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Episode 13,608
1340 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jen accuses Eve of stealing Rolf’s diary from Seth so Jack would never remember …Jack runs into coffee Abe at the pub. He waits to be congratulated … Stefan runs after stylish Chloe at the square and grovels … Rex suggests Sarah warn mama Maggie that Will has only days left. She cannot cos she is in bad shape … At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie has a headache. Brady insists she attend the meeting and gives her a pep talk. The redhead asks about Nicole. She knows she saw Kristen at her door … Kristen toys with her Nicole mask, Brady on her mind. Xander appears at her door and gives his boss a dark stare when she asks what he wants … Sarah assures Rex her mom will accept him after they are wed. They kiss … Brady believes Maggie merely imagined Kristen. The redhead sighs she seemed so real … Xander wants to borrow Kristen’s charger. She gets mad and he calls her beechy. He updates her on Maggie seeing her and sending Brady to check it out. Kristen gets her coffee and pokes fun at Maggie. Much to her surprise Xander defends her … Abe has no interest in congratulating Jack, who boasts about getting Haley. Abe reminds him he also got his son arrested and steps away. Food for thought …

Eve acts innocent. Jen hisses Will is gonna lose his life unless she does the right thing. Eve gets back to her paperwork and screams to go. Jen primly sits down instead. Jack walks in. Eve complains. Jen talks saving a life. John has reason to believe that Eve stole Rolf’s diary and has been withholding it so Jack does not remember who he is … Chloe calls Stefan disgusting and stomps off. Victor looks up from his table and applauds. That girl ruins lives like Brady for example … Brady gets himself a coffee and admits to Maggie it astonished him to see her asleep on the sofa with Xander. He carried her to bed but knows she could not have been sober. Maggie updates him on their candid conversation. Xander was sweet. His father was lost when he was a kid and mom was an alcoholic. He rather raised himself. His tale of woe rang true. Brady worries about her dealing with that devil … Xander informs Kristen he rather bonded with Maggie last night. The redhead reminds him of his own motha. Kristen taunts him. He decides Maggie might put in a good word for him with sweet daughter Sarah. Kristen complain about Brady. Xander warns not to push. She realizes he is right and decides to focus on the next delicious thing she wants – to run DiMera!

Rex enters the club, where Chloe is banging the silverware. Tis her rage over Stefan. She sighs and blames herself … Back at the café Stefan quips he needs no personal advice. Victor notes he has no luck in his business life either. DiMera is floundering. Stefan has something up his sleeve and greets Abe. He grins he played chess online with Theo, who told him of a magnificent move he taught him. Victor quips that can keep Abe busy now that he seems retired. Stefan slyly suggests he come work at DiMera instead. Abe looks more than a little surprised. Victor digests … Jen tells Jack the facts that point to Eve as the perp who stole Rolf’s diary. Jack listens as she updates him on Rolf’s formula being in said diary which could save Will. Eve protests. Jen gives Jack a heartfelt plea to make Eve do the right thing this time and takes off. Jack calmly asks Eve for the truth …Brady warns Maggie Xander is not to be trusted! They are about to leave for the meeting until …. Sarah bursts in … Xander looks forward to Kristen taking over DiMera whilst he accomplishes his Titan coup. Sweet revenge. She reminds him her father loved her. Xander reminds her she has no DiMera blood. She argues Stefan still shaped her in his image. She and EJ understood what DiMera was unlike Stefan. They lost EJ to Sami and now she has to grab the DiMera reins on her own. Xander alludes to “the others” who could help …

Jack wants the truth. Has Eve withheld Rolf’s diary? She replies she would hand it over to help Will as well as help him remember. However she would worry about the risks involved with the serum … Sarah is stunned when Brady mutters he must attend a meeting with Maggie. He pretends he is the one with a problem. Maggie heads upstairs for her purse. Brady suggests Sarah wait with her bad news … Stefan thinks Abe would be a great CCO. He needs a person of integrity who is loved by the public. Victor heckles. Abe asks what would be involved. Stefan talks family trust. Abe is intrigued … Xander refers to Jack and the others – W.R., A.V. A.D. and S.D. He recalls Kristen insisted on looking after A.D. and S.D. on her own and he knew which significant Salemites those initials referred to. Andre DiMera and Stefano DiMera ...

At the club Rex and Chloe talk relationship woes. He wants to do right by Sarah and set a stellar example for daughter Emily, his light. Chloe can relate and cries about Holly. Rex holds her hands and comforts her. He then lets her know the patient he is losing is one she knows … Abe will be in touch with Stefan. Stefan suggests Victor keep his silence. Victor sarcastically wishes him luck and returns to reading the paper … Xander deduces A.D. could actually be Andre or Anthony DiMera! Then there is the unstoppable Stefano. They all could have risen from the ashes just like her … Chloe is stunned by Rex’s news on Will and wonders whether Lucas knows. Rex sighs Will was holding out for a miracle but now there are only days. They would need Rolf’s formula to recreate the antidote. The notes he has are mostly about masks that would make someone look like someone else … Xander waits for Kristen to reply but gets a text summons from Eve … Jack assures Eve remembering the past would not put their present at risk. She claims she is just worried the serum could make him unwell like Will. He smiles so she knows not where the diary is? Eve goes silent with tears of torment in her eyes … Maggie and Brady walk post meeting at the square. It went well and she thanks him, then wonders what Sarah was about to tell her. Victor spies them from his seat and growls she should be resting at home instead of helping Brady with the meeting. Maggie admits she is the one who fell off the wagon … Eve knows not where the diary ended up and wants Will to be helped. Jack accepts that and they embrace. He is relieved there are no lies between them … Chloe heads to the kitchen to check in with the chef. Rex calls Sarah, asking whether she told Maggie about Will. Not yet and she wishes they would find that diary. She is counting on a miracle. After the call, Xander appears and gushes he is her miracle … Abe catches up with Jen and hears JJ is on bail. He updates her on his CCO offer from DiMera. Jen gasps he could not go to work for Stefan! Abe admits he is considering … At DiMera mansion Stefan ends a call with board man Shin about the greatness that is Abe. Ding dong! There is no manservant in sight. Stefan opens his door to “Nicole” and growls Chloe is gone. Nicole claims she is here for HIM.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, June 12, 2019