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Episode 13,596
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rex hugs sad Sarah at home. She reminds Eric about Holly’s memorial. He gets himself coffee and sighs Nicole does not want to see him. Brady will talk to her on his behalf today … Chloe pays Brady a visit. She is happy at least Nicole has him. He laments she is livid at Eric. Chloe lets him know she is livid at her as well. She asks if Maggie is home as she was hoping to see her … Maggie reads a note from Victor, who had an errand. They will meet at the church. The elegant redhead stares at the bar. Meanwhile Victor is having coffee with Kate at the square. She summoned him to update him on spying Nicole with Xander. Food for thought … Xander finds Nicole in her room with a mimosa and a red dress … At the club Julie and Doug unhappily set up. She finds a box and asks about it. Tis for her tonight but perhaps they should celebrate their 25th anniversary before the folks arrive. Julie gushes and they share a sweet kiss … At DiMera mansion Gabi teases Stefan about his tie … Maggie approaches the bottle but sympathetic Chloe comes in so she stops. The songbird returns jewelry Maggie gave Holly. The tears flow … When Nicole suggests shopping, Xander replies they are not to be seen togetha. Brady knocks on her door …

Julie has Doug’s gift waiting at home. He urges her to open hers. A silver box that makes her remember … Switzerland, when they wed the third and last time. She loves him more than ever... She is grateful for the gift and the music and romance and passion that is them. Thank you for 1000 days of love and laughs. There were a few tears too … Doug now plays their song and asks her to dance … Pink jacket Kate is puzzled about Nicole and Xander shaking hands like they had a deal. Victor wonders what the game is … Xander hides. Nicole puts on a bathrobe and a long face for Brady. But he spies the champagne. She cries she was nervous. How to make it through this goodbye to Holly? Brady assures her many will support her and mentions Eric. She snaps no! Brady wishes she would reconsider cos Eric is grieving. She agrees but refuses to be near him. Brady hopes for a future of forgiveness …Sarah cannot believe Nicole only wants to be with Brady given how she hated him. Plus he broke up her and Eric. Eric explains Brady made amends and helped get Xander out of Nicole’s life forever … Nicole wants time alone. Brady starts to go and notices the scent of cheap cologne. Was she alone???

Nicole blames the room service waiter for the cologne. Brady goes on his way. Xander emerges annoyed about the cologne comment. Nicole gives him new orders … Back at DiMera mansion stylish Gabi claims she came to pay her respects for Chloe. She has a picture of Holly and Parker together. She asks how the boy is doing. He is at the mansion with the nanny at the moment. Gabi offers to bring over Ari to help the little lad. Stefan senses she might have a heart after all … Maggie unhappily admits to concerned Chloe that Kate keeps insinuating herself into time with Victor. Chloe urges her to stop the vamp … Victor informs Kate that Brady already got Nicole her divorce. Kate suspects then that was why Brady hired Xander. The Greek growls and vows to get to the bottom of the bizarre association between Nicole and his nutty nephew … Eric thanks Brady on the phone. Sarah is glad he can say goodbye to Holly. Rex is paged to the hospital and heads off. He leaves Sarah in Eric’s hands. She feels they should not attend the service together since Nicole suspected there was something between them. Eric agrees … Nicole pours more champagne and orders Xander to break in and change records so Holly’s autopsy matches their story. He hopes she will be able to look like a mourning mother. She calls that a piece of cake … At the square Gabi congrats Kate on her Titan position. Kate gets more sugar for her coffee and argues they are adversaries. Gabi believes they both still want to take down Stefan but does apologize for blackmailing her. She asks to be her friend again for Ari. Kate asks about Ari. Gabi admits she is confused. Kate will go see her. Gabi admits she also misses her advice. Kate will listen but warns not to make her regret it …

Eric approaches Nicole after the service to let her know he is here. Nicole snaps to leave. Sarah defends him. Nicole shouts to get outta her face. Eric apologizes and ushers Sarah away … Gabi updates Kate. Her only obstacle into Stefan’s world is Chloe. She does have a plan, however. Kate slyly states she will see what she can do … Xander sneaks in and gets his hands on Holly’s file …Brady gets Nicole water at the club. She apologizes for earlier and then notes at least Xander is outta her life. Victor steps up and accuses her of being chummy with the chump. Nicole makes a strange face … Gabi calls Stefan as he approaches the club. She pretends Parker is upset about Holly and asks for help given she does not want to trouble Chloe. Stefan thanks her. Chloe sees him and he excuses himself on a …. business matter … Chloe enters the club, where Brady questions what Vic means. Vic means Kate spied Nicole shaking hands with Xander. Maggie overhears. Nicole claims he was trying to kiss her cos he wanted closure for the divorce. All he got was a handshake. The Greek does not buy it. Maggie tries to help. Nicole screams like a banshee that Maggie, Eric and Chloe all failed to help Holly. Clueless Brady takes her home …

Rex finds Xander in the records area, then realizes he is the bastardo who slept with Sarah. Xander is still hiding Holly’s file behind his back … Gabi greets Stefan in her undergarments and claims Parker spilled something on her. The kids are alright now. He hands her her dress. She is sorry she wasted his time and flirts how to make it up to him? … Maggie gets mad at Victor for meeting Kate, aka that woman! Kate sarcastically asks if anyone broke another figurine. Maggie gets even madder, smashes a glass, curses Victor and storms out … Eric is back at the apartment with Sarah, stressed that Nicole hates him … Brady escorts Nicole back to her room. She really appreciates him being by her side … Maggie heads home, cries alone and pours herself a drink. Then she raises the crystal glass to her lips … Back at the club Kate lies to Chloe that she called Ari, who said Parker was upset so she should head home and check on him … Gabi throws herself at Stefan again. He tries to resist but then grabs her in a kiss. They fall on the bed together … Eric wonders how to live with what he did. Sarah calls him a good man. He gets closer and kisses her … Rex insults Xander for making moves on Sarah the other day. Xander wants to go. Rex grabs Holly’s file and demands to know what he is doing with it … Brady believes he has much to make up for. Nicole reminds him they wanted to be a family once upon a time. He agrees they were happy then. Nicole kisses him like a siren as strange music plays ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, May 23, 2019