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Episode 13,590
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire is happy as a clam that Haley is being held by the cops as she reads online. She gloats she will now get Tripp back … Outside JJ updates Tripp on Eve blackmailing Haley to come clean, Not far away Eve assures her anxious candidate he will win. Here comes Jenny ready to record Jack’s statement about what he did to the poor girl … Justin meets Haley at the station baffled that she confessed. She reasons the truth was about to come out and asks him to give Claire back her ring. Justin laments there is little he can do. Deportation is imminent. Hope returns with Haley’s bottle of water. Agent Smith appears and calls her a liar. Justin gets testy. Smith taunts she is getting a one way ticket back to Asia … Rafe is reading papers outside when Lani sits with him, happily updating him on David. He sighs he got served … Hope exits and asks Haley to let her know if she needs anything. The agent pressures her to sign a statement. She warns if found guilty her so-called husband will be looking at time … Tripp wants to know how Eve could have recorded him. JJ knows not. Tripp does the math and takes off …

Rafe sips his beer as he and Lani discuss Hope wanting a divorce. Rafe is done fighting …Melinda storms up to Hope demanding to see her sister. Hope explains she and lawyer Justin are with Ice. Alas it does not look good … Haley will only sign a statement that agrees Tripp did nothing wrong. Smith steps away to contact her office. Justin is impressed Haley is so honorable about Tripp. She feels it is the least she can do … Claire smiles on the sofa as she dreams of Tripp taking her home now that Haley is gone. He arrives and growls at her … Eve and Jack act innocent. He notes he was looking out for his nephew. Jen begs to differ and warns he will not win. But the angry immigrant haters passing by seem to be with Jack. Jen departs in disgust. Eve and Jack decide to return to their hotel suite. All of a sudden JJ runs up and slugs him. Jumpin Jack is down!

JJ calls his father a coward and scoffs when Eve warns the press is watching. She sanctimoniously mentions the rule of law. JJ snaps no one is a saint here. He blasts them both and heads off to Haley. But Jack tries to stop him … Alone with Agent Smith again, smart cookie Haley points out her patients are losing plus the so-called constitution is old. She notes she probably knows more about their great country. Smith gets testy, tells her she does not belong and walks out. Enter Melinda … Claire acts astonished that Haley announced the truth. Tripp tersely updates her on JJ updating him on the recording of their private conversation that Jack and Eve had. Eve then threatened to expose Haley. This the second such recording Eve got. He grills Claire whether she was responsible … Rafe believes his and Hope’s relationship never recovered from his affair with Sami. Lani is sympathetic. He admits Sami was wild but Hope felt like forever. Perhaps he was the problem … Jen interviews Hope about Haley. Off the record Hope wonders why she did not file the proper paperwork. Jen agrees. She hates Eve and Jack being dream destroyers. Hope assures her Eve will not last with him, then sighs she just sent Rafe papers to end their union … JJ denounces Jack and walks away. Jack stares in dismay ... Claire acts sweet as honey and innocent as a lamb but Tripp is still suspicious she gave over the recording that ruined Haley. He reminds her she even ripped up their wedding photo. Claire argues the first conversation recording that was made in the hallway must have been bugged. Tripp did not tell her it was in the hallway and demands the truth. Realizing she is tangled in her web of deceit, Claire comes clean. She had to stop Haley from coming between them! BOOM. Tripp gasps how could she betray him? She whimpers he was with another woman when she needed him. She almost played the recording for the Ice agent at their fake wedding but refrained as she did not want him implicated. She believed Haley wanted a real relationship with Tripp. He accuses her of ruining Haley’s life with her actions. Food for thought but Claire is only hungry for Tripp’s undying devotion …

Melinda demands answers but all Haley has on her mind is that she must return to China, which she left at a tender age. She brings up their parents and notes she knows Melinda had a spat with them before she left. She cries she wishes she had her parents now. Melinda cries they would be disappointed. Haley praises her for how she helped. Melinda, however, alludes to not doing all she could … JJ asks Justin about the judge’s ruling. Things are happening fast … Sweet Jen asks Hope what went wrong. Too many things and so Rafe removed his ring. She weeps with regret … Eve reads the early exit polls. Abe is ahead but it ain’t over yet. She tells jumpy Jack to be patient and gives him a passionate kiss … Haley knows Melinda was unable to help her become a legal American. JJ enters with Justin who sadly states she is to be deported within the hour. She has no time to pack! Justin goes to ask Tripp to help. Melinda goes to get the money left in her bank account. Haley thanks JJ for making her see life was worth living. He wishes they could have had more time together. Haley wishes she had said yes to his proposal. It would have been real. He agrees and they kiss … Tripp is appalled when Claire claims Haley is not their problem anymore. She asks him to take her home cos they are a couple. He declares they are done forever …

Rafe arrives at Hope’s office. She assures him there is no hurry to sign the papers in his hand. But he believes it is best to get it over with and gives them back signed. Hope seems disappointed …At the pub Jen is writing her story when she gets a notification that she cannot believe … After the lovin Jack grins if he gets the mayoral office it is thanks to Eve. They giggle and then she gets a notification. The mayoral winner is about to be projected … Claire is not the nice girl Tripp thought she was. She begs him to give her a chance but Justin summons him. He leers he hates the sight of her and walks out. Claire collapses on the couch … Smith is ready to take Haley to the airport. JJ is miffed their sweet kiss goodbye was cut short. Melinda suddenly bursts in and announces they cannot take her. Haley is her daughter! BOOM.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, May 15, 2019