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Episode 13,592
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Victor finds a figurine piece as he holds his drink in his usual armchair. Here comes Kate miffed he gave Xander a top executive Titan position. The Greek denies it. Brady walks in and drawls he did it … Xander tries to sweet talk Sarah as she loses her appetite at the pub … Stefan notices Nicole staring at Stefano’s portrait like Holly did. He used to be her Santa … JJ convinces Haley to keep running with him … Melinda lets Jen know she is gonna get even with Jack. Jenny sees she’s got a gun …. Nicole calls Stefano a bastard. Stefan never met him. Nicole senses Stefan cared about Holly. He is glad she is here cos her and Chloe loved Holly and could use each other’s company. Chloe steps in and stops … Victor voices his displeasure with Brady. Kate suggests Victor put her in charge before Brady ruins everything. Victor is contemplating … Eric comes running and attacks Xander. The goon did not see it coming. Eric is ready to keep fighting. Xander leers he has an important biz meeting, winks about Sarah changing her mind and leaves. Unshaven Eric looks ready to take on the world … Brady seeks privacy with his grandpa. Kate has a call but will be close by … Victor rages. Brady explains hiring Xander was the only way to get back the recording of Nicole’s confession. Victor is livid. Brady will handle this his way and walks out. Victor grimaces …

Stefan discreetly departs. Chloe is so sorry. Nicole gets mad about her acting like the pretty dress she got her daughter for the funeral will make a difference … JJ has gotten himself and Haley into a motel. She does not want him implicated. JJ hopes for the best. They watch the latest news … Jen tries to talk maniac Melinda down. Melinda cries Jack and Eve did this to her daughter so she wants to off them both … JJ and Haley digest the fact that Jack won. JJ hates how Jack and his stupid supporters ruined everything Haley worked for. She feels fortunate to have JJ on her side. She now tries to digest that Melinda is her mom … Jen sweetly suggests Melinda tell her the whole story and put the weapon away. Melinda does just that and shares the dishonor she brought to her unforgiving father. But Mama lied and raised her baby. Melinda left China after giving Haley away and admits the shame. She was so proud of her. Jen praises her too. Melinda laments Jack and Eve destroyed everything. She plans to be a real mom now. She reaches for the gun again. Jen watches …

As Chloe cries Nicole accuses her of using Holly to score points with Stefan. She tosses the pink dress at her and storms out. Chloe sobs. Stefan comes back … At the pub Sarah informs Eric she regrets speaking to Nicole, who now thinks there is something between them … At the square café Brady has two things for impatient Xander – his Titan contract and divorce papers to sign. Nicole silently sits down. He greets dahling and leers to Brady he shall neva let her go … Kate ask Victor to update her on Brady’s bad decision … Brady argues his case to Xander. He needs the recording and the divorce from Nicole in return for the executive position. Xander makes a sarcastic apology to Nicole and signs the divorce papers. Brady is now handed the recording and warns it better be the only remaining copy. Xander seeks a suite at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady agrees. Xander leaves. Brady promises to destroy the recording but Nicole asks to do it herself. He agrees and still feels responsible for what he set in motion. She calls him the only one she could ever count on and hugs him as Sarah and Eric happen by … Haley feels overwhelmed. JJ tries to make her feel better. They discuss the strange way Melinda acted. Haley believed she hated her so how to now accept her as her mother … Jen tries to stop ranting and raving Melinda. She suggests she help her daughter as a lawyer. Melinda leers it would take years all because of Jack. She will see to it he is not sworn in …

Haley updates JJ on a baby blanket she used to love and have but she heard her “mother” mention she never knitted. She had told Haley otherwise. JJ smiles Melinda made it for her. Haley felt a connection on some level …Jen explains the person who hurt Haley the most was Melinda so the time has come to change that …Chloe clutches Holly’s dress and cries on Stefan’s strong shoulders … Eric would like to talk to Nicole but she coldly accuses him again. She is clearly not herself. When she refers to Sarah as his new girlfriend Eric denies it. Nicole hisses to leave her alone, thanks Brady again and leaves. Eric is heartbroken … Kate urges Victor to question Brady’s competence. Victor notes it would make no difference so for now they are stuck with … Here comes Xander! Kate wants to call security. He taunts he is on the list and brags he answers only to Brady and Victa. He vows he will prove he is betta CEO material than Brady and leaves, giving them food for thought. But Victor has only murderous thoughts on his mind …

Jen reasons Melinda made Haley move out when she needed her most. Melinda hyperventilates. Jen knows her daughter needs her now. It is not too late … JJ holds Haley’s hands and laments his dad remembers him not. She laments her mom never wanted her. So many lost years … JJ praises the little girl he knows Haley was and the amazing woman she became … As Stefan’s portrait watches, Stefan consoles Chloe. He will never forget the beautiful sound of her and Holly singing together …Eric blames himself. Brady and Sarah are on his side. Eric rages Holly is gone and he can do nothing to make things right … Nicole opens her hotel door to Xander. She acts surprised to see him but she has champagne on ice. He notes she got wot she wanted and hopes she will at least invite him in … Melinda hands the gun to Jen and is grateful. Now what? Jen suggests she be Haley’s lawyer. Jen now gets a text. JJ and Haley are on the run … JJ thinks their worry can wait until the morning and hugs Haley … Stefan admits he dreamt of one day being a family with Chloe and promises to be there for her and Parker … Victor orders Kate to watch Xander like a hawk. She touches him and tells him he can count on her. Ooo … Sarah apologizes to Eric again and goes. Brady tells his brother Nicole will come around. At least she is free from Xander … Xander pops the cork. Nicole pours the champagne pleased her plan went perfectly. Xander points out it was his plan as well. He takes the champagne bottle to toast his pretty partner in crime …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 17, 2019