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Episode 13,594
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Warm sunlight streams in as Ben and Ciara stir in his big bed. Love is in the air. They wish one another good morning. She confesses she had a nightmare about Claire, who seemed to snap in the real world cos Tripp dumped her. Meanwhile ponytail Claire confronts Eve and blames her for making her lose her boyfriend … Eli is at the loft asking Tripp whether he is aware of JJ and Haley’s whereabouts …. Rafe looks through his divorce papers near a bowl of pears. Lani comes in and is sorry. Here comes Jack asking Rafe to find JJ before the feds. Rafe explains Hope suspended him. Jack explains he fired her already. Lani notes that sounds nuts. Jack is more interested in the idea of Rafe becoming the new commissioner … Haley wakes up. Former cop JJ has returned from getting rid of the car, getting a burner phone and donuts for breakfast. He is low on funds and they cannot use credit cards. Haley gasps when he updates her on the APB. There is no way out … Ciara tells Ben all about Claire’s faux pas but is peeved with Tripp. Ben reminds her the girl also tried to come between her and Tripp once upon a time. That is water under the bridge for Ciara who smiles Tripp was not the right one … Eve hands Claire a glass of water and listens to her story. Claire screams she was so stressed when Tripp grilled her that she could not keep it together. He knows about the recordings! She now accuses Eve of lying and warns she should not make her madder or …

Haley hyperventilates they have to go back. JJ the ex-cop calmly declares they can disappear with a little help from … Rafe refuses to replace Hope. Lani agrees with Jack that Rafe would be great. Jack adds but if the new commissioner is not Rafe it will be another. He leaves them with that food for thought … Ciara believes Claire and Tripp were not even right for each other. Ben quips not to tell Claire that and kisses her again … Claire hisses Eve better never spill her fire starter secret. Eve assures her no one will ever know and apologizes for what happened. Claire wants her to tell Tripp she made her make the recordings. Eve, however, has other matters on her mind as Jack is being sworn in soon. She assures the girl she would help but … Claire laments she is all alone. Eve advises her to let Tripp go. Not an option for obsessed Claire, who storms out … Tripp denies knowing where JJ and Haley went and agrees to tell Eli if they make contact. Tripp suddenly gets a desperate text from JJ to call him and covers to curious Eli it was his boss at the restaurant. Eli has his doubts. Enter Claire. Eli hears she has no news from the fugitives and leaves. Tripp coldly asks why she came. She cries and apologizes, adding he made big demands of her. Tripp pauses. Claire asks for another chance …

Ciara forgot her phone charger. Ben offers to stop at the loft for it. Ciara plans to pay Rafe a visit to ask for visitation of David on Ben’s behalf … Chez Rafe, Lani wishes he would accept the commissionership. He sips his coffee. He would have to track JJ but would Jack let him go by the book? Jack is clearly out to get Haley. It would be tangled. Lani will accept whatever he decides ... Back at their suite Jack admires Eve in her little black dress. Rafe did not accept the offer yet. Slim chance? Power hungry Eve insists the town is theirs for the taking … JJ and Haley hope Tripp will call back soon. Haley regrets using him. JJ regrets everything Jack did and suggests they make a run for Canada. Together … Ciara greets Rafe in his kitchen. He assumes she came about Hope. Ciara is stunned to hear they are making their split official … At the station Eli assures Jen and Hope he will do what he can to find JJ and Haley. Jen is grateful and gets going to Jack’s swearing in ceremony. Hope must tell Eli this is her last day. Jack let her go. Eli is appalled. She wishes him luck with the new commiss whoever it is and raises an eyebrow … At the square Eve runs into Ben not far from the American flag and acts appalled he is still on the loose. He replies he regrets the past and wants to make a difference as a decent man. Eve hisses he killed her daughter and accuses him of last year’s cabin fire. He explains there was no evidence linking him to it. She screams she cannot co-exist with him walking around and slaps him across the face. Hard as hell …

JJ insists he would never leave sweet Haley. She mentions his family. He reasons his sister is in Paris. Jack will make Salem a living hell. She mentions Jen. JJ states when they are settled in they can arrange something. Jen visited Abigail overseas. He smiles this is what he wants. Haley is touched … Jack pulls Eve off Ben. She accuses him of attacking her. Ben states this is the second time she attacked him! Jack threatens to have him arrested for harassment and orders him to go. Ben does and bursts a couple of balloons along the way. Eve feels helpless. Jack reminds her they have the power and listens to a message from Rafe … Ciara sniffles as she looks at the lemons and admits she feels sad. Rafe sighs they had too many problems to overcome, hugs the crying girl and insists they are still family … Tripp rages he and Claire are over and accuses her of ruining Haley and now JJ’s lives. Claire ain’t too proud to beg. He hates her. She wants to stay so he walks out. Claire covers her mouth with a hand. Her dark nail polish contrasts with her pink lips …

Jan walks up to testy Eve and Jack, who asks about JJ. Jen scoffs he does not care. He even got rid of helpful Hope! Poor JJ had to run after Jack sold his soul, hungry for power. Jack insists he was right about Haley using JJ and points out he also wants to help. Jen denies they are on the same side and storms off … Eli goes over the Haley and JJ tips with Hope. So far nothing serious … until … Tripp returns JJ’s call while standing outside. JJ is desperate for funds and promises to repay him. Tripp is on it. Meanwhile Eli and Hope have pinpointed their location and race off … As Jen woefully records Jack is sworn in as mayor of Salem. The crowd claps and Eve hugs him. Jack thanks Eve the new first lady and announces change is on its way. Jen grimaces. Jack keeps going with a slight southern accent. His first official act is to appoint Eve the new commissioner … Rafe pours the coffee as Ciara updates him on the other day. Lani lied unwell David had to stay home all day … but then she spotted Lani, Rafe and David leaving the pub. Rafe pauses … Jen soap stares as Eve smugly steps up … Hope and Eli open the door of the room where JJ and Haley were hiding … Back at the loft Claire’s dark side screams at Tripp’s clothes and douses them on the floor with accelerant. Now she takes out her little lighter. Ben comes up behind her …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, May 21, 2019