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Episode 13,602
1160 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the elegant Kiriakis mansion worried Sonny cannot find Will …Eve has summoned Xander for Rolf’s diary. Xander warns she would lose Jack if he released said diary. He would get his memory back … Jack hisses he is charging Jen and she will go to a real prison this time not like when she was in her cute little guard uniform. Jen stops him from leaving, amazed by what he just remembered … Kristen talks to her Nicole mask and assures her Maggie will not remember … Maggie walks into the Kiriakis mansion so Brady ends his worried call with the cops. She slurs she was out. He asks how much she drank. She hisses to leave her alone. Brady knows Sonny saw her with a bottle of booze and she lied it belonged to Brady. He is surprised the lady of the manor has sunk to this …Kristen lists all of Nicole’s questionable actions. She drinks her champagne and concludes she went too soft. She wishes she did not have to be her to get Brady back and laughs about loyal Eric. Knock knock! Eric exclaims he must speak to Nicole … Jack accuses Jen of games. She reasons he referred to her pretending to be a prison guard which was what she did in the past so she could visit him in prison when he was framed. She gushes he is getting his memory back …

Eve assures Xander that Jack will never see Rolf’s diary. She updates him on John’s plea for Will, the fact that he has footage of her. Xander sarcastically says sorry. No deal. She argues Will’s life depends on it … Will returns to worried Sonny. He just wanted to watch Ari sleep. She was an unintended gift after that one unhappy night with Gabi. He wonders whether the universe is punishing him. Sonny disagrees as Ari is so wonderful. Will sighs she has had no stability, Sonny argues she has three parents and is going to have a wonderful life. Will fears he will not last to see it. Sonny gives him a sweet pep talk about not giving up … Maggie breaks down and admits she confronted Kate. She sobs she said she was to blame for Holly and noted Nicole said the same. So she went to see her … She flashes back to Kristen opening the door as Brady waits for her to continue … Eric insists Nicole let him in. It is important cos he is onto Xander. Kristen pauses … Eve is stunned by Xander’s cold heart and suggests he at least act like he cares about Sonny’s husband if he wants in with Victor. Will is around the same age as Paige. Xander leers she will lose Jack to Jennifer if that formula is floating around … Jen smiles knowingly when Jack talks about his future … Brady is baffled when Maggie blurts out Kristen opened Nicole’s door at the Salem Inn …

Kristen opens her door to Eric looking like Nicole in a bathrobe, but acting hostile. She wonders about Xander. Eric updates her on Rex catching him with Holly’s autopsy report. She acts astonished. Eric warns Xander might be trying to make it look like Holly is alive. She lets out a laugh. He notices the champagne … Brady reminds the redhead she was drinking but she is convinced Kristen opened Nicole’s door in a red dress. Brady thinks she might have just seen Nicole in a red dress. Maggie explains Nicole was there as well but Kristen beat her to the door. Brady soap stares … “Nicole” lies she was toasting Holly in heaven. Eric apologizes but asks about her laughter. She claims it was at Xander and cries about Holly in a body bag. She wishes she could wake up from the nightmare. Eric tries to console her. She blames him for not taking care of her baby girl and calls him a monster … Brady patiently points out Kristen perished in the blast. Maggie argues Nicole and Xander survived. Brady humors her and suggests she get to bed. He will take her to a meeting later. Sonny will assume she is escorting him. Now he is off to check on Nicole …While watching TV with Sonny Will suddenly falls to the floor. Sonny is at his side in an instant calling his name …

Eve insists Jack has no interest in his past. Xander thinks he must want to remember. It was a wonderful life. Eve snaps he does not want the serum and it could kill him anyway … Sonny makes a frantic call for passed out Will … Eve suggests Xander anonymously leave the diary at the station but he would rather keep it .. Jack gasps he remembers next to nothing and demands to know where JJ is. Jen quips she does not remember. He storms off to get the guard …Xander advises Eve to back off cos he likes having Rolf’s diary. She senses he has a scheme up his sleeve and it must be big. Jack walks in and wonders what they are doing together … Eve heard and is sorry about what Jen did. Jack asks why Xander is in her office. Xander covers up, offers to give testimony against Jen and adds the mayor owes him. He leaves with a wink. Jack senses something is wrong. Eve admits it is … Kayla joins Sonny and Will in Will’s hospital room. She has ordered tests and asks if Sonny is staying. He smiles at Will and gushes he is going to stay with him for the rest of his life … Eric repeats that Holly seemed best off with Chloe. Fake Nicole wishes he would go away. She hates him. He grabs her arm when she gets hysterical and she screams to let go. Brady bangs on the door …

Jen is alone in a room at the station, her heart full due to Jack’s memories trickling back. It only happens when he is with her. She vows to bring him back … Jack perceives Eve is perturbed. She wishes she could help Will, who survived Ben and admits her heart is breaking. Jack hugs her … Xander takes Rolf’s diary from his case of treasures and grumbles no one is getting this … Kayla returns to Will’s room and is sorry to inform him and Sonny that the tumor is growing. Sonny argues but it is benign. Kayla explains unless they can stop it from getting bigger … Will asks how much longer he has. Perhaps only days. Sonny gasps oh my God … Nicole gets away from Eric, sends the champagne glasses flying and ends up on the floor screaming to leave her alone. She lies there like a rag doll. Brady bursts in and assumes the worst …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 31, 2019