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Episode 13,601
1340 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack holds up the fake passports for JJ and Haley. He taunts Tripp broke the law. Tripp plays innocent. Jack offers to help so long as he reveals where Haley and his son are … At the cabin JJ starts to show Haley how much he cares. Ooooo … Xander is in his room reading Holly’s original autopsy report. He puts it in his case of treasures … Commis Eve is confronted by John for lifting Rolf’s coveted diary …. At DiMera mansion Ben implores mystified Marlena to hypnotize him so that he will remember every detail of that last cabin fire … Ciara insists on coming in with the fixed figurine for cagey Claire … Ben complains about new commis Eve coming after him. Marlena reminds him what he did to her daughter. Ben sighs he will be sorry and haunted for the rest of his life. He would trade places with the victims if he could but he cannot. He vows to never harm anyone again and insists he is innocent of that cabin fire. Marlena points out Eve has no proof. Ben notes Eve has her own ideas. He has to protect himself by finding the real culprit … Claire smiles when Ciara hands her Maggie’s figurine. She hugs her when Ciara assures her she is on her side … Jack updates Tripp on Eli bringing in Rory. Jack listened to his conversation on the phone which was actually with JJ about where he hid the passports. Tripp he is in trouble unless he tells him where JJ and Haley ran. Tripp talks back. Jack starts to take him downtown until Jenny comes up behind him and whacks him with her bag. Jack goes down!

Eve acts surprised. John saw her on the security footage after she entered Seth Burns’ office alone. She claims she had no reason to want Rolf’s diary. John drawls she did not want Jack to get his memory back cos he would go right back to Jen … Jen asks Tripp to tell JJ she loves him as he takes off with the passports. Jack starts to stir … Haley and JJ get passionate … Ben needs a new clue. Marlena agrees to put him under again … Claire confesses these have been tough times cos of Tripp. Ciara acts sympathetic and suggests she speak to Marlena. Claire hisses Tripp said the same thing and accuses them both of believing her bonkers. She is just upset and insists she will regain Tripp’s trust. He even implied as much. Ciara adds she can talk to her anytime as well as Marlena … Ben breathes and relaxes as Marlena takes him back to the cabin that fateful night. She asks if he sees anyone other than Ciara … Ben remembers leaving to fill the prescription. Ciara promised to wait. He was in a hurry to get back. That was when he saw the fire, Rafe and Hope tending to Ciara outside. There was no one else. Marlena brings him back. He senses he is missing something and asks to try again. Marlena agrees. Ominous music plays …

Jack groans and Jen asks if he is alright. He calls her Loretta again, then accuses her of hitting his head. She denies it as well as helping Tripp get away. Xander appears and calls that rubbish and leers Jen is lying … Eve reminds John she was the one who brought Jack home. John suspects she was after revenge on Jen for breaking up her and Brady. He now orders her to give up Rolf’s diary. She claims it is not in her possession with a pout … Back at the cabin Haley stops since Tripp is about to arrive. JJ chuckles it would be awkward but asks to hold her. They share a sweet embrace whilst they wait … Xander claims he witnessed it all, how Jen hit Jack and told Tripp to take off. He grabs her wrist to make a citizen’s arrest. Jen urges Jack to make him unhand her. But Jack the mayor with the inflated ego eggs Xander on. They are en route to the station within seconds … Eve fibs she wanted to start a scholarship in Paige’s memory which was why she wanted to see Seth. She wonders why the diary matters. John drawls Will has a tumor and their only chance is to replicate Rolf’s serum. The formula in that diary is their only hope. Eve gets real ...

JJ and Haley are anxious … Knock knock! … At the station Eli is stunned that Xander has hauled Jen into the station with Jack holding her bag. Jack updates him on her attack to help Tripp get a head start with fake passports. Jen is tightlipped. Jack orders Eli to book her. He wants to know where his son is hiding. Jen hisses she hopes the kids are long gone … Tripp tells stunned JJ and Haley that Claire was the one who taped the convo that led to Haley’s deportation order … Ciara complains to Claire about Eve wanting to cause trouble for Ben … Ben remembers he was in a bad place with voices in his head but forged on to return to Ciara. His meds made him feel better. It was a warm day, breezy with leaves rustling. He heard an owl and then smelled smoke. He could head the fire as he approached and heard a few notes of music, then Rafe, Hope and Ciara. The music stopped. Marlena wakes him up …

Jack smugly waits for Jen to be booked. Xander boasts he and the mayor are old friends. Jack notes he sold him to Eve. Xanders still thinks he owes him. Jack thinks he owes only Eve for she accepts him. He cannot imagine where he would be without her and walks away. Xander quips he would probably be with Jen … John laments they cannot lose Will again. He is young with a daughter and a devoted partner. Eve has been there and remembers having to bury Paige. John talks the power of helping someone in dire need like Will. He urges her to speak up about the diary before it is too late. Eve sighs as he departs. Food for thought …JJ and Halley are appalled about Claire. Tripp explains she did offer to help the fugitives with her trust fund. JJ snaps she is two faced … Ciara praises Ben to Claire, who assures her she is happy for them. Ciara quips back in the day they could have killed each other and gushes she is glad she did not. Then they hug … Marlena asks about the music. Ben hums the notes. Nothing has proven there was another person present. Marlena leaves. Ben soap stares … Jack gets impatient with Eli, who explains Jen knows not where JJ is. And Rory was ordered by his lawyer to say nothing …Tripp is sorry they missed the last ferry back to Salem. Haley thinks they will be alright spending one more night … Ben hears the music in his mind …. Meanwhile Claire answers her cellphone after it plays that very music …. Eve suggests Claire hang onto the little lighter for now and the call ends … Jack enters the room Jen is in and offers to let her go if she shares JJ and Haley’s whereabouts. No. And JJ going fugitive is his fault! He gets closer and warns she will spend the night in jail. She meets his stare and snaps she would rather be in jail than near him … Eve summons Xander with a serious request. She needs him to return Rolf’s diary. Xander’s eyes darken …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, May 30, 2019