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Episode 13,609
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope leaves Ciara an anxious message outside the club. Dapper date Ted approaches asking about Ben’s arrest. Hope sighs he set her family cabin a blaze with Tripp and Haley inside. Eli arrived in time and caught Ben with a little lighter She questions the motive. Ted suavely suggests they share a bottle of wine and asks her to accept his jewelry gift now that she is divorced. She tells him to put it away …Victor wonders whether he drove Maggie to drink. Brady is at her side … Sarah seriously doubts Xandy is her miracle. He gushes he can get her Rolf’s diary … Eric gets home from a run and drinks some water. He then flings his photo album of Nicole aside … Fake Nicole convinces Stefan to let her in and sighs so many memories of hers are here. He wants her to explain what this is about. She swears him to secrecy first … Marlena and Kate woefully discuss Will outside his room. Kate laments they are losing him again. Marlena still has hope … Sarah suspiciously asks why Xandy would get them the diary. He wants to help her and mum. They had a nice chat the other night and he wants to do something nice. She probes what he wants and slaps him when he suggests another tryst … Nicole hears from Stefan that he can tell Chloe nothing now cos she moved out. She thinks it is for the best. He suggests she try forgiving her. Nicole, however, has a grudge. He asks again what she wants. It is about DiMera …

Ted wants to prove his worth to wonderful woman Hope … Marlena updates Kate on John telling Paul in person. He is devastated about Will. Kate sighs Lucas is heartbroken and heading home. Marlena sighs Sami too. Kate puts on a brave face and notes she must now plan a wedding. Marlena agrees to keep her posted and they emotionally embrace … At the café Maggie admits to Victor that she was stressed cos of Holly. The Greek growls Nicole should not have blamed her. Brady tries to defend her. Sweet Maggie just wants to stay sober. Vic asks how to help. She asks him to calm down. They can converse later. He agrees and lets her know he loves her as she leaves with Brady. She whispers she loves him too, a tear in her eye … Back at DiMera mansion Nicole talks terrible profits with suspicious Stefan. She gushes she can help him at DiMera and ominously adds she would sure fit in. Food for thought …

Eric joins Marlena and asks how Sami reacted. She tells him his twin will be needing them. She now asks about Nicole and he sighs he seemed to have ruined his chance at romance … Nicole smoothly states Stefan kept the rights to Basic Black and suggests he put her in charge to let it soar. Stefan says no … Uneasy Ted gets introduced to Rex at the club … Sarah rages at Xandy, who reminds her she cannot trust fiancé Rex. She retorts HE is not trustworthy and also heartless. He argues he wants to offer the important Rolf diary to prove himself. Maggie arrives with suspicious Brady. The black sheep Kiriakis is happy to see her and gushes he bears good news. Sarah gets more exasperated by the Salem second … Fake Nicole asks Stefan to elaborate. He cares not to revive the failed Basic Black. She argues he owes her cos of Holly. Stefan is still not impressed. Power hungry Kristen aka Nicole knows all about DiMera losing to Titan. She grins they both hate Victor and could bring him down together … Kate finds Victor at the café with a drink. She assumes he is glum about Will. Nothing is further from his mind. She gets upset cos Will has only days left. Victor had no idea. Kate deduces he heard about Maggie falling off the wagon. He admits he did not handle the news well … Maggie lets her tough guy pal know she enjoyed their talk. Sarah hisses he must have somewhere to go. He is happy that his favorite redhead is in better spirits and discreetly departs. Maggie wants Brady to stay and now informs Sarah she was the one who needed the meeting … Rex updates Hope on Xander trying to meddle with Holly’s file and what it might mean. Ted listens. Hope thinks it sounds evil. Ted starts to sweat in his designer suit … Xander takes out his Rolf diary and wonders what to do – sell it to the highest bidder or place it in sweet Sarah’s hands. The smitten tough guy has his eye on the prize …

Victor wishes he would say the right things to the redhead he loves. Kate asks if she is getting help. Brady escorted her to a meeting. Victor asks how she handled it with Lucas. Kate admits he was in bad shape before he decided to get sober but it sounds promising that Maggie wants help. She points out he should be gentle as she has endured a lot … Sarah hugs mama Maggie, sorry she fell off the wagon. She wishes she had been there for her. Maggie praises Brady. Sarah is grateful he made her wait. Maggie wonders what they have been withholding. Sarah weeps she has to share news … Marlena urges Eric not to give up on Nicole no matter what she says. He is torn and still loves her. Perhaps she needs some peace. Marlena suggests he try again with Sarah, who might rather want to be with him over Rex anyway. Here comes Rex … Nicole hears from Stefan that he offered Abe the CCO position. She sighs and asks if he accepted. Not yet. She argues new blood is a good idea so he should also revitalize with her. Stefan smiles in surrender and welcomes her to DiMera. They shake hands and she raises her wicked eyebrows …

At the club, Ted talks specials on the menu. Hope, however, hastily excuses herself as the family needs her now. He pours himself wine with a sly smile and decides he is gonna prove himself to this women he wants. He knows exactly what to do … Ted now heads to the Kiriakis mansion. Xandy opens the door and orders him to leave. Ted knows how he switched Holly’s report and wanted to make sure there are no loose ends. He asks about the real Holly report that shows she did not die. Xandy insists he has it hidden and kicks him out …Nicole and Stefan make a toast. She insists on waiting around for the paperwork. He suggests she make herself at home. She smiles she is back where she belongs … Rex did not seem to hear Marlena and is sorry to inform her and Eric that there is no good news to report on Will. He steps away. Eric insists he and Sarah have no future … Sarah emotionally informs Maggie things do not look well for Will. They do not have Rolf’s diary to help recreate the formula. She gets mad at Xan the man when he arrives to make an announcement. Meanwhile Ted sneaks back in and creeps upstairs … Hope hugs Eric at the hospital after asking Marlena about Will. She is sorry about Nicole … Ted the thief in the night reaches for Holly’s real file … Nicole – who is really Kristen – speaks to Stefano’s portrait. She raises her glass and triumphantly tells him the phoenix rises again through her … Victor and Kate drink to a miracle. He admits it will be hard to give up his cocktails for the woman he loves … Brady and Sarah want Xan the man to go. Maggie thanks him for his concern. Alas no one can help. He gleefully gives her Rolf’s coveted diary to save her beloved Will. Maggie gasps. He grins. Brady grimaces. Sarah soap stares …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, June 13, 2019