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Episode 13,605
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe comes back to help Lani with little David. She notices his no sling and he twirls her around. They laugh and he lets her know she can get on with her life. Lani’s face falls … Sonny ends a call with Adrienne at the hospital. John approaches having been summoned with doc. Sonny sighs. The news is not good … In Will’s room, Marlena learns from Will’s courageous lips that he has only days of his life remaining … Tripp and Haley are packing at the cabin. He is sorry this whole mess started with him and Claire … Ben freezes when he hears Claire’s telltale ringtone. Dangerous drums play. Ciara senses something. Claire scurries away to place their order. Ciara wonders … Haley feels to blame but Tripp blames himself for assuming Claire would accept their marriage of convenience. Haley worries what if Claire finds out he is here … At the park Claire takes the return call from Eve and complains Ben is out to get her. He tried to convince Ciara she was guilty! She lets it slip he saw her trying to torch Tripp’s clothes. Eerie music plays. Eve needs the little lighter so she can plant it on Ben … Ben does not deny to Ciara that something is indeed the matter …

Rafe will require a babysitter sometimes but reminds Lani she has her life and her job waiting, not to mention Eli. Lani looooooves being with David. Rafe stops her from changing his diaper and takes his little man into the other room. Lani looks stressed. Eli shows up at the red door but she is less than thrilled to see him … Marlena wants to speak to Kayla. Will stops her. The blonde fights back the tears and brings up his folks. He admits he was hoping for a miracle …. All of a sudden his head hurts and she holds his hands. He asks her to call mama Sami. She weeps she will … John woefully sits with Sonny, who has given him the sad news. John is at a loss and wipes away a tear. Sonny wishes they could get Rolf’s diary. John lets him know he got a lead. Someone might know where said diary is. Sonny asks for a name … Eli is happy to hear Rafe has the sling off and assumes Lani will be free again. She wants to stay a few days … for David’s sake. Eli disagrees. Lani insists. Offended Eli decides they are done … Tripp the son of Steve is a standup guy who is determined to do the right thing. Haley is grateful. He laments he might have caused Claire to lose it … Eve will meet messed up Claire soon and suggests she avoid Ben …

Ben pauses. Sweet Ciara begs him to explain … Claire is pacing at the pretty flowers when she runs into Rory. He has dropped his passports for Tripp and Haley and she picks them up. The princess panics. She was told JJ was running away with Haley, not her beloved Tripp … John shares the details. Sonny also deduces Eve has Rolf’s diary and does not want Jack’s memories to return. Shameless! John drawls that’s a fact and warns Eve will not get a conscience anytime soon … Eve appears at the café and taunts Ben as the necktie killer. Ciara dismisses her. The new commiss hisses she is gonna lock him up … Ciara storms after her. But Ben has other matters on his mind – like where Claire went … Claire assures Rory she is aware of the fake marriage but she must be kept in the loop. Rory shares the latest on Tripp now taking off with Haley. Claire hears they are at the Horton cabin and gets a glint in her eye. She offers to take the passports in his place. Rory is relieved especially after she warns the cops could be watching him. She quips the cabin is in her family and gets going. A few seconds pass. Here comes Ben … Haley gives good guy Tripp a pep talk. He admits he used to be angry and then decided to help others the way Steve and Kayla helped him. But he fears he pushed Claire too far and wants her brought back from the dark side. Haley thinks he is sweet. He admits he is done with her romantically and hangs his head. Haley puts her arm around her friend … In the kitchen Eli blasts Lani for living with his partner and acting like that baby is hers. He is not the David they lost. She only wants to help this baby who needs her and accepts his decision. He starts to apologize but she orders him to leave. Exit Eli … Marlena approaches John and Sonny, who asks how Will fares. The nurse gave him something for the pain and he is asleep. Sonny wants to be by his side so he knows he is there even while he is sleeping … John holds the woman he loves. Is Sami aware? No since Will did not wish his folks to worry. He sighs tis time to tell them and assures sweetheart he is here. She cries on his strong shoulder … Eve hunts high and low for Claire and sends a text asking where she is. Ciara catches up with her outside the pub and they bicker about Ben. Eve argues the lighter that started all the fires ended up at the loft. Ciara counters the cops found nothing linking it to the fire in question. Eve boasts the new Salem PD is better and warns Ciara she is involved with a monster …

Rory tries to blow off Ben when he quietly asks where Claire went. He identifies himself as Ben Weston. Rory digests. He killed Paige! Ben explains he got help and was cured but he needs to know which way Claire went … Princess Claire caught the express ferry to the island and peeks through the cabin window. She spies Tripp hugging Haley. Her dark side tells her they were lying the whole time. They must pay … As the Salem patient sleeps, Sonny picks up the Greek good luck chain that was supposed to keep his sweetheart safe. He prays it will work its magic now and implores him to fight. Eve must share Rolf’s diary or he shall make it his life’s mission to ruin her. Sonny stares like a Kiriakis … Eve leaves Claire an impatient message. She needs the lighter now … Ciara comes back to the café but Ben is gone … Rory suspects Ben wants to strangle him. Ben grabs him by the collar and warns he might do that if he continues to stand in his way. Rory hyperventilates … Claire’s dark side tells her that Tripp and Haley are making a fool of her. Then she spies gasoline and pours it around the cabin as though in a trance … all the way up to the door …

Rafe returns to the kitchen. Lani laments Eli ended their relationship but does not share the details. Rafe is sorry but not Lani, who surprises him with a kiss on the lips … Marlena leaves Sami an urgent message to call her. There is not much time … Will is now sleeping with Sonny’s good luck necklace around his neck … Sonny bursts into Eve’s office and demands Rolf’s diary or else … Ciara runs into incoherent Rory. He gasps the necktie killer just threatened to off him … Back at the cabin Haley and Tripp wonder about their passports. Outside Claire uses her little lighter to set the place on fire. Then the wicked witch of Salem watches …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, June 5, 2019