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Episode 13,606
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sonny growls at Eve to hand over Rolf’s diary or else! She quips she is the commissioner but Sonny is desperate for Will and will not back down … In the kitchen Rafe wonders why Lani kissed him. She feels since they are both free they should be together … for David … At the park Rory claims Ben threatened him. Ciara has her doubts. Eli overhears … Claire and her black nails have set the cozy cabin ablaze with Tripp and Haley inside. The doe eyed demento drops her little lighter, throws their fake passports on some logs and then runs away … Sonny knows Eve has the diary but Eve denies it. He rages Will’s only hope is Rolf’s formula. He offers her anything and cries the man he loves is dying. When he mentions their daughter Eve starts to melt … Ciara warns Eli that Rory is high again. Eli demands answers and talks tough. Where is Ben Weston! Rory stammers he went to Horton cabin. Eli takes off and Ciara probes … Haley and Tripp are waiting for Rory. She worries what if JJ cannot join her in Canada. Tripp smells smoke as it seeps through the door … Ben gets to the blaze in time. Claire is long gone …

Back in the kitchen Rafe notes Lani is not herself. Lani uses the F word. Family. Rafe apologizes … Eve swears to Sonny on Paige’s grave that Rolf’s diary is not in her possession. He asks if she destroyed it. Negative. He warns she better not be lying or Will’s death will be on her. He departs and Eve considers … Ciara gets miffed when Rory insults Ben and demands to know why he went to Smith Island. Spooked Rory runs off … Ben tries to put out the fire and picks up the hot lighter. What the hell has Claire done! … Haley and Tripp open and close the door. Ben is about to run in when Eli races over and has him arrested for arson. Ben gasps to get the people out. Haley screams …. In Will’s room Kate cries to Roman about Will only having days. She blames Kayla for not fighting. Roman mentions Rolf’s diary. Sonny walks in sighing it was a dead end … Eve leaves Xander a mad message to hand over Rolf’s diary or else … Rafe did not realize Lani was not over losing her son. She insists she wanted to help this David. Rafe states she lost sight of who this David’s mother is. Jordan. She argues she is locked up and Ben the fire starting serial killer is an unworthy brother …. At the square, Claire hears Ciara leaving Ben an anxious message, believing him to be at Smith Island… Haley and Tripp head for the burning window and then turn back. Haley takes a fall and loses consciousness …

Back in the kitchen Rafe reasons Lani had a fantasy in her head. She weeps it was as real as her love for and from David and refers to him as hers. Then she gasps and breaks down. Her David is gone! She had so much love to give and this baby boy needed her. Alas she let it take over. No one will ever replace her baby. Rafe consoles her with a hug. She cries she is sorry to her lost son … Sonny explains Eve insisted she did not have the diary. Kate cannot accept that Will is on his last leg. He wakes up and warns she should for he surely has … Eve storms out of her office to see Xander. On the way the detective booking Ben hands her the lighter in an evidence bag. Eve smugly offers to take over. She has Ben exactly where she wants him now … Eli and the cops are trying to put out the fire. Tripp feebly lies down beside Haley as the smoke takes over … Ciara innocently updates curious Claire on Ben taking off, then Rory claiming Ben threatened him for information. Claire looks nervous when she adds Rory said Ben was at Smith Island. Eli left to check it out. She considers also going there. Claire stops her …

Kate implores Will not to give up. He laments it is a losing battle. He senses he is slipping away. Sonny watches with tears in his eyes. Roman assures him Marlena is calling mama Sami. Will weeps in relief and asks Kate to contact Lucas. Kate cries she loves him so. Will loves her right back. Roman drawls he loves him and hang in there. He follows Kate out. Sonny laments he let down the love of his life … Lani thanks Rafe for forcing her to face the truth. He thanks her for her kindness. She agrees when he decides to get someone else to help him with this David. Lani wants to say goodbye. Rafe agrees … Eli kicks down the door and finds Tripp and Haley lying on the floor together … Claire tries to talk Ciara out of going to Smith Island. Ciara senses something is off. Claire claims the problem must be Ben … Eve has Ben in a room and starts to record. He insists the fire was already started before he arrived by Claire Brady. She did the same to Ciara …

Sonny woefully updates Will on Eve not having Rolf’s diary. Will reminds him he wanted the serum and has no regrets as they had the chance to love each other again. Sonny cherished every second. They know Lucas and Sami will be here soon. Will smiles he wants to have a wedding. He is living every day of his life to the fullest … Eli has gotten Tripp and Haley out and orders the female cop to call for a chopper. He does cpr on Haley as Tripp coughs and starts to sit up … Claire the crazy cupcake claims Ben is not better but Ciara calls him a good guy. Claire claims even good people do bad things and remembers snapping when she saw Tripp with Haley. Sometimes people get hurt or feel unloved but once you snap you do not come back … Eve doubts Ben’s accusation against Claire even when he reveals she was acting strangely with the lighter. That is not all. Dr. Marlena hypnotized him and he remembered hearing Claire’s telltale ringtone at the scene of the cabin when Ciara was there! Eve calls him a psycho trying to frame Claire for his own crime. Deep down she knows he is right but she is hungry for revenge … Lani says a heartfelt goodbye to David. Rafe urges her to go work things out with Eli. Tis not too late … Haley coughs and wakes up. Tripp thanks Eli for saving them but Eli announces he is here to make an arrest … Ciara gets a text about the blaze at Smith Island. Claire quickly asks if they are dead. Ciara is stunned she would say such a thing, then gasps Ben got arrested … Ben tells Eve the whole truth about Rory telling him about Smith Island and … Eve screams he shall pay for Paige … Kate wants to go after Eve. Roman suggests they do what Will wants. Kate breaks down. He suggests they lean on one another … Sonny wonders what wedding. Will gushes he cannot get down on his knee but he wants to marry him again. It would be wonderful for Arianna to see him wed Sonny the wonderful. In the last days of his life he would love nothing more. He emotionally asks Jackson Steven Krikiakis to do him the sweet honor ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, June 10, 2019