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Episode 13,607
1340 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will repeats his sweet proposal to Sonny, who gushes yes. They kiss … Gabi rushes to Kayla having heard about Will. Kayla wishes she had happier news … Jen walks with JJ outside the pub, where they pause. She thanks him for making Jack drop the charges and warns he still wants to get Haley. JJ whispers she is far from here … Tripp argues with Eli, who has to follow the law and report to Eve. He slaps the cuffs on Tripp too … Ciara heads to the station to save Ben from Eve the beech. Claire cannot talk her out of it and goes after her … Ben tries to argue with Eve, then realizes he has to play it cool. She leers she is never gonna let him go … Jen is sitting on a pretty bench and agrees with phone Abigail she wishes Jack was the man he used to be. The call ends and JJ comes out with the coffees. Jen now gets a text about the cabin fire. JJ laments that was where he left Haley and Tripp … Ciara storms over to Eve at the station demanding to see Ben. Eve accuses him of trying to kill Haley and Tripp … As Eli handcuffs Tripp, apprehended Haley starts to cough from smoke inhalation. Tripp insists they get the girl to a hospital … Gabi cries when she learns Will has but days left. She wonders where Sonny is. Kayla patiently points out he is where he belongs, with Will, and gets paged … Sonny and Will exchange heartfelt I love yous. Sonny now reads Will’s recent words from his journal and gets choked up. Memories, wrote Will, are moments. Will continues reading about his and Sonny’s story being precious moments. He shall remember being in his arms forever. Sonny is much moved. Will wants to share their good news …

Smoke inhalation Haley is brought in on a gurney. JJ rushes to her side. Eli insists on accompanying his arrested fugitive. Sooty Tripp soap stares. JJ is stunned … Eve explains to Claire and Ciara that Ben tried to kill Tripp and Haley but they are alright. Ciara denies it was Ben’s doing and heads to see him in a huff. Eve stops Claire and wants an explanation. The crazy cupcake returns her stare … Ciara asks Ben what happened. He confirms the real culprit was Claire … Eve blasts Claire for setting the blaze. The crazed cupcake screams Tripp was taking off to be with that beech Haley but if she cannot have him no one can … Sonny ends a call with Adrienne, who is on board. Gabi bursts in and cries she will do whatever Will wants. He asks for a hug and she falls apart on him … Tripp updates Jen and JJ on the blaze. According to Eli it was Ben … Eve offers to press charges against Tripp. Claire continues to scream about Haley and makes a complete confession in Eve’s office. Then she sees the way Eve is looking at her. Eve urges her to breathe and answer … Did anyone notice her at the cabin? Claire shakes her blonde head. Eve breathes a sigh of relief …

Ben admits he did not actually see fire starter Claire but at the café he recognized her ringtone as being at the cabin that fateful night. She set this second fire as was indicated by the presence of the lighter. Ciara does not want to believe she could have betrayed her but Ben is convinced Claire tried to kill her too. The tears flow. Ciara asks when he heard the ringtone. At the café. He wanted to tell Ciara but then she ran after Eve. She understands why he went looking for Claire, then ran into Rory. Ben had to do what he had to for the truth and sighs he was holding the lighter at the cabin when Eli found him. However, where is the logic in Claire wanting to do such a thing at the same place again? Ciara replies that is where Tripp and Haley were hiding … Eve points out to Claire that Ben holding the lighter is proof but she needs a motive. Claire tells her that there is no love lost between Tripp and Ben … JJ gets his chance to go to Haley. Kayla insists on checking out Tripp the son of Steve … Gabi bawls when she learns Sonny and Will shall wed again and offers her ring, which is Ari’s birthstone. That will make the engagement official … Will asks for the honor and Sonny gushes his answer is yes. Always. He gets the ring on his finger and the guys kiss. Gabi gets in the family hug …

Kayla is relieved Tripp checked out alright and wonders why he was there. Tripp cannot say. She smiles he is secretive like Steve. He hugs her and heads off. Jen notes they cannot stop their boys from being heroes. When she mentions Will, Kayla updates her on the days of Will’s life coming to an end, Eve’s refusal to help … Claire smugly states Tripp tried to keep Ben away from Ciara by trying to frame him for the other fire. Eve likes the sound of that story. She could spin it as Ben’s revenge. When she adds Ben recognized Claire’s ringtone as having been present at Ciara’s fire, the pyro princess panics. If Ben knows she is guilty as soap sin he will also tell Ciara … Ben breathes a sigh of relief when Ciara assures him Haley and Tripp are alright. Claire could have killed them! Ben’s eyes narrow. She tried the same on Ciara. Ciara gets upset … Eli allows JJ some privacy with Haley. She coughs and JJ admits he was worried. She is happy he is not locked up. He grins he made bail. She apologizes for everything. He notes this is the only place he wants to be and promises more good times together. He whispers they should make another run for it, just the two of them this time …

Sonny admires the green ring and Will laughs. Sonny would wear a cereal box ring if it meant he belonged to him. They snuggle like there is no tomorrow … Jen is aghast that Eve cares not about saving Will. She suspects she is withholding Rolf’s diary so Jack never remembers and storms off … JJ has big ideas but Haley is too tired to run … Tripp asks Eli how he can help Haley. Eli hates following his orders and warns Tripp not to make another mistake. The fire was crazy. Tripp questions whether it was really set by Ben … Ciara’s first thought is to confront Claire but Ben has a better plan … Eve assures Claire she will be able to get rid of Ben regardless of what he heard. Claire hugs her and asks what comes next. Eve sends her home, warns her to say nothing of the matter to no one and no more fires … Claire steps out of her office and finds herself face to face with a very serious Ciara … JJ implores Haley to run to Canada with him. She is fed up with the fighting and cannot be a fugitive. She shall return to China and end the madness. JJ would do anything for her. She asks him to stay and hold her hand. He kisses it and she swoons … Tripp sees holes in the theory that Ben set the fire and says so to Eli … Claire wonders what Ben said. Ciara fibs Ben pointed the finger at Claire but she knows he is nuts, whereas they are family. She hugs her and remembers Ben’s orders to pretend to turn against him. Then Claire will get comfortable and slip up … Eve leaves Ted a message to come back as D.A. and get justice against Ben, who is going down. Jen suddenly bursts in with something to say …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 11, 2019