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Episode 13,612
1340 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Stefan hears a noise and tells Stefano’s portrait he knows what that is … As Roman and Kate wait for an update Kate admits she hates relying on madman Rolf’s notes. Roman reasons Will has much to fight for and they get close … Sonny gushes Will is his again. Will sweetly thanks Marlena. Sonny kisses him … Eve makes an anxious call to the hospital asking whether anything from Rolf was able to help Will. She is hoping for the best. Cupcake Claire comes in boasting Ciara believes her over Ben now so no one will believe him that she is the fire starter … At the loft Tripp snaps to Ciara he knows what Ben did. Ciara know better. Ben informed her that Claire was the real culprit. Tripp looks tense at the idea ... Marlena discreetly departs. Sonny smiles he likes the sound of hubbies for life. He knew when he saw Will at the bard in Memphis that they would make their way back together. Will whispers until death do they part. As Kate and Marlena discuss the ceremony Roman goes to get the latest from Kayla. Marlena is waiting for a miracle. Seconds later she gets a hug from Sami. Long faced Lucas embraces mama Kate …

Eve is relieved Ciara thinks Ben is guilty as soap sin and tells Claire she must now give her Tripp … Ciara updates astounded Tripp on the time Claire tried to set the cabin ablaze when she was in it … Gabi joins Stefan and argues about his decision to hire Nicole. He notes tis the dawn of a new day. She laments she cannot take another loss and weeps for her bff and the father of her only child. Stefan consoles her with a hug … Sonny suavely pops the champagne and suggests a toast. Will toasts to the here and now. This is their moment. He lists the obstacles they overcame. Sonny adds they will overcome this too. Will wants to live to this day. They will have it forever. They toast to now and he takes a sip … Sami and Lucas are surprised when Marlena explains Will just remarried Sonny. Sami is aware he has little time left. Lucas wants to know whether Kayla has made any progress. Kate points out Roman just went to check. Roman returns and Sami desperately seeks an update … Claire does not want Tripp to dislike her. Eve reminds her he knows about her recording and argues she should look after herself now. How? Eve as commiss wants a statement about Tripp planting proof against Ben as per Claire. That way she can spin Ben’s revenge. Claire deduces it would be disastrous for Tripp. Eve does not deny it. She has given the girl food for thought …

Ciara tells Tripp about Ben remembering Claire’s ringtone. She also has a little lighter like Ben’s and he caught her almost trying to set Tripp’s clothing ablaze. Tripp did smell the nail polish remover and points out Claire know he and Haley did some business is all. Ciara updates him on Ben getting to the cabin in time after Claire convinced Rory to let her deliver the fake passports. Tripp realizes the girl is not in her right mind. However, why would she also have wanted too off Ciara? Ciara hopes he can help her with that … Sami wants to storm over to Sarah and Rex to rush them for Will. Lucas stops her since they want something perfect for Will even if it takes time. They now go see their son. Sami gets to hug Will first, then Lucas. They remember how happy Sonny and Will’s first wedding was and how Caroline made a sweet speech about her own friends from the past. Sami cries it was perfect. Will nods. Lucas puts on a brave face … Back at the mansion Gabi thanks Stefan for the drink. She cries as she updates him on Ari assuming Will would come back from the other side again. She knows what not having a father is like. Her big brother was not the same. Stefan glances at Stefano’s portrait and agrees …

Sonny steps out to check on Sarah and Rex’s progress. Will thanks his folks for coming. He knows Sami has much on her plate with looking after Aly and EJ. Lucas emotionally assures their son there is no other place they would rather be. Sami sweetly puts her head on Lucas’ shoulder … Ciara probes Tripp on Claire’s past behavior when she was missing. He admits she made a move but he said he only wanted Ciara. Ciara suspects she snapped. Tripp wonders how she would have found her. Claire has software to find a turned on phone and Ciara had her phone on just before that fateful cabin fire. Tripp did see Claire on her computer that night before he went to hand out fliers. But if she did what Ciara suspects she would have to be nuts. Ciara notes there is one way to find out – get the girl to slip up …Claire pouts and complains to Eve about Tripp and Haley being secret lovers. She saw them on the cabin bed! Eve nervously notes she almost offed three people. She suggests she get professional help. Claire refuses and admits part of her wants to harm Tripp but … Eve can only use her statement to go after Ben, not Tripp. Only she shall decide Tripp’s fate …

Tuxedo Sonny ends a call with his folks, then admits to Roman it is hard. This was supposed to be their dream day … Sami smiles her heart is always with Will. Lucas credits him with helping him get sober, as well as a little help from Sami. Will wants him to promise he will not hit the bottle if he does not make it. Lucas cries he wishes he was the one in that bed. Father and Sonny cry and hug. Sami tries to keep it together … Gabi and Stefan both have absentee fathers in common. He complains about Vic noting he was no Stefano. Gabi tries to make him feel better. Stefan feels the pressure of running a dynasty and admits things are not great. Gabi insists in time no one will remember Stefano. He grins and takes another gulp of his drink … Lucas emotionally excuses himself. Will hates what this is doing to his loved ones … Kate informs Lucas she just called siblings Billie and Austin. Lucas blames himself for letting Will down by being a drunk. Kate argues he did so much for Will and was there when Sami went on her rampages. She respects him as a father. Lucas looks touched and thanks her for that as well as for treating Will as her own son. She loves her son as well as his son deeply and hugs Lucas … Sami wants to pay for more experts. Will argues it is his decision and he has good doctors. Sami is desperate to be a supermom and cries she wants to make him well. Will hugs her … Stefan is grateful for Gabi’s words and is sorry about Will. After she goes he downs his drink … Eve holds Paige’s picture and promises to being her killer to justice …Ciara urges Tripp to help her get a confession from Claire. He agrees to help her. Enter cupcake Claire slyly asking what he is helping her with … Sami hyperventilates and races off to demand Kayla do something for Will fast. Roman stops her at the elevator and hugs her … Sonny whispers to Will that Roman said Rex and Sarah were onto something. It will be ready in time. All of a sudden Will flatlines …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 18, 2019