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Episode 13,600
1140 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack and Eve are smug about their success. He asks the new commis about Haley. She is sorry to say JJ will also be arrested. Jack agrees and sneaks a peek at a file on her desk. He wonders why she is focused on Ben … Ben is busy going over security details as per Stefan’s orders. Ciara joins him and flirts she will bring dinner … JJ is expecting to hear from Rory, who calls with the fake passports. They will be needing disguises. He assures Haley he can take care of this … At the loft Claire suspiciously asks Tripp about who might have helped JJ and Haley escape. She senses a secret. Tripp tries to be tight lipped …At the pub John is making notes as Marlena ends a call. She updates him on Will’s latest memory blank. John updates her on Rolf’s missing diary. Doc gets an idea …Ciara has Maggie’s broken figurine she wants to fix at DiMera mansion as Ben goes over his work. She is concerned Claire cannot put her own self back together … Ponytail Claire pretends she wants to help JJ and Haley … JJ brings Haley a trunk of props from the storage shed. This cabin has long been a Horton hideaway. The crazy costumes come out and they kiss …Meantime at the station Jen seeks info on JJ from Eli. He mentions the questionable contacts JJ used to have like Rory. JJ might reach out to such a shady contact for help. Jen doubts it. He shows her a picture and asks her to confirm if this is Rory. She hesitates and then does just that …

Marlena ends a call with Kayla, who is on their side. Time to punch in the password so John can download the footage of all who entered and exited Seth Burn’s office around the time Rolf’s diary disappeared … Eve firmly believes Ben should not be free. Jack fears she might go too far and frame him … Ben is impressed Ciara put the pretty figurine back together. But he gets worried when he hears Eve is the new commis cos she has it in for him. Ciara downplays it and tries to wipe the seeping glue from the figurine with … Ben gasps that is a familiar smell … Tripp smells a strange chemical on a washed sock. Claire the fire starter has something to confess … Jack grills Eve about Ben and assures her he is on her side against Ben. But he needs the whole truth. Eve admits Ben was not the cabin fire starter. She knows who it really was … Claire claims she accidentally spilled nail polish remover on the laundry and admits she is all thumbs of late. She apologizes. Tripp reasons he was no saint and now sees it was unfair of him to ask her to keep their relationship a secret. She hopes that means he is ready to forgive her … Ciara is using nail polish remover. Ben states he smelled the same scent at the loft and Claire acted like she smelled nothing. He adds that stuff is flammable. Claire freaked when he teased she wanted to torch Tripp’s clothes. Ciara wonders what he is getting at …

At the park wasted Rory ends a call with JJ and heads for the ferry. Eli bumps him and flashes his badge. He brings up JJ but Rory fibs JJ forgot about his old friends after he became a cop. Eli wants to look in his bag. Rory knows his rights. Eli smells weed and calls it probably cause so he had better cooperate. Cornered Rory opts to cooperate and hands him his bag. Eli looks in and finds something fast. Rory notes that weed is no big deal but Eli plays hardball and hauls him down to the station. Sneaky Rory drops the passports at a tree … Back at the pub John shows Marlena something significant on the footage. Looks like Eve was the one who stole Rolf’s diary …Jack advises Eve to bring in the real fire starter She reasons Ben deserves to go down and he is more dangerous. Jack demands the name of the real culprit. Eve emotionally insists she needs closure for her daughter. Jack agrees and lets her go after Ben … Ben is convinced Claire really was about to torch Tripp’s clothes. Furthermore …Claire has had some bizarre behavior. She might have started the cabin fire that almost cost Ciara her life. Ciara’s face falls …

Eli detains Rory, who demands a call to his lawyer …Jack runs into Eli when he walks out and demands an update. Eli explains an old pal of JJ is in that room calling his lawyer. But in reality Rory is on the phone with JJ! He whispers he left the fake passports behind a tree at the town square and tells him to send someone. The clock is ticking … Ponytail Claire asks for another chance. Tripp has reservations but believes he is partly to blame. He will try. She loves the sound of that and smiles a sweet smile … Ciara cannot accept that Claire could be so psycho. Ben calls her crazy Claire … Tripp steps out to take a call. Tis JJ asking him to pick up the hidden passports. Inside Claire gets a call from Eve …

Eve asks Claire for the little lighter so she can use it to frame Ben …Ciara decides Ben is wrong about Claire and leaves to give her the fixed figurine … Jen asks Eli for a word with Rory cos JJ really needs her to find him before Eve! Eli gives her a few seconds. Rory thinks things just got worse … JJ comforts Haley, who worries Tripp could also get caught … Tripp tries to find the passports at the square … John joins Eve in her office. She acts busy trying to catch the criminals. He drawls she should start with herself … Ben calls bewildered Marlena and asks for her assistance … Claire runs into Ciara on her way out the door. Ciara teases where is the fiiiiiire … Rory will not talk to press princess Jen, who assures him she is here as JJ’s mother. She implores him to let her know where her son is before the situation gets worse …Haley and JJ imagine being Lily and Dylan, their new names. He insists they will make it to Toronto and they kiss … Tripp hunts high and low but still no passports. Jack appears from the shadows, wonders whether he is after these and holds up the passports. Oh oh!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, May 29, 2019