena suggested it. Roman steps away to call Caroline and Kimberly about the antidote. Marlena praises Kate’s sons. They both love their kids and clasp hands in solidarity … Sami informs Sarah that Rex is administering the antidote to Will. She goes. Sami sighs to Eric he made no promise it would actually work … Sonny begs Will to fight. The antidote is administered. Will has a drink at the heavenly pub noting nothings beats an Irish wake. He now wonders what a very ghostly great grandma Caroline is doing there …

Sugary Claire hopes Tripp does not hate her. She adds she is grateful Ciara gets how bad Ben really is. Ciara snaps to stop … Eric and Lucas agree Sami praying would be a good idea. Eric suggests she argue why Will should make it. She sits with Eric on one say, Lucas on the other and implores God, weeping they all need their will … Sonny waits and wonders with Rex and Sarah. Kayla suggests the family come. Sonny holds Will’s hand and wishes there was something someone could do … Will meets Caroline on the other side. She clasps his hand when he asks why he is here … Cupcake Claire is sorry for upsetting Ciara about Ben. Tripp covers by stating it is just too soon. Ciara plays along, acting like she believes Ben had bad intentions … Rex is sorry to tell the family that Will has so far not responded to the antidote. Tis out of their hands … Sami begs God for mercy. Kate comes running with the latest and they race back to Will’s room. Sami begs him to come back … Will thanks Caroline for what she just told him. She gives him a heartfelt hug and then he is gone. Kayla exclaims his vitals are stronger. Sonny holds his hand and cries please. Will opens his eyes and the room erupts with relieved laughter …

Claire gets catty with Ciara and talks the truth about Ben. She thanks her for fixing Maggie’s figurine and vows to help her move on. Perhaps she should have a session with Marlena. It would be awful to run into him. Ciara leers it would be grotesque to be near one’s almost killer …Roman gives worried Kate a pep talk. He reminds her of Caroline’s motto that things work in mysterious ways. Will is stunned when Sonny states he had no pulse or heartbeat. He tells them about the light and the ripped photo. Sonny admits he had that on his mind when he thought he would lose him. Will marvels but then the photo was put back together. Some things were meant to be. Marlena marvels Caroline always said the lord works in mysterious ways. Will gushes she was there as well and spoke to him … Roman calls Kim with the good news she can pass on to Caroline, then gasps in disbelief …

Claire cutely offers to accompany Ciara to Ben’s place. Then she gives her words of encouragement and flounces to her room. Ciara whispers to Tripp they need proof and one way to get it is … Rex talks wedding. Sarah marvels he saved Will. He believes they both did and kisses her whilst Eric walks by with a grimace …Will explains how Caroline warned him now was not his time and sent him back from the other side. Sami gushes she has had imaginings like that too. Will insists she was really there and told him to go home. Sami argues Caroline is alive and not on the other side … Kayla finds Roman staring into space. He stammers he just spoke with Kim and … ma is gone! She passed away in her sleep a few moments ago. They hold each other and break down …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, June 19, 2019