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Episode 13,611
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will stirs. Sonny smiles they now have Rolf’s diary. Kayla et al are working for an antidote. Tomorrow they wed! Will gushes wow and Sonny sweetly kisses his hand … Marlena and Roman catch up with Maggie, who is standing with Kate. They wonder when she reveals Xander as the hero who handed the diary over. Meantime the anti-hero cannot find his Holly report and curses … Ted has been knocked out by Kristen’s fire poker. She notes no one can know Holly is alive and then hears a familiar voice. Gasp! …Sonny gushes Gabi is bringing Ari today. Will hopes he looks alright. Always. Ari comes running to her daddy. Marlena follows … Maggie informs Hope she is headed home to tell Victor about Will. Hope is sorry for her recent stress. Maggie marvels Xander turned things around for the family … Xan the man remembers Ted grilling him about the whereabouts of the real Holly report but why would he steal it? Back at DiMera mansion Stefan descends the stairs. Abe arrives to talk job offer. When they walk into the living room Abe is astonished …

Ari asks Will if he is going away again. Outside the room Gabi admits to Kate she is worried her daughter does not know death is permanent. Kate quips no surprise in Salem. Gabi gets upset about how strange and mean Nicole was. Kate probes. Gabi repeats how she overheard her speaking on the phone about getting all her wishes. Kate wonders whether Xander was on the other end … Abe is surprised to see Nicole at DiMera mansion and even more surprised when Stefan states he agreed to hire her. She has hidden motionless Ted behind the furniture so he is out of view. However, a phone rings and Stefan realizes it is not his own … Hope updates Roman on Will’s reaction when she saw him with Ted. He is sorry she and Rafe are apart. Hope gets an idea to get the whole gang coffee. Roman is impressed. She grins it is something gran would do and he hugs the girl he calls a Horton for life … Nicole picks up the phone and pretends it is hers. Must be spam. In fact it is Xander leaving an irate message. He rages Ted he took the Holly report that shows she is alive he shall regret it. Nicole – aka Kristen – may have found that deception easy as pie. However, she is unable to stop Stefan from finding the fallen Holly report on the floor … Kate shares with Gabi that she saw Nicole shaking hands with Xander. Food for thought and not the good kind …

As Sonny holds Ari, Will admits he does not want to leave as he loves her but he is uncertain. Marlena suggests Will rest and offers Ari an ice cream. Ari asks to be the flower girl for the wedding. Wil agrees and assures her he loves her. She leaves with Marlena. Sonny swears he is gonna make it. Will is having a tough time talking and explains he can feel the end. He must marry him tonight while there is time! Sonny breaks down … Nicole grabs Holly’s daughter’s autopsy report. Stefan is sorry. Abe suspiciously asks why she carries it around. Fake Nicole pretends to be upset and pouts to leave her alone …Maggie heard Xander threatening someone on the phone. He tells a tale about telemarketers. The redhead just wanted to thank him for Rolf’s diary again and then asks why he lied … Sonny emerges and updates Roman, Marlena, Kate and Gabi on Will wanting the wedding tonight. Arianna is excited but Marlena hangs her head when she hears Will does not want to take any chances … Nicole apologizes for the outburst. Abe assures her they were trying to help. Stefan is stunned when Abe turns down his job offer. Abe knows the orbit of the DiMeras leads to destruction for others. Stefan wants to turn things around and reminds Abe he is no Stefano. In that case Abe is on board. He also warns Stefan he will be watching him to make sure he does not take advantage of Nicole. She hastily suggests he go get his paperwork in order with the lawyer. Ted seems to stir. Abe wonders why she is in a hurry for him to go …

Xander asks what lie. Maggie mentions Rolf’s diary disappearing in Salem whereas he told her he got it in Nashville. He confessed he wanted to hide his thievery. She asks why he took it. He had heard how valuable it was from Rolf and planned to use it as insurance one day. But he wanted to do the right thing for Will and Mags and Sarah … The gang are in Will’s room for the wedding. Gabi gives Ari the flower girl her flowers. Sonny gives Will an anchor pin since he was always his anchor. Will haltingly remembers that moment. Kate stops them from kissing and suggests they let Marlena finish. Then she steps out to get something. Will asks Marlena to get something out of the nightstand. Tis an MP3 player for Sonny. Sonny remembers he gave it to Ari’s daddy once upon a Valentine’s Day with Will and Sonny’s greatest hits. Will had it updated for their reception Kate comes in with champagne. Sonny notes they have all they need. Will asks Marlena to proceed and so … “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today …” Tis to celebrate the enduring love of Sonny and Will. But there is no wedding cake or lightness in the air …

Marlena the sage states a lifetime is never long enough for true love. She praises the pure love of Sonny and Will that blossomed and lasted. Will holds his hand and whispers it always will … Fake Nicole stammers she needs to be alone. Abe assures her he is here for her anytime. Stefan escorts him to the garden to discuss the details of their deal. Kristen – aka Nicole – closes the curtains and is relieved Ted is not moving. Now how to get him to the tunnels? She calls Xander, who has just finished up with grateful Maggie. He assumes she is Ted calling but she enlightens him and orders him to DiMera mansion before it is too late … Will and Sonny say their own heartfelt vows about their sweet second chance. Sonny quotes Forrester and marvels marriage should be forever. This time he knows they shall win … They join hands and Marlena helps them seal the deal … to have and to hold … for all the days of their lives … Will seems to be fading. Sonny weeps … Xander gets to the mansion and growls oh God did Kristen kill him? Negative. He orders him to drag Ted down into the tunnels. They will decide wot to do with him later. The door is opened … Sonny and Will have exchanged rings. Marlena states their loves will strengthen them both and pronounces them hubbies for life. They sweet kiss twice but …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, June 17, 2019