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Episode 13,593
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub John and Marlena ponder Jack winning. Heaven help them from the mayor and maniac first lady. They stand and smile for Will and Sonny. Sonny is sorry to say the first round of treatment for Will was not enough. In addition the cause was … Will laments he did this … Kate acts cute and cozy with Victor. Enter mad Maggie … Sarah joins Dr. Rex who wonders where she was. Ummmm … with Eric … At the square Brady updates Eric on making Xander grant Nicole a divorce. Eric has questions about how he made it happen … Xander and Nicole drink to their plan as he reminds her he was a partna. She sarcastically gushes how grateful she is. Now he wants a toast and drinks up … Sonny thinks Will is not to blame. He and Will explain some of the serum was found in the tumor so … Marlena assures Will he is not to blame. He blurts out but she is … Maggie accuses Kate of attempting to undermine Brady for his job. Kate explains Brady did that himself when he hired Xander … Nicole notes she did not come back to the dead for a dive. She toasts to her new beginning with a glint in her eye. It was a piece of cake so far. Xander is a tad sad since greedy pompous Brady made him agree to a divorce. Nicole quips it broke his heart and taunts he is less than qualified for Titan. He taunts back Brady the boozer is hardly qualified and admits he hates having to answer to him. Nicole slyly suggests he be patient …

Back at the square, Brady and Eric would both do anything to help Nicole. Alas Eric fears he has lost her forever … Maggie cannot believe Kate’s claim. Kate condescendingly enlightens her. Maggie wants her to leave … Will screams Marlena should have talked him out of taking more serum. John reminds him he begged her. Sonny suggests they all talk later. He assures Marlena Will did not mean it. A second later Will has forgotten what he said … Sarah assures Rex it went alright with Eric. He refers to Xander and she insists that is history. However the bad boy is back in town. He even made a pass … Xander wants more champagne. Nicole calls him a pain. He claims to want her right here right now and gives her a kiss on the lips. Nicole stops him and says yuck! He asks about the bigger and betta things she wants. She warns him to stay in line or else she will ruin his chances at Titan. He takes it all in stride with his usual cockiness and boasts Sarah would give him a gloooooowing reference …

Sarah stops Rex from racing off and explains Eric beat him to the Xander punch … Eric concedes Nicole will only talk to Brady. He will stay away. Brady tries to talk him into attending Holly’s memorial cos he cared about the little girl a lot. Eric asks him to speak to … Nicole warns Xander he gets on her nerves and always has. She laughs about Sarah the simp. Speaking of simps … he mocks Daniel and Eric. Nicole notes Eric is history and has a good laugh. She is nothing like the Nicole Salem used to know … Will wonders what happened. Sonny explains he blamed Marlena for his problem. Will stammers how sorry he is. Marlena smiles and urges honey to sit. They shall overcome. John rolls down his shirt sleeves. They are all on his side. Will admits he is afraid as Sonny gives him a pep talk. The family now depart together … Brady believes Nicole is rather raw for any kind of conversation. Eric realizes he means he should attend the memorial. He worries how she can say goodbye to her precious daughter … Even Xander is appalled about Nicole cackling about the fake funeral. How she hated acting miserable! She enjoying getting mad at Eric way more … Xander calls him a wimp. Nicole agrees and wishes he would go to Sarah … Rex gets the call about Will’s incident from Sonny, who is bringing him back in. He updates Sarah and needs to call Kayla. Sarah contacts Kate for him … Maggie the tough cookie tells Kate to get outta her house now! Kate toys with her drink and suggests they overcome. The redhead is done with the drama attached to the diva and adds her daughter is wrong to wed Rex. Kate assumes her anxiety is due to Holly and departs in her zebra jacket. Maggie snaps at silent Victor to stop the act. He notes Kate was on biz but the redhead pouts she really wants her husband …

Kate, John, Marlena and Sonny stand in solidarity at Will’s bedside. Doctors Rex and Sarah get the latest scoop from Sonny. Will apologizes again and he blames only himself. Marlena assures him it is alright. Rex will try another round. Kate reminds him Rolf was his mentor once upon a time. Rex will return to his notes just in case there could be something he missed. Will now needs his rest. Sonny smiles he is staying with him. Will smiles back … Victor doubts Kate wants him. Maggie saw her touch his hand! She also reminds him he had a drink with Kate at the club while she went home to mourn her granddaughter. He apologizes. However, he has to keep Kate at Titan cos crazy Brady was blackmailed into hiring Xander. He blames Nicole … Nicole checks her eyes in her compact and agrees to the second bottle of champagne. Xander remembers his chemistry with spicy Sarah. Nicole has heard enough and coldly claims it surprised her that Eric moved on from the supposed love of his life so fast. She grins and drinks to moving on as well … Xander wonders. She teases he wants her to take Eric back and away from Sarah and adds she is engaged to Rex. But Xander saw firsthand that Sarah really wants Eric to be her hero … Back at the apartment, Sarah admits she is worried about Maggie. Rex assures her he is here for her and they kiss. Enter Eric, who soap stares …

Maggie sobs and drops a picture of Holly. Then she finds a piece of her figurine that crazy Claire broke and calls to accuse Kate. Kate denies it, snaps Will had a setback and hangs up. Maggie makes for the decanter of booze … Nicole finishes her drink and kicks Xander out cos she has to get ready for her grief stricken look for tomorrow. She laughs Maggie might fall off the wagon ad amuse them all … Brady finds Maggie beside the bar with her broken figurine in hand. She cries everything is broken … Will sighs to Sonny he does not seem to be himself and fears for their future. Sonny promises they will solve this and snuggles beside him … Nearby Marlena deduces they need Rolf’s real diary but it disappeared. John declares he will track down that damn diary …Unshaven Eric updates beer drinking brother Rex and Sarah on Brady getting Xander to grant poor Nicole a divorce. Meanwhile Nicole sees Xander to the door. He wants a kiss. She offers a handshake and shuts the door. But Kate was already in the hallway. She wonders what they are up to … Inside, Nicole applauds herself with gumption and glee ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, May 20, 2019