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Episode 13,595
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eve is the new commiss. Jenny mouths “what?!” She poses the first question by asking Jack whether he lost the remainder of his mind … Hope and Eli enter JJ’s room only to find Tripp. Hope asks where the others went … Lani comes into the kitchen and defends her lie to Rafe. Ben is not stable enough for David! Rafe and Ciara pause … Ben comes up behind Claire and wonders what she is doing. She freezes and hides the lighter in her hand. She then shoves it on a chair under Tripp’s clothes and complains he dumped her. Ben watches and listens. He teases was she gonna torch his clothes … ?? Rafe the homemaker wishes Lani had come to him with her concerns. Ciara is miffed she meddled. She implores him not to say no and adds he can make conditions cos David is Ben’s only family … Tripp fibs he found out the cops had a tip and came to talk some sense into Haley and JJ. However they were already gone. Suspicious Hope issues him a warning … JJ and Haley have arrived at the Horton cabin wearing red caps and colorful shirts. Thanks to the funds from Tripp they will make it to Canada. Haley asks if JJ really wants to throw away his life to be with her. JJ gazes at the girl …

JJ assures sweet Haley he wants to get away from Jack. Jen will visit them in nice Canada the place of good people, hockey and wildlife. JJ even knows about poutine the French Canadian fries with cheese and yummy gravy. Then there are the beans and hotdogs. He sounds hungry … for a fresh start. Haley is surprised to hear his folks were on the run when they were a great romance … Jen hisses Eve happens to be Jack’s wife and questions her qualifications. Jack spins. Jen feels Eve is a felon. Jack cuts his speech short. Eve argues the position only requires administration anyway. Jen concludes they are equally unqualified … Ciara argues Lani could use some assistance with the baby. Rafe offers to speak to Jordan and follow her lead. Lani looks unhappy. Ciara smiles and sips from her mug … Crafty Claire claims she only wanted to dump Tripp’s clothes in the hallway. Ben humors her. He adds they reopened the cabin fire case and he is now suspect number one cos of that lighter she found. The one that is similar to what he once had. He asks to see it. Claire pouts NO …

Hope orders Eli to cuff Tripp and haul him in for questioning. Alas the tough cookie is too late cos Jack texted her she is a commiss no more … Back at the cabin JJ and Haley dine on hotdogs and beans. JJ shares that Jack was locked up for murd-er once, but it was a mistake. He broke out of the slammer and went on the run with Jen. Then they joined the circus. Haley deduces Jen was crazy about him to do that. JJ notes that was then this is now … Jack stops Eve and Jen from arguing and takes Jen aside. He understands her hostility but wishes she would accept the changes in town. Jen warns Eve is manipulating him. She will be watching and shall expose both the con artists. She storms off. Eve approaches Jack. She has big plans for Ben … Claire claims she threw out that little lighter. Ben is disappointed and then smells something in the air. Claire acts innocent. Ben gets Ciara’s charger and casually leaves. Claire gets a strange look in her eye. Eerie music plays as she hold her little lighter …

Ciara thanks Rafe and asks to take photos of David. Lani states he is sleeping. Rafe overrides her. Ciara happily heads to his room. Rafe reminds Lani he is the one who makes the decisions for David … JJ plans to contact his funny old friend Rory to procure fake passports. Haley has doubts. JJ notes he was no saint back in the day, hence his dodgy buddy. He decides to do the dishes. Alas there is no water. He checks under the sink and gets sprayed … Tripp is free to go. Hope fumes she cannot question him. Eli accepts Tripp’s story at face value. Hope knows he is helping JJ and Haley and warns him Ice is not nice. He will be careful … Back at the station Eve drinks in her new power and wants to bring in Haley. Jack replies if JJ is involved in her escape he will have to pay the price as well … JJ takes off his shirt and Haley dries him with a towel. They get cutely closer … Rafe updates Lani on refusing the commissionership … Jack faces Hope and Eli at the station. Eli praises her. Slinky Eve is sitting in a seat and demands her gun and her badge cos she is the new commiss in town. Hope looks ready to laugh …

Tripp’s call interrupts JJ and Haley’s moment. He updates JJ on his almost run-in with Hope, the fact that Jack fired her … Hope talks nepotism. Eve stands by Jack and boasts she is gonna get the bad guys. Hope hands over her gun and her badge. Eve walks out with Jack. Eli asks how to help. Hope urges him to do his good work. Heaven help this town … Eli calls Lani with an update. He realizes she is with Rafe. She asks if the new commiss is a woman. Eli sighs not really … Haley and JJ are stunned to hear that Jack hired Eve … Eli refers to Eve as the boss from hell and ends his call. Eve approaches for information. He has to tell her that Tripp was found in the room the tip was for but they had no probable cause. He talks down to her so she pulls rank and orders him to track Haley and JJ. That is all she wants him to do … Tripp comes home to Claire folding his clothes cos she did his laundry as a peace offering. He quips washing his clothes does not change what she did to Haley. She sweetly suggests they make nice but he hates the sight of her. She questions how he will pay for the rent without her and gushes they should try to get along. Silence. She vows to prove herself worthy. He suggests she let him do his own laundry and walks away … Hope thanks Jen for the red wine at the pub. Jenny complains about Jack not listening to reason. She fears for JJ and Haley and hopes they are far far away. She sips her wine. Hope updates her on their momentary stopover at a motel. Tripp knew something but was taken at his word. Jenny breathes a sigh of relief … JJ the hero hugs Haley and promises to look after her … Rafe reels from the update on Eve. Lani wants to leave the department but Rafe reasons they have to stay and keep the peace … Back at the station Eve barks at Eli to pull Ben’s file. Eli reminds her she ordered him to focus on Haley. She insists he pull that other file now … Ciara meets Ben at the square. He embraces her when she updates him on Rafe’s decision and shows him pictures of sleeping David. Then he updates her on Claire looking like … Ciara wonders. Ben stops from saying more. For now …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, May 22, 2019