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Episode 13,591
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope sighs at the signed divorce papers. Ted arrives announcing Ice is here to escort Haley to the airport. He acts sorry about that and the divorce. Hope questions his sincerity on the personal part … At the pub Abe sighs to Jen he did not receive the results he hoped for … Eve exclaims to Jack they did it and he won. Ruthless Jack loves being the new mayor … At the Kiriakis mansion Claire walks and talks to herself. She breaks two figurines against the wall with a war cry. Ciara appears and urges her to stop. Claire screams to get out … Melinda insists to the Ice Agent and Haley that she is Haley’s mother. JJ is baffled … Claire wants to break more but Ciara stops her from destroying the house and Maggie’s cherished figurines. She is here for Victor. Claire confesses she kinda lost control. Ciara wonders. Claire cries Tripp left her. She holds Haley responsible for the loss … Haley is confused. Melinda emotionally declares she is her daughter. Tis a long story. JJ stops Smith from ruining the sweet moment. She storms out to contact the pilot. Haley asks Melinda to start her story … Ted the smooth talker insists he only wants “Ope” to happy … Jen shares her sympathethy with Abe. He sighs he will have to make his concession speech after he receives the official call from the county clerk … Jack is over the moon after getting his call from the country clerk. Victory! He and Eve kiss and rejoice. Jack now gets the concession call from Abe. Abe hopes he will look at the man in the mirror and represent the interests and rights of all Salemites. Jack cuts him short and goes to shower with Eve in advance of their bash …

Melinda tells the story of being seventeen and pregnant by a local boy. Mama did the math! Then they had to tell papa. Melinda asks about the father. Alas he was from a different class and had been promised to another. She did not even tell him. Haley assumes papa was mad. Melinda weeps as she remembers the shame. Papa decided he would not let her be a mother to her child. Haley wonders what she did then … Hope notes she has a new mayor to deal with and does not want to do anything with Ted tonight. He eventually talks her into dinner. She takes her important files … Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Claire updates Ciara on Tripp blaming her for what happened to Haley. Ciara is surprised since Claire supported her. She asks what she went and did … Melinda explains how mama prevented papa from kicking her out by announcing she was pregnant. They hid together at mama’s friend’s house in the south until she gave birth. Haley gasps. Melinda weeps it was so hard holding her and having to hand her over. Haley argues she should have told her for she had a right to know …!

At the square shallow Jack and Eve run into Hope and Ted. Jack gets sarcastic. Hope tells off Jack for cheating and hurting Haley. Jack foolishly feels it is a campaign promise he already fulfilled ... When Smith comes back to get Haley, JJ storms out to get Justin’s reaction on this big news. Haley and Melinda are now alone. Haley feels betrayed but Melinda assures her daughter she is proud of her. Haley cries she could have been a citizen. Melinda is sorry she cannot change that. Haley laments it is too late … Hope calls Jack corrupt and more. He announces as soon as he takes over his role, she is officially fired. Ted warns she is popular. Eve calls her Abe’s puppet and notes they need someone independent. Jack offers to let Hope resign but she turns him down. Ted steps up and announces if they fire Hope they should for him too … Claire tries to change the subject. Ciara asks what she did and offers to be her confidant. Claire comes clean about the recording she gave to Eve. Ciara is stunned and adds she is sorry … JJ insists Smith back off cos Haley having an American citizen mother would at least merit a stay. Smith stands her stubborn ground. Melinda knows not what to say. Haley bids her a curt goodbye. JJ accompanies her. Melinda breaks down …

Hope will not let Ted resign but he refuses to stay without Hope. Jack and Eve greedily go off to celebrate. Hope fears for the town. Smitten Ted wants to stop Jack and Eve alongside her. Working without her means nothing … Outside the pub Abe looks up at the night sky and laments to the late Lexie he wishes she were here (we all do). Kayla comes by and wants to buy him a drink. Steve would insist. Abe agrees. They go inside and Kayla gets the Irish whisky. Abe admits he assumed the voters would see through slick Jack. He asks about Steve. Kayla misses him daily but good friends and family are her distraction. They drink to good friends and the best mayor she feels Salem ever had. Abe feels better already … At the square Smith steps away. The van is waiting. She will let them know they are on their way. JJ hates saying farewell to Haley. They kiss like there is no tomorrow but … Claire is surprised by Ciara’s understanding. Ciara calls her impulsive. However, she knows she only wanted to save what she shared with Tripp. Claire feels badly about the figurines. Ciara dumps one in the trash and offers to put the pieces together of the one that is salvageable. Claire is touched. Ciara thinks they should support one another. Claire stops and admits there is also this other thing …

At the club Ted and Hope enjoy red wine. He feels for her loss. She pours herself more wine and starts to get tipsy, remembering Rafe’s silly jokes. They were each other’s rock. Ted reminds her how Rafe never made her his top priority. Hope decides to sign the divorce papers and does so with her left hand. Ted has more red wine. Hope forces a smile … Strange music plays. Ciara senses something serious. Claire confirms it cos she has even done things … to Ciara … Ciara stops her and marvels they moved on. Creepy music plays. Claire hugs her … Back at the pub Abe admits Jack is a pill. Kayla points out the good people will eventually see Jack and Eve for the con artists they are. And then they shall get their just desserts. They drink to that … Jen comes across Melinda at the park with a weapon. Oooo … Tripp comes running with Haley’s belongings. Haley apologizes for all the trouble. He vows to keep fighting. Smith suggests she say goodbye to America as the van awaits. JJ exclaims NO, shoves Tripp into the guard, who falls, and ushers Haley away. They are gone within seconds. Tripp smiles :)


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, May 16, 2019