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Episode 13,603
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gabi leaves Kate a message, seeking her help with the Stefan situation but she must be careful. Stefan suspiciously comes up behind her. Be careful about what! … At the club Julie has it covered and suggests Chloe take the night off. Chloe needs to be busy and cries she wants the blue napkins out. Julie tries to console her about Holly … At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie staggers and raises a glass to her lips. Here comes Xander noting she started early on the nightcaps … At the apartment Rex sighs to Sarah his notes from Rolf led nowhere for Will. Sarah thinks the mask pictures seem so sci fi … Fake Nicole has blood on her arm from her staged fall. Brady comes in as Eric insists he was trying to help … Rex updates stunned Sarah on Andre running around town in such a mask of Roman while murdering people once upon a time. Rolf was obsessed with perfecting the mask … Fake Nicole tells Brady that Eric was really rough with her. Eric apologizes for grabbing her arm. She hisses to get out and stay away from her forever. Brady soap stares. Poor Eric. He has no idea he was tangling not with Nicole but with the devil in disguise …

Elegant Jack and Eve enter the club. Julie insists on a word with the new mayor and hauls him aside. Chloe complains to Eve about Stefan being a big mistake … Gabi lies she was speaking to Sonny about Ari. She assumes Stefan and Chloe worked things out. He rages Chloe moved out with her kid and it is all her fault … Maggie has just buried her beloved granddaughter and snaps at Xander to go to hell. He decides they should toast to her memory and offers Maggie another. She runs out holding her stomach. Xander downs the drink … Rex decides to head to the hospital, worried about Will. Sarah is worried about Eric, who went to see Nicole … Fake Nicole threatens to call the cops. Brady assures his brother he will look after this. Eric goes and Kristen hugs Brady her hero, still wearing her Nicole mask … Julie gives Jack a hard time about hurting Jen. This is not the Jack they lost. This Jack is the bad version. Jack tries to explain when she questions his appointment of Eve as commissioner. And what about his son?! When Jack lets it slip he sent Jen to jail, Julie is appalled. Meanwhile Chloe updates Eve, who is sorry about Stefan running around with Gabi. Chloe blames herself …Out in the garden Gabi offers to talk to Chloe and acts indignant when Stefan rages she tempted him. She fumes he can just forget about everything …

Eric comes back with a long face and admits to Sarah it did not go well chez Nicole … Brady informs “Nicole” that Maggie told him Kristen DiMera opened her door. She scoffs … Julie argues Jen was just trying to knock some sense into Jack when she clocked him! He admits Jen thought he had a memory of her in a guard uniform – a detail he might have read somewhere. Julie admits she would be happy to have the real Jack back … Xander helps Maggie and gives her a glass of wata. He eats his melted ice cream snack and asks how many she had. The redhead does not recall and tells him today was her first drink in 30 years. Brady was so mad! Xander muses yet he left her alone. She explains she sent him off to the Salem Inn cos she is certain she saw Kristen. Xander pauses … Nicole informs Brady that Maggie was drunk when she came by and even called her Kristen. Brady wonders whether Nicole was in a red dress at the time. She denies it but stops when she spies said red dress nearby …

Stefan snaps they are done! Gabi accuses him of lust. He bids her good night and then stops … At the elegant club Jack claims he is the new improved Jack. Julie has a good laugh and notes he is not the first unqualified idiotic arrogant man to hold a powerful position. Jack gets mad and then suddenly remembers she is a COW. Julie sighs … At the bar Eve starts to tell Chloe her latest dilemma until Jack returns, deciding it is time to depart … Xander reminds the redhead that Kristen is not alive. Maggie tells him what she saw and suggests he leave. Xander takes her hands and decides to stay. He watched how his mom become a drunk after they lost his dad. Maggie gets how hard it is not to have anyone to lean on while growing up and alludes to a life of loneliness. Xander is listening … Exasperated Eric updates Sarah on what happened with Nicole, who cannot stand him anymore. He does not understand why he did not recognize the expression in her eyes … Fake Nicole sends Brady to the bathroom for water and aspirin. She shoves the visible red dress back under her bed and he returns. The she tells the tale of Maggie with vodka at the pub. She was wrong to lash out which led to her drinking. However Maggie, Chloe and Eric all let her down. She gets closer and gushes only Brady was the one she could count on …

Xander explains his mum sometimes got her act together and they went to the beach. But she dropped him like a hot potato the first time he broke the law. Maggie is sympathetic as he admits he used to dream of Uncle Victa helping them. Eventually he learned to look after himself and notes now he has all he ever wanted. He sadly picks up a decanter and Maggie frowns … Sarah wants Eric to know he can lean on her and gets the coffee. Eric suddenly notices Rolf’s notes … Brady believes Nicole belongs with Eric and urges her to let him back in. He will not betray his brother but he is here for her. He kisses her forehead and waltzes out. …Stefan is sorry he took out his rage on Gabi. She accepts his apology. He will see her at work tomorrow. Gabi is smug her scheme is going according to plan … Rex comes across crying Chloe at the park. He can relate to her sorrow since there is a patient he is unable to help. He puts a jacket around her and she leans her head on his shoulder … Brady enters the Kiriakis mansion stunned by the sight of Xander and Maggie snoozing on the sofa together … Eric thanks Sarah for the coffee and deduces he and Nicole are really done this time … Alone at last, livid Kristen removes her Nicole mask and takes out her Eric rage on the room. Crash boom bang! Jack and Eve happen by but he believes the mourning mom deserves her privacy … Kristen calms down and wickedly decides she will get Brady back no matter what she has to do ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, June 3, 2019