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Episode 13,610
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady and Sarah do not believe Xan the man. Maggie does. He smiles he knows what it means to the family and finds the formula serum page for Sarah. Brady demands to know how his cousin got that diary … Eve joins JJ as he sits beside Haley and hisses Haley will be China bound within the hour. Haley stops her hero from arguing with Eve. She wants to spend her last precious seconds in Salem with him … Turncoat Ted is happy to have the report that proves Holly did not die. He plans to impress Hope and calls the woman he believes to be Nicole. At DiMera mansion Kristen ignores the unknown caller and raises her glass to papa Stefano’s somber portrait. She wants to make him proud and gushes she got back where she belongs! She spies Gabi and wonders how long she was there. Gabi wonders what she meant back where she belongs. Fake Nicole claims it was about her career cos Stefan made her CEO of new improved Basic Black. Gabi argues it would be the same as her stuff so what is the deal! Nicole taunts Stefan is having the papers drawn up as they speak. Gabi chic storms off to see … Hope comes to the hospital. Kate coldly warns her not to trust Ted. Will was right to react the way he did … Ted leaves Nicole a nervous message and considers his cover story … Xan reminds Brady he had warehouse access when he worked for Kristen and Rolf in Memphis. He praises Sarah and Maggie for trying to save Will and sincerely hopes it will happen. Sarah smiles they will try. Maggie hugs him in thanks. Sarah nods and hurries out with her. Brady suggests his cousin come clean …

Eve sweeps past Dr. Kayla, who wonders how the wicked woman can live with herself! Eve reminds her Haley did not respect the law. Kayla is referring to her taking Rolf’s diary. Eve denies having said diary … Brady continues to question his crooked cousin. The diary was last seen in Salem … Fake Nicole takes the call from Ted and tells him to leave her alone, she is waiting for Stefan … Xan walks away from Brady to take a call from Kristen, who complains about Ted. He assures her the suit knows not who she is. He wonders when the mask comes off. She snaps she will not let him ruin what she started. Gabi appears again and asks too many questions so Kristen/Nicole snaps to mind her own biz … Haley and JJ are about to bid one another a final farewell when mama Melinda arrives with news. She has been working to fast track her green card. However it might take years. JJ asks if Haley can stay in Salem. Alas no. JJ feels that is unfair. Melinda offers to stay in Asia with her until she can come back. She already got them an apartment and arranged for nursing job interviews. Haley emotionally thanks her. Melinda wants to be a good mother and assures her she is not alone. Now she leaves her to tell JJ goodbye …. Eve soap stares when Sarah and Maggie rush in with Rolf’s diary. Sarah gushes they got it from Xan and gets going with Kayla. The clock is ticking. Eve feebly wonders whether Maggie heard how he got it …

Brady’s cousin changes the subject and boasts about his good deed. Brady thinks there is no goodness in his heart. He must want something in return like Brady’s Titan position. Xan talks love, not work and holds his drink … Nicole wonders what Gabi is even doing there. Gabi sighs Stefan will not see her now. Nicole warns her she might be out and updates her on Abe being Chief of communications. That does not look well for shabby chic. Gabi calls her a beech. Fake Nicole plays up losing her daughter. Gabi insincerely apologizes and waltzes out … Kate is hard on Hope for giving up her marriage to Rafe for terrible Ted. Hope denies it. Kate warns she will regret trusting two faced Ted. Hope haughtily excuses herself to Will. Kate sighs she tried to warn her … “Nicole” orders manservant Harold to open the door to the knocker. There is no Harold in sight so she opens the door to Ted. He stupidly tells her Holly is alive, not realizing he is face to face with wicked Kristen wearing a Nicole mask, not a mourning mom …

Haley has been given much food for thought. JJ suggests he head to China with her. She disagrees, weeps they have little time and wants to say what is in her heart. She is so grateful he saved her. He claims she made him alive again. Parting is such sweet sorrow … Eve pulls rank as the commissioner and wants to know where Xan got the diary. Maggie replies they do not know so Eve breathes a sigh of relief. The redhead does not approve of her. Eve excuses herself. Kate arrives and Maggie is pleased to announce there is new hope for Will. They can thank Victor’s illustrious nephew … Back at Kiriakis mansion Brady leers his cousin has no love or decency in him despite what Maggie might think. He gets back to the diary story and suspects he is trying to win the fair Sarah. Cousin does not deny it … Nicole acts surprised. Ted hands her Holly’s autopsy report. The real one that shows the DNA of the child at the scene of the crash does not match Holly’s. He wonders why she has suddenly gone silent. Drums play. Nicole asks how. Ted explains Xander the bad guy broke in and changed the reports. He starts to see she does not look happy to hear her daughter is alive …

Brady and his cousin list each other’s transgressions. Brady warns this is not over and walks out. Eve enters unnoticed and confronts Xander. He assures her he did not rat her out and she wonders why not … Maggie insists she has not been drinking and wants Will to know about the diary. Kate does not trust the man who gave it to them and disagrees. Determined Maggie marches off to tell Will her wonderful news regardless … Haley laments JJ should live his life and find someone else since she might never make it back. He exclaims she is the one that he wants! She whispers she shall treasure the memories and wishes things could have been different. But now she must go and he must let her do so. JJ cannot accept it. She implores him not to take any more chances with the law and adds a sweet “I love you” in Chinese. Then they kiss like there is no tomorrow … Fake Nicole pretends she thinks the file is fake. She slyly finds out Ted told no one else the good news and braces herself for action while Stefano’s portrait watches … Haley and JJ’s sweet smooch is interrupted by Melinda. The girl is cuffed and led away. JJ blinks back the tears … Maggie emerges and informs Kate that Will was asleep so she informed Sonny of the miraculous development. Here come Kayla and Sarah. They synthesized the serum and are hard at work on an antidote but the clock is ticking … Xan the man boasts to relieved Eve he wanted to do right by Sarah and Maggie so he did not reveal where he got the diary. He reminds her he did her a favor and muses Madam Commissioner now owes him big time sooooo … Hope listens to the vague message Ted left her about visiting Nicole with good news … Back at DiMera mansion fake Nicole tells flabbergasted Ted she wants no one to know anything and hits him on the head with a fire poker. Ted goes down! Kristen DiMera is the chef of her own destiny …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, June 14, 2019