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Episode 13,604
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara finds sweetheart Ben asleep at the DiMera mansion desk. He was nightmaring about the cabin fire … At the cabin Tripp ignores another call from Claire as JJ and Haley stand by. Tripp is Salem bound but JJ and Haley are heading for Canada … Eve has Rory in a room at the station and leaves him with Little Jen. Jack looks through the window and laughs. He plans to put the squeeze on Jen for JJ’s whereabouts. Eve wishes he would avoid her. Jack smirks … Claire is alone at the loft kitchen and leaves Tripp a message. Where was he all night? Marlena drops by with her fav cookies. Claire sighs Ciara asked her to come … Sonny enters Will’s room with bagels for breakfast. Will is busily looking for a lead and asks Sonny to bring his computer from home. He plans to write a big story that involves his family including Jen, who is in jail. He laments it might be his last … JJ gets a call from Jen on his secret cell and picks up. Alas it is smug Jack calling … Ciara cannot believe Claire was the cabin fire starter. Ben hopes she is right. However, he needs a new session with Marlena … Claire sits primly with her legs crossed and states Ciara is worried. Marlena wonders why that is. Claire is heartbroken Tripp broke up with her and admits she did a dumb thing. Marlena asks for details. She complains she felt kicked out, rejected and insulted when she was asked to move out. Marlena asks if she took action against Tripp since she did mention doing something she should not have. Claire goes strangely silent. Marlena asks honey again …

Will is having a hard time writing. Sonny does not want him to say this is his last story but Will seems to have given up. He wants to file this before he is gone and needs his computer. Sonny takes the pad and offers to help write it up. He hears that Jen attacked Mayor Jack but Will is having trouble with some names. Sonny suggests a slant with less to remember. Will sighs like his will … Rory lies he hasn’t seen JJ lately. Jen makes nice but when she uses the word compensate Eve walks in accusing her of bribery … Phone Jack smugly informs JJ that Jen is being processed for hitting his head. T’was a felony plus she aided and abetted Tripp who fled with the fake passports. He suggests his son turn himself in with Haley. Only then will he drop the charges against Jen. JJ is disgusted. Jack suggests he hurry … Ciara asks about Ben’s hypnosis. He admits there was one new thing … Claire confesses she made the recording that exposed Tripp and Haley’s fake marriage. She felt betrayed by Haley taking away Tripp, her leading man! Marlena is concerned. Claire stands up and hisses she hates herself now. Marlena hugs her and assures the lost girl she loves her and will not judge. Claire has not heard from Tripp and assumes he stayed away all night on purpose … JJ admits to Tripp he is at a loss what to do about Jen. Haley announces they must return …

Jack taunts Jen he just talked to JJ. He is hopefully coming back soon with Haley to keep mama out of the slammer. Jen is horrified. Jack smoothly states he will have all charges against their son dropped so long as he delivers Haley … JJ knows the cops will be able to track them cos of his phone and concludes he should turn himself in. Haley gasps nooooooo. JJ asks Tripp to now take Haley across the border. He will fix things with his mom and then fly north to join her. Tripp believes they both deserve to be happy and agrees. The fugitive in pink cries but JJ promises this is not goodbye. They kiss like there is no tomorrow … Ben updates Ciara on the strange music he heard in his memory. It was near the cabin. Ciara wonders so he hums it. She teases he sounds tone deaf so he tries again … Claire gets miffed that Marlena thinks she is messed up. Marlena talks therapy, then spies the fixed up figurine that belongs to Maggie. Claire admits she got mad and praises Ciara for putting back the pieces. Marlena is concerned she attacked someone else’s property. Claire notes Ciara is her best friend now. Marlena mentions the time Ciara took off on her bike when she spied Claire with Tripp. She wonders whether subconsciously Claire wanted to harm her. Claire flashes back to her little lighter and gasps she has got to tell her …

Claire starts to swear Marlena to secrecy then gets a call from Tripp. He fibs her he has to go see Steve, who is on an ISA case so he cannot say more. Claire is relieved, agrees to cover his shift, and looks forward to his return in a few days. Marlena wants to know what she was about to confess. She smiles she does not like those cookies anymore and makes for the door to cover Tripp’s shift like a dutiful girlfriend. Marlena asks about her ringtone cos it sounded … different. Claire boasts she composed it herself. No one else has anything like it … Tripp tells Haley they will be needing new fake passports … Jen argues Jack deserved what he got. JJ comes in miffed his father has her in cuffs. Jack wants Haley. JJ is not saying anything until his mother is released. Jack thought they had a deal … Eve releases Rory, who notices she does not know what she is doing. The commiss gets a call … Jack returns to JJ and informs him the charges were dismissed with prejudice so Jen is free to go. Now he asks his son where Haley is. JJ snaps to go to hell. Jack reminds him they made a deal. JJ scoffs he lied … Will gets testy again and apologizes for raising his voice at sweet Sonny. He hates how this is making him act. He further hates that he has to leave sweet Sonny, their daughter and his clan. How he fought to come back! Sonny kisses his head. Marlena sweeps in and then decides to come back but Will wants her to stay …

Ciara and Ben are at the café looking at menus that Claire just handed them. Ciara wishes he would stop suspecting Claire, who seems to have overheard. Ben promises to try … Sonny gives Marlena a moment with Will, who admits he asked Kayla not to contact anyone since this is hard to say … He is slipping away. According to Kayla it could be a few days … Claire leaves Eve a desperate message to neutralize Ben now … At the cabin, Tripp wonders who can get fake passports. Haley suggests Claire. Tripp would prefer Ciara but Haley has concerns about Ben. Tripp now reads a message from JJ that Rory was released so they decide to reach out … JJ notes he is nothing like Jack and will never betray Haley. Jack orders his arrest. Jen cannot believe it. Ruthless Jack warns his son he will pay … Eve listens to Claire’s message about Ben but she is too busy … Claire sweetly asks Ciara and Ben for their order. Ciara orders the all American breakfast. Ben starts to sip his glass of water but freezes when he hears Claire’s cell phone. Tis the music he heard at the cabin! Claire tries to turn it off. Ben’s eyes the blonde fire starter who almost got away with it. Almost …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, June 4, 2019