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Episode 13,598
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie curses Kate and Victor, then drinks up … At the club Kate convinces Chloe to go to Parker. Vic wonders what her game is … At DiMera mansion Gabi and Stefan go at it … Woman in black Nicole kisses Brady. He kisses her back the way he used to kiss Kristen hint hint … At the apartment unhappy Eric impulsively kisses Sarah … Rex catches Xander with Holly’s file and starts to call security. Xander stops him and fibs he wanted to check the file for Nicole was his wife. Rex gets sarcastic and opens it himself … Eric stops and is sorry … he cannot do this for he loves Nicole and must fight for her … Brady pushes away fake Nicole. He thinks she is just emotional. She takes it hard so he reminds her of Holly. She snaps to forget Holly. Brady is baffled by her bizarre behavior. She goes into acting mode about her grief again and adds being with him would make her aliiiiive. Brady wants to do the right thing. She laments he must loathe her. Brady begs to differ. She gets closer and whispers about being together. Dangerous drums play … Kate gets a drink and insists she was sincere. Victor asks if Maggie is right and she is romantically after him … Maggie staggers like a fallen flower and cries … Gabi is in bed with Stefan after the lovin and assures him she shall not come between him and Chloe. She asks what he sees in her. Stefan remembers the first time he saw her. He longs to be in her life. Chloe appears with a WHAT THE HELL as Gabi snuggles with him …

Gabi slinks away. Chloe sighs Stefan turned out to be the man she feared he was. He begs her to hear him out … Rex notices nothing out of the ordinary and demands Xander explain what he was doing. Xander flashes back to successfully replacing the file and suggests he mind his own biz. Rex threatens him again … Brady is touched but continues to turn down Fake Nicole’s advances. He refuses to upset Eric. She rages Eric is to blame for Holly. Brady argues Eric loves her and should be the man here for her. Then he leaves. Fake Nicole screams like a banshee, breaks a glass and rages in her room … Kate cackles. She coos she is all about biz only. Victor agrees they are a formidable Titan team but warns she better not mess with him … Maggie is asleep holding a framed photo of herself with Victor once upon a happier time. Brady enters, eyes the glass and asks what happened. She slurs she fell asleep as it was a hard day. He tenderly tells her he knows she was drinking … Xander lies he wanted to do something for Victor, who cannot accept Holly the family angel is gone. Rex had heard it was tough for Maggie and accepts his story. However, if he or Victor want Holly’s file they must proceed via the police. Xander agrees and exits. Rex adds to stay away from his fiancée and seems to feel like the winner …

Stefan stammers about one thing leading to another as it had been a while. Chloe is indignant … Brady tenderly asks Maggie what went wrong. He assumes it is Holly. She gasps Nicole blamed her. Brady assures her that was really Nicole’s grief talking. She cries about Victor turning to Kate. Brady reasons theirs is merely a work relationship. She cries he went to be with Kate when she needed him - more than once. She laments she is losing everyone so there is nothing to believe in and adds she did take a sip. Brady hugs her as she bawls. He believes it was only a slip. He himself has been there. In the morning they will attend a meeting. She swears him to secrecy. Brady suggests she sleep this off in his room tonight. No one will know. He helps her to the stairs but Victor comes in and wonders. Brady fibs she feels tired and wants to be alone so he is taking her up to his room. Victor wants to talk about what went down at the club. She gasps she has no more to say as Brady leads her away. The Greek glowers …

Sarah assures Eric she is rooting for him and Nicole and adds they will never kiss again. Rex arrives and is sorry to hear Nicole gave them the boot. He explains his strange scenario with Xander … Smarty Xander returns to fake Nicole with a smug update. She fumes he is wrong to focus on competing with rival Rex for Sarah. Xander reminds her he helped set up Eric to be on the receiving end of her hate cos of Holly and believes she should show him more gratitude … Outside Gabi updates Kate on what she accomplished. Chloe will never forgive Stefan so she is close to moving in. Kate warns he might blame her for him losing Chloe, which could mark the end instead of the start … Stefan insists this meaningless affair with Gabi is over. Chloe is mad he left her at the memorial for this! He tells her the whole story, admitting he made a mistake which will never happen again …

Eric and Sarah are suspicious of Xander’s story to Rex. Eric wants to know why he would really want a copy of Holly’s autopsy report … Fake Nicole complains that Eric and his puppy dog eyes appealed to her at the memorial. But Brady is the one that she wants … Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady urges Victor to let Kate go from Titan. No can do. Brady repeats himself. The Greek warns as long as he keeps Xander the brute, Kate stays to keep an eye on him … Fake Nicole gets herself more champagne and boasts Brady clearly felt a connection. Xander wonders what she went and did. She smiles like a Cheshire cat … Chloe is done with Stefan and decides to get her son and leave DiMera mansion. He asks what he can do. She snaps to stay away from her forever … Gabi boasts to Kate that she has everything Stefan wants including an instant family. Kate warns she could fall for him for real. Gabi loves only his power and his money. She shall destroy him. She thinks it is a page from Kate’s playbook. Kate now gets it … Brady and Victor have a heated exchange during which Brady blurts out Nicole kissed him … Fake Nicole boasts to Xander that Brady fell for her damsel in emotional distress act. She cackles no one knows … Sarah wonders whether Xander’s story was true. Eric, however, annnounces he knows what is really going on … Meanwhile Xander praises Kristen for playing the role of Nicole Walker to perfection as she removes her mask with a giggle ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 24, 2019