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Episode 13,599
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kristen removes her Nicole mask. Xander praises her performance …Eric ponders the real reason Xander was after Holly’s file. Perhaps he wanted to alter something. Sarah wonders whether he means Holly lives … Will looks soulful by the Horton plaque. Kate arrives and he admits he has no memory of Tom and Alice. She asks if he knows her now … Sonny is searching for Brady but finds Maggie with a bagged bottle – in Brady’s bedroom … As he sits with his drink Victor urges Brady to avoid loose cannon Nicole. She is now in cahoots with Xander … Kristen giggles she was good. Xander admits he was surprised she survived. She had walked through the fire with no fear and boasts she rose again just like father Phoenix. She sips some more champagne … Hope and Ted see each other both moving out of their offices. He invites her out for a celebratory dinner. The divorcee agrees … Kristen reminds Xander that Ted can never be told she is his silent partner. She will put her other face on anytime she exits. She praises Dr. Rolf in the past tense. Xander wonders why be Nicole now? She was a similar body type and then there is … Xander concludes Brady and suggests she give Eric a spin. But Kristen is still obsessed with Brady …Will is aware of who grandma Kate is. She is relieved. He fears he will forget her and his loved ones again. She promises he will be alright and asks if he ate dinner. Not yet. She ushers him to the café … Maggie fibs she only found the bottle of vodka in Brady’s room. Sonny gasps he is drinking again … Downstairs Victor fumes Nicole might be after Brady again. Brady believes she will forgive Eric … At the apartment Eric explains to Rex and Sarah that Xander might have wanted to dupe Nicole that Holly was really alive. Sarah wonders if what Xander really wants is Nicole … Kristen reminds Xander that Holly is better off being with another family than Chloe. He thinks she was too drastic stealing bodies and staging an accident. However, Kristen DiMera is just getting started and the best is yet to come …

Brady refers to his bad romances. Maggie made him realize he had to find happiness within. Victor quips he is alone and questions Maggie being good at relationships anyway. Brady flashes back to finding her in a drunken state. He informs Victor she is fragile. The Greek grumbles. Brady warns he is playing with fire with Kate. Victor is not interested in his words of wisdom. Brady goes to check on his favorite redhead … Maggie insists Brady slipped again to Sonny. He is relieved he has her as a sponsor and leaves the room. Maggie staggers and takes another swig of vodka and another … Ted walks past the square flowers with Hope and boldly suggests Doug’s Place for their date. She explains it is his and Julie’s anniversary. Ted asks her second choice. The square. Will stands up and confronts his aunt for acting like she is on a date with this character … Xander soap stares and reminds Kristen that Brady used her last time. She gets miffed and insists he loves her still. Xander raises an eyebrow and uses the U word. Unrealistic. She taunts him about Sarah who is torn between two other men. Meanwhile Eric continues to theorize about Xander and heads for the door to forewarn Nicole. Rex stops him …

Kristen prettily puts on her earrings smug she rattled Xander. She then marvels how they were able to use Ted when Stefan exiled him. Xander rescued him and now he is their flunky. Xander admits he is not so sure Ted believed him that Holly was alive. He could cause trouble … Will shouts at Hope for being with Ted after how he blackmailed Sonny and him. When Ted tries to stop him he gets more miffed. Kate steps up. Will catches himself and apologizes. Kate hisses he spoke the truth and they walk away together. Ted sighs … Sonny approaches Brady at Kiriakis mansion and updates him on Maggie updating him. He urges him to attend a meeting with Maggie. Brady is bewildered until Sonny explains Maggie found vodka in his room. Brady insists he had none. Sonny still suggests he speak to Maggie. Brady agrees and heads upstairs … Maggie has summoned the driver to the back entrance of the Kiriakis mansion and makes for the door with her bottle of vodka in a bag …

Back in her room Xander reminds Kristen that Brady would know the difference between her and Nicole. She gushes she got her phoenix tattoo removed. Power hungry Xander believes Brady is no smart cookie and cannot want to take control at Titan … Kate calls Rex with her concerns for Will and asks about Rolf’s notes. Rex admits the docs are in storage but he is on it. He ends the call and excuses himself, leaving Sarah alone with Eric … Kate is about to eat an olive when someone bangs on her suite door. Tis Maggie the inebriated redhead ready to do battle … Worried Will comes home to Sonny. He needs a hug … Sarah urges Eric not to give up on Nicole. He is sorry about the kiss and so is she. He goes to Nicole … Brady cannot find Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion and leaves her a concerned voice mail. He know she is in no condition to … Maggie waltzes in and gives Kate a piece of her mind for being after Victor. Kate scoffs she is not sober. This must be about Holly, whom she could have saved by bringing into her home. She knows from Victor that Nicole is blaming her and tells her to go ask Nicole for her absolution … Kristen wants to be alone. Xander wants to make a move so she orders him out … Then she assumes he is back and throws open her door to Maggie, who sees her as Kristen …

Terrible Ted and Hope dine at the café. She believes still his old ways are behind him. He drawls he will not disappoint her. They toast and drink red wine. Hope raises an eyebrow and suggests some dessert … Sonny holds Will’s face and notes he will spare no expense. They shall uncover Rolf’s formula and save him … Rex admits to Sarah he finds Rolf and his notes rather spooky. No one should have the power to raise the dead … Kristen slams the door on confused Maggie … Eric runs into Xander outside the dark pub and warns him away from Nicole. Xander boasts he was just with her and Eric is the last thing she needs now … Maggie cries out she will call the cops on Kristen and orders her to open up. Fake Nicole now opens the door and claims there was no Kristen. She suggests drunken Maggie go home to bed and shuts the door in her face. But Maggie gasps ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, May 28, 2019