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Episode 13,589
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Xander wants to make a deal with Brady regarding the recording. “Make me CEO of Titan.” Brady gives him a sarcastic stare … Sarah asks how Nicole fares, feeling she should not be alone. Nicole wears her heartbreak on her sleeve and blames herself for heading to Eric before Holly. Sarah hugs her … Marlena is at disheveled Eric’s door and they embrace. She is so sorry. He feels surreal about his new nightmare. Marlena notes Nicole needs him now. Eric breaks down … At DiMera mansion Chloe ends a call regarding what Holly will wear in her closed casket. She cries about the last dress she got her and sobs on Stefan’s shoulder. Gabi is sorry. Stefan wonders what the hell she is doing there. She brings up unfinished business … Will and Sonny are with Dr. Rex, who is not surprised by Will’s brief memory loss. Will worries and wonders what is going on. Rec reminds him of the side effects of radiation, such as swelling. Will gets upset about his memory loss. Rex assures him he will remember the important things like Sonny. He suggests he get some rest and believes things will get better. When he leaves Will laments to Sonny it is worse than he is saying. Sonny tries to be positive. Here comes Kayla with a face of doom and gloom. Will gets even more worried …

As Eric holds his coffee, Marlena reasons Nicole’s lashing out will not last. She loves him and will know he wanted the best for Holly. Eric exclaims he is one of the reasons Holly is no more so forgiveness is not an option … Nicole starts to rage that they all failed Holly – Chloe, Sarah and her family, Eric. Now her sunshine, her life, her miracle baby is no more. No one cared enough! She shuts down Sarah and screams only Brady was right but now her daughter is dead … Brady warns taunting Xander that Vic is not gonna fire him. Besides he could not appoint his own successor. Victor is still the big cheese who chooses his CEO. Xander muses then Nicole is going away for murda and Brady shall be to blame. Brady orders him out. Xander smugly states he will play his little recording for the Salem P.D. Brady stops him … Marlena insists Eric always did right by Holly and points out she was happy with Parker. Nicole knows he had Holly’s best interest at heart. He laments she only believes that of Brady now. Besides he could not bear to cause Nicole more grief … Sarah tells Nicole they all tried their best for Holly, especially Eric. He wanted to remove Holly from DiMera mansion but the rest of them refused. Sarah admits she came here against Eric’s wishes to argue his case. Nicole starts to wonder why …

Stefan attempts to dismiss Gabi, but the fashionista stands her ground. Chloe excuses herself to the club to pick up a stuffed animal Holly may have left. Stefan is here to help. Gabi is sorry for the sweet girl. Exit Chloe. Stefan snaps they have no unfinished biz. Gumption Gabi gives him a kiss on the lips to prove him wrong. He stops and gasps this is not right. He would not want Chloe to know. Gabi quips his Chloe one date was a disaster. Besides she can comfort him … They end up kissing on the couch until he finds Holly’s pink bunny. Then he stops … Kayla informs Will and Sonny she has been studying his file and test results. The pathologist was at a loss since the tissues contain traces of a rare compound Kayla traced - to Rolf’s serum that Will took to get his memory back. Food for thought. Will soap stares. They were not expecting this unusual development but there has never been anything ordinary about the Will Horton story. Kayla explains there are unforeseen side effects with an experimental drug. Sonny worriedly wonders. This means the usual treatments might not work. Will sighs it seems ironic that which gave him his memory back might now make him lose it … Brady makes Xander a counter-offer. He will pay big bucks for the recording so he can start his own company. Xander is after family respect never mind the money. Brady then offers him another position in Titan. An executive one with power. That is all he can do … Marlena is surprised to hear that Sarah wanted to appeal to Nicole for Eric. She was aware of what recently happened and is sorry she let his feelings for her slip out. Eric would rather not think about it. Marlena suggests his feelings for Sarah are still there. Eric cries does she mean he should let go of Nicole …

Back in Nicole’s room she asks how Sarah and Eric came to be close. She stammers she saw him suffer when she was presumed dead and agonized over how to tell Holly. Nicole noticed they looked cozy when she first saw him! Are they involved? Meanwhile mama Marlena suggests Eric be truthful to the way he feels. Did he realize Sarah plans to wed Rex? Eric would rather not discuss. He asks for her discretion … Sarah argues she is only here as Eric and Nicole’s friend. Nicole claims as far as she is concerned Sarah can have him anyway … Stefan gets emotional about Holly’s bunny. Gabi feels for Chloe and Nicole. Stefan calls Chloe strong. Gabi gets he cared for Holly. He sighs he was especially needy after he learned Charlotte was not his child. Gabi wants to comfort him. He asks what she is really after so she sweetly smiles …

Back with Will and Sonny, smart cookie Kayla explains she would need the chemical formula of the drug to be able to better treat Will. Alas Seth lost Rolf’s diary. Sonny promises worried Will they are going to fight. Will realizes radiation might not work. They hold hands as Kayla reasons his strength and desire to live are key. Will has so much to live for … Marlena promises to stay silent about Eric’s feelings for Sarah. But now is not the time to be rash. Eric still wants to be with Nicole. Marlena likens it to her history with John. Eric is concerned about Nicole and wants to be there for her in her time of need. Marlena assures him he will and they embrace … Sarah stammers she loves Rex and notes Nicole seems to trust no one. Nicole trusts only Brady now and blasts the rest of them who let her down especially Eric. Then she kicks her out … Xander refuses to be Brady’s underling. Brady argues it is the best bargain he has. Xander demands an office view plus company car. Brady only gets the recording when he gets his solid contract … Stefan deduces Gabi is up to something and decides to head to the club to check on Chloe. Alone, Gabi vows to Stefan’s portrait she will get everything in this mansion. She will make sure Stefan gets exactly what he deserves … Sarah goes to see Eric and is sorry for maybe making things worse with Nicole. Meanwhile Brady updates Nicole on his almost deal with Xander to get the recording. She hugs him in gratitude cos he is the only guy she can count on … Will ponders how Rolf’s diary could have vanished from Seth Burn’s office … Xander has it in his locked case of treasures, with Rolf’s coveted diary now next to Nicole’s recording …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, May 14, 2019